PREVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #50 Script

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[Amazing Spider-Man #50]For years faithful Spider-Man fans have been waiting for the reconciliation of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson Parker ... or if not reconciliation, at least a sense of closure to the estranged relationship.

The time has come for one of those paths to be chosen. February's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50, by the fan-favorite and award-winning creative team of J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr., promises to finally reveal the eagerly-anticipated turning point in the lives of Marvel's first couple.

"Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?" asks editor Axel Alonso. "It's been two years since MJ walked out of Peter's life. Can she fit Peter back into her life? Can he do the same? Find out it one of the most anticipated stories of the year."

Not only do Peter and Mary Jane finally say all the relationship things they've been waiting years to say, they'll do it with the help of a very famous doctor ...

[Amazing Spider-Man #51]No, not Dr. Phil ... Doctor Doom makes a special guest appearance along with Captain America in a 22-page wall-to-wall action/adventure.

"Peter and MJ's relationship has always had its periodic ... distractions," added Alonso. "Why should this story be any different?"

Although readers will have to wait for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 for the answers, the following one-page preview excerpt from Straczynski's script gives readers a sense of the pivotal questions being asked.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50, a perfect jumping-on point for new readers, goes on sale February 19th and retailers are reminded its Initial Order Cut-off date is 12/31.



Closer on the two of them.

MJ - No, seriously. Over the years, there are times I've felt more like your mistress than your wife because when you're...on the job...you have to deny knowing me. You'll walk right past me. You won't even meet my eyes.

SPIDER-MAN - Look at my mask, MJ, I don't HAVE any eyes

MJ - Don't quibble. You know what I'm talking about.


Another angle on the conversation.

MJ - I know you do it to protect me. I know it's necessary. But there's what the mind knows and what the heart feels.


Close on MJ in some distress.

MJ - I've never wanted or expected you to set me above what you do. I know why you do it, and I'd never try to interfere with that.

(second balloon)

What I haven't been able to work out is where I fit in with it all. I want to work it out, Peter, I really do. I just...don't know how.


Now favoring Spidey.

SPIDER-MAN - You fit in because I love you. Isn't that enough?


On MJ considering this, then --


She looks away.

MJ - No. No, it's not. Too often, "I love you" is something people say when they want to get something out of you, or control you. It doesn't HAVE to mean that, but --

SPIDER-MAN - But MJ, what's left?

MJ - That's what I'm --

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