Preacher, Spider-Man 2, Punisher, more: January 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


[James Marsden]Brian Pate of Comicbookconventions.com emailed us about a story at Wizardworld, which alleges that James Marsden will add Jesse Custer to his super-powered roles, taking on the title character of Garth Ennis' Vertigo epic. As the link also shows, Marsden will be featured at Wizard World's Los Angeles convention in March.


Director Sam Raimi talked to the Associated Press about this summer's web-spinning sequel. The next one is going to seem a little smaller and more intimate. I hope people are not hoping it's bigger and better. Hopefully, they'll think it's smaller and better," Raimi said. "I really turned the film inward on the characters, and it seems like that's what the audience responded to in the first film. So we focused on developing the characters to the next level, and the actors have taken the performances, all of them, up a notch." Raimi discusses the MJ relationship, saying, "In those two years, we see the weight of this decision upon Peter Parker. It's a much tougher road than he ever thought. And the sacrifices he makes here are much more extreme than he ever thought. It's about the growth of a boy into a man. Really, a simple coming-of-age story. This boy just happens to be one bitten by a radioactive spider."


Ricardo Martins emailed us after reading the Brazilian movie magazine Revista de Cinema. Inside was an article about the possibly risque Brazilian comic strip "Gat-o de Meia-Idade," which is now being adapted to the big screen. Ricardo says, " The director attached to the project is Antonio Carlos da Fontoura."


According to Countingdown.com Thomas Jane and his trainer Mike Mello were featured in Drill Magazine, talking about what it took to become Frank Castle. Jane's regime consisted of "lots of protein, and up to eight meals per day. Fish, corn, beans, salads. No fruit and sugar. Liquid protein drinks like Myoplex, Carborush. Two hours of weights and cardio per day, sometimes twice a day." Mello said, "It was all to get 'the look' of the character. This guy looks better now than some of the stunt guys." Jane added, "I stayed away from chicken, because chicken's for sissies. For the first few months, all I was doing was working out and eating. It got really ****ing boring." Jane added, "At the top of my game, I bench-pressed 275. They wanted me to do 300. I said, 'Hey, I'm just 510! That's plenty!'" The interview went into more detail about weapons and hand-to-hand training, and thorough study of military psychology from samurai warriors to "Black Hawk Down." Jane said, "I feel like I'd like another three months of training. But you give everything with the time you're given, and that's it - you go with it. It depends on your ability, your focus, your natural skill set. I absorbed as much as I could with the time I had."


Moviehole talked to "Torque" star Martin Henderson, who said he's talking to the brass at Warner Brothers about sliding into the red and blue tights. Henderson said, "For Superman ? [Smiles] Ah, ah, we'll see ... we're talking about it. We'll see."


Marvel's Ari Arad (not Avi, people mix that up all the time) told Comics Continuum that "Man-Thing" is being pushed back from its August 27th date, and will be released in October instead.


While over at the Continuum you can check out their spoiler-esque images and plot description from this week's episode, "Brother's Keeper," written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Tim Bond.


Charles Fleming Jr. emailed us about the independent film "Severe Injuries," which features not just Jasi Cotton Lanier (who was the model for Lara Croft in Joe Jusko's fully-painted "Tomb Raider Special"), but two-fisted comics artist Joe Jusko himself, "eating a banana no less." Right.


Cinescape caught wind of a search for a production office in Vancouver for the saga of the Richards family. Hollywood North Report goes a step farther to suggest only Mammoth Studios, which hosted "Riddick," "X2" and "The Santa Clause" would be grand enough for the film's production.


Our dear pals over at Kryptonsite have screen captures from the January 28th episode, "Delete." The site also notes that star Kristin Kreuk will be on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "MTV Hits" this very evening, so set your VCRs (or is that TiVo now?).


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