Preacher, Fantastic Four 2, Smallville, Ghost Rider: January 16th Comic Reel Wrap


According to quotes at Sci Fi Wire, writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has completed the script draft for the pilot episode. "I like the underdogs," Johnson said, discussing why the project was important to him. "I like the guys who aren't Superman, who bullets bounce off his eyes or who can spin back the world and reverse time. ... I like the guy who's blind who dresses up like a devil and jumps out the window. I think that's really interesting. Or Preacher: It's, like, a guy who's forced into being a preacher, who comes up with the voice of God. And everyone's just trying to kill him because he's as powerful as God. And he can do whatever he wants with that power. And instead he says, 'You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to find God. And I'm going to make him pay. I want God to answer for everything he's done to people.' I think that's really honorable."


An article at Wizard has screenwriter Don Payne hinting at something big and purple in the future for Marvel's first family. "As far as Galactus goes, the essence will be the same," Payne said. "WeÕre also using elements from Fantastic Four #57-60, where the Silver Surfer encounters Dr. Doom. Then there are a couple moments that were inspired by Ultimate Extinction."


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers about the upcoming episode everybody's talking about, "Justice." They've also got more promotional images from the January 25th episode, "Labyrinth."


The movie's not out yet, and maybe the Spirit of Vengeance could use a little cash. According to a scooper at Superhero Hype, the character is in a new commercial for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, poking fun at the inflammatory nature of the character.


Wanted a better look at that 12-inch Venom figure? Empire magazine has you covered.


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