"Preacher's" Cold Open Continues to Introduce New Characters From the Comics

As we reported last week, the second episode of AMC's "Preacher" marked the first appearance of The Saint of Killers. His cameo in the cold open was brief, but showed a small part of his origin story; specifically when he sets out on horseback to find medicine for his sick daughter. Most importantly, we most likely got a glimpse at some of his horrific deeds via a tree hanging with the corpses of several scalped Native Americans.

It seems Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and the rest of the "Preacher" creative team are following a pattern, as tonight's episode also revealed an important antagonist -- before the title sequence even started rolling, no less. After supplying information to Tulip on the whereabouts of a past enemy, an unnamed woman makes her way into the bowels of a factory, where a secret snuff-film festival is taking place. And who's that seated in the first few rows? The show doesn't say for sure, but judging from his bald head, white suit, Panama hat and detached reaction to the horrific images onscreen, my money's on Herr Starr.

Herr Starr's backstory is too complex and just plain good to go into here, but like the Saint, his motivations are at least understandable, regardless of how much trouble he ends up causing for Jesse Custer and company. It's also worth noting that the creators haven't spilled the beans on who's playing Starr just yet (we never see his face in the cold open), so we're guessing it's going to be someone big. More on this and the rest of the episode in tonight's recap.

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