Phase Four: Predicting Marvel's Six Movies For 2021 and 2022

Thor 4

Taika Waititi successfully took the Thor franchise to new heights as an action-comedy, and has hinted that things will only get crazier if he returns, which, honestly, audiences obviously want to see happen. Assuming Thor survives Avengers 4, another chapter in the Odinson's saga would first perfectly into this newly-announced slate, in order to show Thor ruling Asgard's survivors after Thanos' attack drew his people into the Mad Titan's crosshairs.

Of course, this all depend on whether Chris Hemsworth -- whose contract ends after Avengers 4 -- signs on. He did admit he'd be interested in working on another Thor flick with Waititi so our fingers are crossed. Story-wise, the possibilities are endless as Thor's new adventures can take him across the cosmos again, charting even more unknown territory within the Nine Realms and possibly seeking a home for his people.

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Avengers 5


With Avengers 4 being kept in such secrecy, it's tough to gauge what a fifth film might look like. However, two things are certain: First, the landscape of the MCU will be very different after the Thanos arc is wrapped. Second, the world will still need Avengers because no matter how many heroes exist out there, there'll always be genocidal villains waiting.

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Avengers 5 allows Marvel Studios to expand the concept of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and in a sense, paint the team's evolution. With the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans coming to the end of their contracts, we could well be looking at the franchise without Iron Man and Cap, but also at an opportunity for new leaders and fresh faces so as to usher in a new era.

A New MCU Entry

The MCU should also be looking at new properties to add to its catalog so that it maintains an air of freshness. The likes of Blade and Ghost Rider are a couple of wildcards that pop to mind, but what would really hit home for comic lovers would be the addition of a Fox property.

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If all goes according to plan, Disney's buyout of its now-rival studio will be completed around 2019, which gives Marvel Studios ample time to incorporate and/or reboot the Fox properties. This includes the Fantastic Four and affiliated characters (e.g. Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer), as well as characters from the X-Men universe. It'd be a win-win as fans would now be privy to an MCU roster similar to the comics, while Disney would undoubtedly have yet another cash cow at the box office.

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