President Obama talks comic books in latest mass email

If you're a Barack Obama supporter, you've probably gotten a lot of emails from him, from his campaign and from his administration over the years. Like, a lot. Even the most ardent Obama boosters may have tuned them out.

Yet one that arrived today is certainly worth noting, as the president speaks directly about his comic book fandom:

I grew up loving comic books. Back in the day, I was pretty into Conan the Barbarian and Spiderman.

Anyone who reads comics can tell you, every main character has an origin story -- the fateful and usually unexpected sequence of events that made them who they are.

The email seeks to solicit "origin stories" on how Organizing for Action supporters were motivated to get involved with Obama's community-organizing project. And yes, he forgot the hyphen in "Spider-Man," which will surely lead to the biggest scandal of his six-plus years in office.

The president's fondness for comic books -- specifically Conan and Spider-Man -- has been well-publicized, especially during his original 2008 campaign. Of course, Obama himself has been a prominent figure within comic books, ranging from his highly successful appearance in 2009's The Amazing Spider-Man #583 to less conventional fare like Barack the Barbarian, which cast him as a Conan-type hero.

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