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SDCC: AMC’s Preacher Panel

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SDCC: AMC’s Preacher Panel

Preacher, based on the seminal Vertigo comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, is in the midst of its second season run on AMC, which makes ideal timing for the show to take the Hall H stage on Friday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Executive producers and cast members are on hand to take questions from fans, along with a first look at the sixth episode of season 2.

Scheduled to be in attendance: Executive producer Seth Rogen, comic book series co-creator and TV show executive producer Garth Ennis and cast members Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun, Ian Colletti and Graham McTavish.

CBR is there live, so keep hitting refresh for the latest details.

Well, a legit New Orleans Jazz Band complete with second line opened this year’s Preacher panel, so there’s that. We were treated to a new trailer immediately which featured a look at the back half of the show’s second season. The Saint arrives in New Orleans and announces to pretty much everyone he sees that he’s there to kill a man. He’s yet to be successful, but he’s not the only thing Jesse has to worry about. Tulip and Cassidy share a kiss, Herr Starr finally gets some prominent as he’s shown trying to coerce Jesse away from his friends and presumably to the side of The Grail, and Eugene and Hitler are buddies in Hell and they actually try to escape. Amy Hill’s Hell Warden actually comes up topside to discuss something with the Saint, who sneers that he wants a word with Satan.

Once again, this show proves its ability to reinvent itself into something even more provocative than ever before. If the trailer is to be believed, it’s going to be a fun roller coaster from here on out.

Moderator Chris Hardwick asked Seth Rogen about the prequel-esque nature of the first season We literally killed everyone, so don’t expect to see anyone crawl out of Annville anytime soon. That doesn’t mean we won’t see them in Hell, though. Eugene Root could conceivably come across his father because Sheriff Root probably won’t make it upstairs.

As for Jesse Custer, Dominic Cooper discussed Jesse’s dual nature and the darkness in his personality:

It makes sense to me, the darker side of him… when you understand his history and his background… all that anger, resentment and self-hatred is still bubbling under the surface…I think the darker side of him comes out when he thinks that she’s (Tulip) in danger.

Cooper spoiled for everyone in the audience Jesse’s horrible treatment at the hands of his grandmother, who, when she wanted to punish him, left him in a watertight coffin at the bottom of a swamp for weeks. As for his he uses it at the most ridiculous of times… As we’ve seen this season, especially in “Dallas,” Jesse’s motives can be very selfish, which puts this mission to find God in a different perspective.

As for Ruth Negga’s thoughts on Tulip’s thoughts on Jesse, she had this to say:

Genesis makes her nervous about Jesse. She understands he’s been given this power, but how will he know to always use it for good?… She likes a level playing field and this changes it. She also understands his nature, and this makes her nervous…

As for why Tulip isn’t into the God search, Ruth Negga explains that she and Cassidy are “orphans in this world,” so they were excited to go on this journey which Tulip thought would bring her back to her and Jesse’s Bonnie and Clyde life before Dallas, and it’s not looking like that’s going to happen. All signs point to more strife down the road, especially considering Tulip isn’t that into God, according to Negga, especially considering the way Jesse’s father let her down. To her, God is the same thing – “I think she feels that God lets people down.”

Joe Gilgun feels as though Cassidy is on a journey of redemption, and when asked why he’s loyal to Jesse, Gilgun had an interesting perspective:

I think he needs Jesse… he’s done some really awful things. But when he’s with Tulip and Jesse… it’s almost like being in rehab when he’s with them.

We haven’t seen too, too much of Cassidy’s vampire nature, but Rogen promised that we’d see more towrad the end of season two: “At the end of the day, he’s a vampire, so you gotta deal with that.”

Graham McTavish delved into the Saint’s true motivation, which is to get back to his family and the interesting dichotomy it creates in the character: “He carries with him the love for his family throughout all the acts of terrible violence he commits.”

As always, Ian Colletti was asked to talk about what it’s like to act with a prosthetic. The short answer is that it’s gross — the mask picks up all sorts of stuff (saliva, snot, you get it), so it’s never used twice, and he described operating it as puppeteering.

As for The Grail, Rogen promised that episode six, “Sokosha” would introduce the organization more thoroughly. Herr Starr is described by Rogen as a serious badass — he didn’t give too many details, but we did receive a big, fat Herr Starr clip showing him (SPOILERS) in the elimination trials that he wins in order to become head of The Samson unit. He begins by complaining about the fact that The Grail won’t validate his parking. Then, to the tune of a weird cover of “Glory, Glory Hallelujia,” he calmly rises to the top of each trial, winning hand-to-hand combat be masturbating as a distraction and then for his final trial, a shooting contest, instead of competing against his opponent, he just shoots him.

If you’re a fan of Herr Starr, this more than does him justice. Get hype for next week because you’re gonna love it.

“He’s a highly therapeutic character to play,” said Pip Torrens after his surprise entry to Hall H alongside Julie Ann Emery and Malcom Barrett. Julie Ann Emery introduced her character, Featherstone as someone who’s utterly undeterrable in her mission: “To her, there is no line to cross, no line at all. If you’re in her way, she will shoot you in the head.” Sounds about right. There’s not much Malcom Barrett could tell us about Hoover that wouldn’t spoil anything, but that just makes us more curious…

As for the most burning question on many fans’ minds, will Seth Rogen ever appear on Preacher. The answer is yes, but it would in the show’s later seasons. He joked that he would just take over Dominic Cooper’s role and announced that “the show’s called Rabbi now.” Cue thunderous applause. Oh, and Ruth Negga doesn’t know how to drive, but she does know to play Guitar Hero.

Finally, Seth Rogen had this for comics fans: “I think you’ll be shocked how much stuff with the comic that we’re including. We just take a roundabout way to get there sometimes.” You hear that, guys? Just be patient.

And that’s a wrap on Preacher, folks. See you back Monday night with a recap of episode six, “Sokosha.”


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