Powers of X Finale Promises the End of the Story of Mutantkind's Fall

For months, Jonathan Hickman and R.B. Silva's upcoming Powers of X has been touted as the series that would change mutantkind forever.

Now, as the release date for Issue #1 draws closer, more is being released about the project -- including a brand new cover by Silva for the final issue, as well as a synopsis that paints a vague picture of mutantkind's decimation.

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Currently, little is known about Powers of X or its adjacent title, House of X, but several big shakeups have been teased. Silva's cover for Issue #6 shows the bodies of several key X-Men like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Colossus, Magik, Wolverine and Nightcrawler, all seemingly dead. Also, in the pile of fallen mutants, several key X-villains like Mystique, Sabretooth and Apocalypse lie dormant. All the while, a very-much-alive mutant (who bares a striking resemblance to Jubilee) walks through the aftermath of the carnage with a solemn expression.

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Powers of X

Powers of X #6 (of 6)

  • Art by R.B. SILVA
  • Colors by MARTIE GRACIA
  • Cover by R.B. SILVA
  • The revelatory tale of Mutantkind's fall comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men's stories for years to come! Superstar writer Johnathan Hickman (NEW AVENGERS, FF, INFINITY) and rising star artist R.B. SILVA (UNCANNY X-MEN) wrap the series that reveals everything!

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House of X #1 goes on sale July 24, followed by Powers of X #1 on July 31.

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