Praxis Comics Launches "Scarlet's Curse" With Free Issue #0

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For you and I, the word curse may be nothing more than a watered down superstition or a series of events characterized by a run of bad luck, but not for Scarlett, a woman who carriers the spirit of the demon Barzabel, Lucifer's Right Hand, inside her. Unaware of her Curse, Scarlett has tried to lead a normal life, but how can anything be normal with a demon inside you?

Demons from the Dark Ages have been set free once again to roam the Earth. However, this time it's different. This time, they'll have to fight against a new guardian, Scarlett, who refuses to come to terms with her role and ever-growing powers. Fighting demons was not her desire, but when her dearest friend is abducted and her very world threatened, she's left with no choice. Under the guidance of an old Irish antique shop owner named Elijah, Scarlett must destroy the demons before it is too late... However, her real enemy is closer than she thinks.

As the Demons of the Human Senses are set free in London, Scarlett has to confront her own Curse and those set upon this Earth by the demons. Follow Scarlett on her quest as she fights a new breed of demons and a Curse that's all too real!

Issue Zero:

Special FREE Issue with every Issue #1 of Scarlett's Curse!

Discover how it all began right here!

Synopsis of Issue #1:

Nineteen year old Scarlett never imagined the life changing events that were about to unfold as she walked into a mysterious Antique Shop. As Johnny, her best friend, drops and breaks what appears to be a Crystal Ball, Demons from the Dark Ages are set free upon the Earth once more - the Demons of the Human Senses.

Can Scarlett stop these Demons? How will her life be changed when she discovers the real enemy is closer than she thinks?

"Scarlett's Curse is a totally new take on the old theme of 'the Chosen One,'" states Trevor Landolt, Editor in Chief of Praxis Comics. "Scarlett is not the one destined to use her powers to save the world, instead she bears a chosen curse, and she must come to grips with that as she fights for her freedom from demonic possession!"

"After the success Praxis Comics had during San Diego Comic Con '06," continues Landolt, "and the praise we received from fans, retailers and creators, we really felt Scarlett's Curse was headed for big things. So much so, that we're willing to put out money where our mouth is and give readers a free issue for preordering #1."

Scarlett's Curse #1 and the Zero Pack, created by Jeanine Henning and Trevor Landolt – can be found in the November cover dated issue of Diamond Previews Magazine, page 311.

Diamond Order Code NOV063820 F SCARLETTS CURSE #0-1 COMBO January 2007. Make sure you let your retailer know you want to preorder this one. It all starts right here, so don't miss out!

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