Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

AMC announced that the fourth season of Preacher would be the end of the road for Jesse and his friends on the small screen. With that in mind, there is still a lot that Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon covered in the comic books the TV show adapts that has not played out on the series.

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With just one season left, there is no way that Preacher can cover everything that happened leading to the final battle between Jesse Custer and the forces that want to control the Genesis, but there is time to sprinkle in some of the most significant comic book moments before the finale airs. Here is a look at 10 things that should happen before Preacher ends its run. Note, there are spoilers for the Preacher comic books in this list.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

When the third season of Preacher came to a close, Cassidy found himself in dire straits. The Grail captured the vampire and left him chained up alongside a captured angel. This event is what will bring Jesse running to try to save his friend, despite all the lies and deceit.

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In the comic books, there is a very grim series of scenes that should play out in the final season's first episode. The Grail wants to not only torture Cassidy but learn how he exists and what causes his body to regenerate. To do this, they slaughter him, dismember him, and take him to the brink of death over and over again. Cassidy needs to feel this pain before Jesse arrives to save him.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

One argument against the quality of Preacher on TV is the haphazard pacing of the series. However, the final season really needs to take a short break for one episode to tell a story from the comics -- one that is maybe the best of the entire comic book series. Yes, there would need to be changes made, but it could still work.

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The Spaceman had Jesse meet a man who his father served with in Vietnam, where he learned what a true hero his father really was. Since Jesse's dad was not involved in a war in the TV show, this needs to be changed, but there needs to be the moment where Jesse meets this man and finds some resolution in his relationship with his late father.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

Not only does Jesse need to find a resolution to the memories of his father, but he also needs to learn that his mother is still alive and in hiding. Now that Jesse has eliminated his evil grandmother in Angelville and her henchmen, his mother can finally learn that she can live without fear.

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However, this might be part of the story that won't fit in due to time constraints. There is no clear idea that Jesse's mom is alive at all, and the TV show makes it look like she is dead. However, the comics have her living as a waitress under an assumed name, and Jesse needs to find her and let her know that everything is going to be okay.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

The story of Arseface has gone completely off the rails on the Preacher television series. In the comics, Arseface went on to become a rock star in the manner of his hero Kurt Cobain and then turned into a pariah when the public turned on him. Eventually, he found a woman who saw him as a beautiful boy, and they fell in love.

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The problem is that Arseface's story on TV had him sent to Hell where he met Hitler, escaped and is now on Earth when he should not be. While the musical career is different, Eugene needs to find this girl who sees him as a normal, handsome man and find his happily ever after.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

With the fourth season of Preacher being the last, it is finally time for Jesse to make God answer some of his questions. So far, God has approached Tulip, as he did in the comic books, and tried to make her pull Jesse off his tail. However, Jesse may not be the man to make God pay for leaving his people, but he needs to confront him at least once.

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In the comics, Jesse and God have their meeting and realize that they can't settle their issues as long as Jesse has Genesis inside him. Jesse ends up dealing with things his way, but this is a meeting that is four years in the making.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

With the entire torture and pressure put upon Jesse by Herr Starr, it seems that the right course of action is to have Jesse finally go ballistic on Herr Starr and the Grail -- but that is not what happened in the comic books and it should not occur on the TV show.

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Instead, the TV show needs to follow the comic book storyline and make the true action hero that stands up and takes down the Grail be none other than Tulip. In the comics, it is Tulip who is left behind by Jesse but grabs her guns and goes in a ball of fire, killing everyone in front of her in her final confrontation with Herr Starr.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

Before Herr Starr dies, he needs to face the ultimate humiliation along the way. The man has done so many horrible things in his life that nothing is off-limits when it comes to punishing the evil leader of The Grail. Of course, there is the scar on his head that makes it look a little too much like another body part.

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Speaking of that body part, he lost it when a dog attacked him in the comic books and decided it was hungry. After the attack in the desert (which looks like the start of the fourth season), he is captured and defiled. He finally meets his maker at Tulip's hand -- and Herr Starr deserves all these horrible mishaps.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

If Preacher Season 4 starts with Cassidy's lowest moment and the constant dismemberment before Jesse saves him, the entire series needs to end with his ultimate redemption. Nothing that Cassidy has done in the TV show has equaled the lies and manipulation he pulled in the comic books, so his TV character is not as beyond redemption as the one from the books.

However, the fact that Cassidy felt terrible enough for lying and deceiving the only person who ever treated him with respect might be enough to make this moment worth it. Without spoiling too much, Cassidy strikes a deal with God and -- without Jesse or Tulip knowing any better -- he is the man who saves the world, and Jesse, in the end.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

There is a big battle coming in the desert where The Grail took Cassidy. Jesse is going to show up and there will be hell to pay. With that said, the entire story needs to end back in Texas, where it all began. Not only that, but the TV show needs to end with the giant battle taking place at the Alamo.

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Sure, the TV show has ignored most of Jesse's imaginary friend John Wayne, but his life and his story remain rooted in Texas, and nothing signifies the final battle and Jesse's final stand better than the Alamo. This landmark has to be where the end takes place, as there is no other option that will satisfy any fan of the comics.


Preacher: 10 Comic Storylines We Hope To See In the Final Season

The Preacher TV show has not pulled any punches, so any fears that they would not go where the comics went at the end should have subsided. The TV show has gone to Hell and made Hitler a main character.

With that in mind, the Saint of Killers needs his ultimate payoff. One of the best early episodes of Preacher showed the death of his family and how it destroyed his soul. He blames God, knowing that he was ultimately responsible for his pain just to make him a killer. That is why the final scene, where the Saint of Killers enters Heaven and kills everyone -- including God at the end -- needs to happen. The Saint of Killers finally resting for the first time in years -- on the Throne of God -- is the only real ending for the Preacher TV show.

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