Powers of X Finale Reveals Which Mutant Can Ruin the X-Men's Grand Plan

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Powers of X #6, by Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, David Curiel, VC's Clayton Cowles and Tom Muller, on sale now.

Powers of X concluded without much fanfare or jaw-dropping revelations, but the X-Men miniseries did succeed in adding more detail to potential Dawn of X plotlines. The X-Men have their mutant nation, a Quiet Council of mutant leaders and pharmaceutical drugs to sell to the human populace. Right now, the likelihood of things going south looks slim, but that can always change as things progress.

Moira MacTaggert is the mastermind behind all of the major changes to the X-Men franchise, with her mutant ability of reincarnation allowing her to test drive different scenarios in alternate timelines. She has carefully manipulated Charles Xavier and Magneto into following her directions, but even a well-made plan can come crumbling down when an unexpected variable is introduced into the equation. In this case, that unexpected variable is the mutant precog known as Destiny.

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House of X #2 recapped many of Moira X's previous lives, and how she came to learn that she was a mutant after meeting Xavier at Oxford University. What should have been a glorious occasion instead turned out to be disappointing, as Moira found Xavier's god complex mixed with the distaste of her mutant abilities a major turnoff. This is where she decided to dive into her research, resulting in the creation of a cure for the mutant gene.

Moira's actions caught the attention of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who slaughtered Moira's research team while destroying her life's work. Destiny informed Moira that her ability to see the future joins them together, forever. If Moira ever tries to duplicate this line of work, Destiny will see it ahead of time and stop her, just as she did in Moira's Life 3.

This comes back around in Powers of X #6, the finale of the dual miniseries alongside House of X. A flashback scene shows Xavier and Magneto visiting Moira in her No-Place, which is where she hides from a world that believes her to be dead. The duo fills Moira in on the first meeting of the Quiet Council and its members. When the topic falls on Mystique, Xavier reveals she would not join without certain guarantees, like being promised Destiny would be brought back to life using the mutant resurrection machine unveiled in House of X #5.

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Moira is adamant that not only should Destiny never be revived, but no precogs can be allowed access to Krakoa. Destiny, or someone else with the power to see the future, can tip the scales by letting others know how Moira has manipulated people and events to her liking. Now, trying to make the world a better place for all mutants isn't a bad thing, but most people don't like being treated like a puppet.

Something else for Moira to consider is she is currently in her 10th life, and Destiny previously told her that she has 10, maybe 11 lives left if she plays her cards right. Moira can't afford to take any unnecessary risks, as another death may not lead to reincarnation. Plus, Moira's journal entries in Powers of X #6 reveal she hasn't been totally truthful with Xavier and Magneto. Whatever secrets Moira is hiding could bring Krakoa and the X-Men's grand plans crashing down.

Even though Xavier and Magneto promise Moira that they will keep putting Mystique's request off, we're almost guaranteed for another face-to-face confrontation between Moira and Destiny. Or, if Mystique becomes frustrated with being blown off, she could make it difficult for the Quiet Council to conduct business. The X-Men have a plan, but Destiny may hold the key to its success or failure rate.

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