<i>Predators</i> Star Adrien Brody's Self-Imposed Jungle Isolation

Predators comes out today, and as a longtime fan of the franchise, I'm pretty much not thinking about anything else right now. In my quest to digest any and every bit of news and information about the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed action sequel, I stumbled upon something pretty wild — lead actor Adrien Brody, who famously packed his thin frame with plenty of muscle to play leading man Royce, kept himself isolated in the Hawaiian jungles during the Predators shoot.

"I would sleep in the jungle alone," he told Hero Complex. "It was just like one damp room with screen doors and a cacophony of sounds and insects and wild boar and all kind of stuff going on outdoors."

While other cast and crew members stayed in hotels, Brody offered for a more isolated approach so as to get into the head of his character.

"To convey an emotional state, you have to do the work to get to that state, and have some semblance of an understanding and empathy for the character," he said. "If you haven't had the life experiences along the way, if you haven't done the research, you're just acting. You're showing what you think it would be like, and that's wrong. It's just wrong."

Pretty fascinating, at least to me. For more on Brody and the work he put into Predators, head on over to Hero Complex. And please, if you've seen the movie, let us know what you thought of it in the comments section.

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