"Powers" TV Casts Deena Pilgrim and Two More

Sony's live-action "Powers" series has cast Susan Heyward as co-lead Deena Pilgrim, as reported Wednesday by Deadline. In its first round of announced casting, the show has also added Adam Godley as Captain Cross and Max Fowler as Krispin Stockley, the son of co-lead Christian Walker's murdered partner.

Heyward was recently seen in multiple episodes of Fox's "The Following" as Hannah, and her acting credits also include appearances on "Law & Order" and "30 Rock." As an African-American actress, Heyward's casting marks a departure from the visual depiction of Deena Pilgrim in the comics by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, where the character is Caucasian.

Godley appeared on a handful of "Breaking Bad" episodes as Elliott Schwartz, Walter White's former business partner. Fowler played Twitch on "The Killing."

In the unaired "Powers" pilot produced by FX, Pilgrim was played by Lucy Punch, and Captain Cross was played by Charles S. Dutton. No casting has yet been announced for co-lead character Christian Walker, former superhero and Pilgrim's homicide detective partner.

"Powers" is scheduled to debut on Sony's streaming PlayStation Network in December, with author Charlie Huston serving as showrunner, and "Hannibal" veteran David Slade directing the first two episodes. Bendis and Oeming are both executive producers on the series.

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