Praxis Comics Unveils Tales of Death in "Sollitaria"

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Sollitaria... A city that breathes mystery and fear enshrouded in madness, and the macabre... A city that wants to reveal its secrets… to you.

Early reviews describe Sollitaria as "The Twilight Zone meets Sin City". Sollitaria is a highly original, edgy and provocative concept set inside a mysterious city. Sollitaria is a modern age anthology showcasing stories and scenarios that are at once frightful and fascinating, entertaining and grim... and sometimes a little too realistic for comfort.

Sollitaria #1 unleashes two tales of twisted terror for readers with a zeal for the fantastic. In part one, entitled " Lonely " a single man combats the strain of every day life and his bitter loneliness with the company of a dead woman, who makes him feel more alive than ever before.

Part two reveals that while we may have ideas of just what death has in store for us, one fateful " Taxi Ride " will prove we're very mistaken.

Sollitaria was created and written by the Brazilian group of writers known as the Mongrel's Lair, better known as Marco Antonio Baron, Fabiana Apocalypse, Tiago Abreu, Juliana Litvin and Romulo Errico.

"Come and meet our City and you'll have the opportunity to see in our following issues; the power music has over the city's traffic; that even though Rock 'n Roll is dead, we can still talk to it. You'll see people who buy and sell magical powers; that time goes by quickly for a terrible reason; see the place where all things lost can be found; the crisis of the seasons; the underlying message between the lines of the City's graffiti; and much, much more…" – The Mongrel's Lair

The Mongrels are in this joined enigmatic endeavor by visionary artist Michael Smith and brought together for the first time by Praxis Comics co-founder, Trevor Landolt.

"I feel privileged to be part of this electrifying title," said Landolt. "We feel that Sollitaria is one of the most exciting and unique titles coming out this year! In wanting to produce a comic book that focuses on narrative storytelling and combines supernatural, religious and current themes with an off-the-beaten-path art style, I feel we've really produced something that will carve its own niche in comicdom – with a butcher knife!"

Sollitaria #1– can be found in the February cover dated issue of Diamond Previews Magazine, page 319.

Diamond Order Code ORDER CODE: FEB073696. Make sure you let your retailer know you want to preorder this one.  

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