Preview | A sidekick strikes back in Delsante & Isaakse's 'Stray'

As part of ROBOT 6’s sixth-anniversary celebration, we’re pleased to present an exclusive look at the covers for Stray #4, as well as a preview of Issue 3, currently in Previews.

Created by Vito Delsante and Sean Izaakse, and published by Action Lab, Stray tells the story of the Rottweiler, the former teen sidekick to the Doberman. When his former mentor is killed, Rottweiler returns to the costumed life to try to solve the murder -- but will he take up his mentor's mantle, or follow his own path?

"Stray was supposed to be something different, when I first plotted it out," Delsante told me in 2013. "It was a typical street-level urban vigilante who, in some ways, resembled Nightwing. Some of that still exists in it, but in the writing, while scripting it out, more of me started coming out. More of my personality and anecdotes, and when it was pointed out to me, I went back, reread it and realized that what I was doing was telling an autobiography with costumes and capes. Just about every story I write or have written deals with absolution. Getting these feelings and thoughts off your chest and onto the page. I’ve long held that comics, specifically superhero comics, can tell stories that have nothing to do with super powers. They, like all other mythology, can be used as allegorical life lessons."

The first issue went up on comiXology this week for 99 cents.

First, exclusively, here are the regular and variant covers for Stray #4, which will be solicited in February. Regular cover by Sean Izaakse and Ross Campbell:

Variant cover by Julian Lopez, Juan Albarran and Brett R. Smith:

Currently in Diamond's Previews is Stray #3, which also has two covers.

JAN150931 - cover by ChrisCross (Godhead/DC) and Emilio Lopez (Charismagic/Aspen):

JAN150932 - Paige Pumphrey cover:

And finally, here's a preview of Issue 3.

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