'Powers' gets new TPB this August

[Powers #7]Tuesday afternoon Image Comics Publisher Jim Valentino posted a response to a message on the Image Comics forum on the CBR Forums regarding current Powers TPB's and let loose with a few details regarding the contents of the next Powers TPB.

This August will see the release of third "Powers" trade paperback titled "Little Deaths" which will reprint issue 7 (the "Warren Ellis" issue), issues 12 through 14, the "Powers Annual" and "Coloring Book," the "Who Killed Madman" story originally published in the "Oni Press Color Special 2001" and "Keys," a non-Powers story that features the first collaboration between creator/writer Brian Bendis and series artist Michael Avon Oeming.

The current Powers TPB's available include "Volume One: Who Killed Retro Girl" which reprints issues 1 through 6 and "Volume Two: Roleplay" which reprints issues 8 through 11.

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