Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage For THQ's Cancelled "Avengers" Hits the Web

THQ's never-to-be-played "Avengers" game would have combined first-person gaming with third-person perspectives

Last month, CBR News discussed a game featuring Marvel's premier super hero team "The Avengers" which was in production at THQ's Australia studio prior to being canceled due to unknown reasons. At the time, we only had a few details and pieces of concept art from the game, but now pre-alpha footage has become available on the Internet, and it provides a unique perspective we haven't seen used often enough in comic book games -- a first-person point-of-view.

As can be seen in the clip (currently available on 1up.com), the game showed a great deal of promise, allowing players to take control of various Avengers team members as they take on an invading army of Skrulls. The three-minute piece of early gameplay footage showcases a number of moves for each character, including Hulk's strong melee attacks, Thor's charged-hammer finisher, Iron Man's flight abilities and pulse beams and Captain America's traditional shield throw. It's interesting to see how the perspective changes from first- to third-person, depending on the attack that the playable Avenger is executing.

But the heroes aren't the only ones getting into action. The footage also includes the Super Skrull delivering its own damage at certain points, particularly when it grabs Hulk and bashes away at the jade giant.

It's not often you see superhero games try this perspective. In fact, the last one to use it was "The Punisher: No Mercy," a multiplayer-based shooter that came out for the PlayStation Network back in 2009.

Unlike that project, however, THQ's take on "The Avengers" will never see the light of day in a playable form. Now that the project has been canceled, the rights have been reverted back to Marvel, and according to a spokesman, "The company is in early stages of exploring potential publishing and licensing opportunities."

At one point, it looked as if Marvel and THQ were likely working together to release this "Avengers" game alongside the film of the same name for its May 2012 debut, even though it's character designs are obviously more influenced by the heroes' "Ultimates" incarnation, not to mention the Super Skrull's use of the Fox-licensed X-Men's powers and likeness. For now, it looks like it's back to the drawing board for Marvel, making a video game movie tie-in extremely unlikely for the summer of 2012.

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