Pre-CCI Teases For <i>Predators</i> Sequel and <i>Godzilla</i> Promise Death and Destruction

Watch out if you're heading to Comic-Con International in San Diego. We hear it's hot, and there may be Predators on the loose.

The official Predators Facebook page revealed the following teaser image, along with the message "Something is coming ..." and the HuntthePredator hashtag. The message doesn't specifically mention San Diego, but if you check out the city on Google Earth, it sure looks like the same place featured in the image.

2010's Predators was the fifth installment of that series, if you include the two crossovers with the Alien franchise. That film found a group of Earthlings transported to another planet used as a hunting ground for Predators.

But that's not all the scaly, monstrous news leading into the convention. While finishing up principal photography on what he calls "a truly epic shoot," Godzilla director Gareth Edwards took 40 seconds to tease the film's Comic-Con presence. "Legendary has something very exciting planned that I can't tell you too much about, but here's a little clue," he said before quickly flashing a website called GodzillaEncounter.com. There you can sign up for updates and also read a few fake news stories about the world of the film. Note that the headlines feature red letters, which will probably translate into some kind of viral marketing campaign.

Edwards continued, "For all you Godzilla fans, something very big is headed for San Diego." The first thing that comes to mind is that they'll be showing off what this new version of the terrible thunder lizard actually looks like, possibly with a large model or recreation somehow.

Godzilla is scheduled for a May 16, 2014 release.

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