Preview | A 'very special' 'Task Force Rad Squad' #3

While Caleb Goellner and Buster Moody are staying busy with assorted comic projects -- working together or separately on stories for Dark Horse Presents and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for example -- they continue to collaborate on their creator-owned, pay-what-you-want comic Task Force Rad Squad.

The third issue isn't due out until March, but for our big anniversary they've provided a sneak preview. In it, the Squad, a riff on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, help their mentor kick his addiction to Space Potion in what they describe as a "very special issue."

You'll find a preview, along with some additional information on the comic, below. Task Force Rad Squad #3 comes out March 11 for whatever price you'd like to pay on Gumroad, where you can currently find the first two issues.

From the creators: "They've faced down talking birthday treats, sentient garbage piles and mutant cat-astrophes, but nothing compares to Task Force Rad Squad's latest threat: Their own chemical-addled mentor. In this very special issue of TFRS, Cody the Silver Fighter tries to kick Space Potion cold turkey. Join us on this most bogus journey to learn just what motivates the most ambivalent cosmic fighter existence ever eventuated."

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