Preview: '120 Days of Simon'

Last week (or thereabouts) Top Shelf announced The Swedish Invasion, a publishing campaign by the company to help North American readers become more aware of Sweden's apparently abundant comic goodness by releasing a plethora of graphic novels from some of that country's more notable talents this spring.

We here at Robot 6 are pleased as punch to present a preview of three of these upcoming works this week, starting with 120 Days of Simon by Simon Gardenfors.

Simon is Gardenfors' chronicle of his trip across Sweden. I'll quote liberally from the press release:

The 120 Days of Simon began when Swedish cartoonist/rapper Simon Gärdenfors left his home to spend four months on the road. The rules were simple: For 120 days he wasn't allowed to return to his home, or to spend more than two nights at the same place. Otherwise, anything could happen... and it did.

This simple idea grew into an epic adventure across Sweden as Simon slept on strangers' couches, visited an ostrich farm, ate a psychedelic cactus, practiced free love, received death threats, was beaten up by teenagers, got adopted by a motorcycle gang, drank obscene amounts of alcohol, and sacrificed his underpants to the Nordic god Brage. And that's just for starters!

Apparently the book's publication caused a bit of consternation in his home country. Anyway, the preview of Simon lies in wait after the jump. Look for previews of more Swedish comics from Top Shelf in the days to come.

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