Predators Writer Gets Hellified

Paramount Pictures wants to raise a little hell. To achieve this goal, the studio is resurrecting a project called Hellified that's been inactive for a while. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio purchased the original spec script by Andy Burg (Huck) in 2009 about a group of criminals sent to Hell to stop the apocalypse. Red Dawn director Dan Bradley was attached to helm the picture, but that, along with idea of a CG-generated Hell have gone out the window.

The studio has now hired Predators co-writer Michael Finch to retool the script, supposedly for a less effects-heavy version of the infernal setting, instead going for a bombed-out urban landscape. A mix of the supernatural and The Dirty Dozen, Hellified sounds like a solid opportunity to get some more action on the big screen, plus a shift away from CG to practical effects will please some fans.

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