Prepare to be stunned by Norwegian sci-fi comic Syklus

While America's comic creators and fans turn their eyes toward the waterfront city of San Diego and its annual Comic-Con International, I'm briefly turning in the other direction and cursing the world for not being able to get a little Norwegian comic book. The book is called Syklus (meaning "Cycle" in Norwegian), and is by Norwegian cartoonist Martin Ernstsen and Swedish artist Killian Eng. I've been following Eng's work online for some time now, and his recent announcement that he was doing this comic really took me aback.

Syklus is a 36-page one-shot published by Jippi Comics, and according to the publisher's website (and Google translation), "it all begins literally with a bang, and in a short story told with an epic perspective, we then take part in both the apocalypse and resurrection." Ernstsen, acting as a writer for Eng's art, takes a macro-visual look at the history of the universe from the big bang to the end times, with some humor according to the publisher.


Syklus is Eng's debut as a comic artist after years as an illustrator, but Ernstsen has quietly built up a career in Europe with books like Kodok's Run and Fugløya. Right now I'm debating ordering this and facing the overseas postage, or pining for a U.S.  publisher to bring it over. It's times like this I wish digital comics were about 10 years ahead of where they are now -- imagine if European comics like this were as easy to buy on comiXology as Avengers Vs. X-Men.

Anyway, here's a preview of the book that Eng posted on his website:

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