Preview | 2D Cloud to debut Mark Connery's 'Rudy' at TCAF

As Tom Spurgeon reported a few weeks ago, the small press publisher 2D Cloud announced it has five books planned for 2014. One of the two of those debuting in May at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is Mark Connery's Rudy by Mark Connery, featuring the character that's been appearing in various minicomics and anthologies for a while now. But this is, to my mind, the first time he's starred in his own full-fledged comic.

2D Cloud provided us with a short preview of the comic, which you can see below.

Rudy by Mark Connery, edited by Marc Bell

Softcover, 6.25" x 8", 240 pp, b&w

ISBN: 978-1-937541-08-8


"Mark Connery's work is incredibly inspiring. His zines are portals to other dimensions where cats and ducks and fish-men engage in metaphysical shop-talk. At first it may seem that logic has been abolished, but the cartoon laws of punchline and gag still hold, creating hilarious friction. A comedic timing worthy of Bushmiller has been transplanted into an anarchist scratch-scape. Importantly, Connery connects comix with spiritual predecessors: artist books, punk rock utopianism, psychedelic nonsense, surrealist automatic writing, dreams and daydreams...which is exactly what I want to read. I LOVE RUDY!" -- Matthew Thurber, 1-800-MICE, Infomaniacs

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