Power Rangers: 10 Terrifyingly Accurate Rita Repulsa Cosplays

Rita Repulsa has been a beloved villain in the Power Rangers franchise for decades. Whether you grew up with the Japanese version, the screeching version from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in the 90s, or have only recently been introduced to her in the 2017 Power Rangers franchise reboot film, her iconic imagery and personality make her one of the most recognizable and memorable faces of evil.

A cosmic being gifted in magic, Rita Repulsa was a powerful sorceress in the 90s television series and a former Green Ranger in the reboot, in both instances banished by Zordon for trying to get her hands on the Zeo Crystal and control life and death on Earth. Thwarted at every turn, Rita’s determination is unrivaled, and she has continued to stop at nothing to achieve her ends in every iteration. Here are some of the best cosplays capturing her malevolent essence.

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10 Hint of Darkness

Though you wouldn’t have thought it based on the Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers television series of the 90s or from the 1995 film, Rita Repulsa was one of the most deadly killers the Rangers have faced. When she’s resurrected in Angel Grove, her search for gold to revive her complete powers means leaving a trail of horrible murders in her wake.

This cosplay replicates her appearance from the Cenozoic Period, when her mummified body was retrieved from the depths of the sea after she killed Earth’s Rangers and betrayed Zordon for the Zeo Crystal. It perfectly evokes Rita’s primal personality traits prior to her regaining all her powers with the Green Power Coin.

9 Rita Repulsa And Lord Zedd

Like Team Rocket from the Pokemon television series of the 90s, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd from The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were another villainous power couple out to destroy planet Earth and annihilate its Power Rangers. There was nothing they wouldn’t do to locate the Zeo Crystal and have power over Life and Death.

These cosplayers perfectly capture the spirit of the 90s television series with their nearly screen-accurate depictions of a despicable pair that went from hating each other to later marrying each other and even having offspring (if you can imagine). Rita looks a little serious though—we all know she should be laughing maniacally!

8 Green With Envy

The Rita Repulsa of the new Power Rangers film, aside from being a stone-cold killer, is also incredibly powerful. Once a Green Ranger who fell from grace, she utilizes the abilities granted to her by the Green Power Coin out of a sense of entitlement as well as megalomania. Though she views the new Rangers as weak, she doesn’t view herself as wholly evil, simply less naive than they are.

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Sporting the green armor worn by Elizabeth Banks in the film, this cosplayer does a great job of channeling both Rita Repulsa’s self-righteous poise as well as her dark, foreboding nature. This looks like a villainous extremely pleased with her body count and not afraid to brag about how many Yellow Rangers she’s wiped out.

7 Rita Repulsa And Lord Zedd... Again!

One of the most diabolical duos of all time, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have proved to be two of the greatest foes the Rangers have ever come up against. Viewing Earth as a planet of little consequence, Lord Zedd, the “Emperor of Evil” had placed Rita Repulsa there to conquer it. She failed to do so, citing the Power Rangers’ interference, which spurred his return to work with her as a team and locate the Zeo Crystal. With screen accurate attention to detail, this pair perfectly brings to life one of evil’s most nefarious couples, right down to their iconic staffs. It makes sense why Rita slipped Zedd that love potion to make him more docile—this cosplayer makes him look like the world-conqueror he was.

6 Red Carpet Rita

A bitter former Green Ranger turned maniacal serial killer, the evolution of Rita Repulsa into a murderous fiend is a study in corruption. So obsessed was she with finding the Zeo Crystal, Zordon was forced to commit a murder-suicide, world-ending plan just to beat her, making her responsible for the deaths of the previous Rangers.

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That would give anyone a sense of confidence in their own power, which this cosplayer perfectly projects with her proud stance and regal bearing. Behind that gilded facade lies the cunning mind of a killer who wouldn’t think twice about tearing out someone's vital organs. Truly beauty and the beast. She also looks quite a bit like actress Elizabeth Banks!

5 Alien Witch

A powerful sorceress and "alien witch," Rita Repulsa has conquered many other worlds across the Universe with her large army of monsters and Putty Patrollers, her plans for galactic domination only imperiled by the Mighty Morphin’ Powers Rangers. Who thought humans could put up such a fight?

The classic Rita Repulsa from the 90s television series was defined by her signature ensemble; a Madonna cone-like bra, a horned headdress, and a magical staff that could make her monsters grow to an extraordinary size. This cosplayer has recreated her outfit down to the alien runes inscribed on her headdress, though her expression seems a bit serious for the sarcastic sorceress.

4 Glamour Queen

This statuesque Rita Repulsa appears stoic, but fans will know that beneath that tempered gaze of steel is an animalistic nature, a warrior whose only humor is derived from causing others pain. Rita takes particular glee in slaughtering the people of Earth after her 10,000-year imprisonment.

While this cosplay is devoid of Rita’s magic staff, its clean lines and strong build highlight the cosplayer JinnMunster herself, as she channels the power of the fallen Green Ranger with an icy stare. Perhaps she’s searching for a few gold necklaces to eat and power up Goldar, finally getting her hands on the Zeo Crystal and the power over life and death.

3 Lady In Red

While most of the time Rita Repulsa wore brown robes in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, this stunning sorceress is wearing bright red from a few of her later incarnations. The alien pattern on her skirt shows up vibrantly, as does the contrasting coloration on her staff.

While some might say this cosplayer looks entirely too happy to be Rita Repulsa (in a cheerful way, not in the gleefully malicious way), Rita was converted to the side of good years after she faced the Power Rangers, eventually assuming the title of “Mystic Mother” and using her mystical energies to help the new Rangers.

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2 Warrior Woman

The rebooted Rita Repulsa has been characterized by her propensity for violence as well as a sinister bloodlust. Once a former Green Ranger on Zordon’s Ranger team, she betrayed them for the Zeo Crystal, forcing Zordon to call upon a meteor from Alpha to hit Earth and cast Rita into the ocean.

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Though the initial shockwave damaged Rita’s armor, this cosplayer shows us just how full of vigor she looked after she was resurrected from the sea. It took a little time, but once Rita regained her Green Ranger powers, she became as cocky as this cosplayer, wielding her staff with a mighty vengeance for her banishment.

1 Look Into My Eyes

Rita Repulsa has never looked so beguiling than with this full cosplay and makeup look, with special emphasis on the ridges along her forehead that really indicate how otherworldly she is. The Rita Repulsa incarnation from the 2017 film reboot of the Power Ranger franchise made her a much more enticing person than previous incarnations that focused on her shrieking voice and campy mannerisms.

Created by famous Youtube channel Glam x Gore, you can watch the episode devoted to this look and make it yourself, from the armor to the cosmetic application. Rita, in this look, would almost make anyone betray the Rangers themselves and help her in her quest to release Goldar, the giant monster who will find her the Zeo Crystal.

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