<i>Powers</i> Loses Lucy Punch, But Bendis Promises Show Isn't Dead

Lucy Punch, who played Deena Pilgrim in FX's Powers pilot, has landed a role in a Fox comedy project, signaling her departure from the stalled adaptation of the long-running comic series. But Powers co-creator Brian Michael Bendis was quick to assure fans the television show is still alive.

"Though Lucy Punch has moved on, Powers TV is not dead," he wrote on Facebook. "If it was I would tell you honest & true. New scripts have been ordered for more episodes & there will be news in May about how we are going forward.The network is behind us all the way. It's quite nice. It's going to be a long haul but it's all about quality. I desperately want the best show we can make."

The cable network was expected to make its decision by March -- Thursday, according to co-star Charles S. Dutton -- whether to reshoot the pilot for what FX President John Landgraf candidly called “as difficult an adaptation as I’ve ever worked on." After viewing the finished pilot, executives asked Charles “Chic” Eglee (The Walking Dead, The Shield) to rework the script, addressing issues of tone and clarity. However, Powers has remained in limbo since then while FX decided how, or if, to move forward.

While Punch's exit is certainly a blow, it's not unheard of for a lead role to be recast in the pilot stage -- FX's hit Sons of Anarchy, which underwent its own reshoots, famously replaced Scott Glenn with Ron Perlman. And the news of additional script orders is a clear indication the network hasn't given up on Powers ... yet.

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