10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Gives Him


Aquaman hits theaters this holiday season and offers fans a second look at the popular DC Comics superhero that made his debut in Justice League. While Aquaman was often the brunt of jokes since his days appearing on the classic Super Friends cartoon, he was one of the highlights of the Justice League movie thanks to the fun performance from Jason Momoa. Now, he gets his own movie to show whether or not that appearance was a fluke or if he is the real deal.

Fans will also get the first look at his weapon of choice: the Trident Of Neptune. Aquaman used a quinquedent to great effect in the Justice League, but mostly as a spear-type weapon. However, there is a lot more to the Trident Of Neptune than just being a pointy stick, as it has mystical powers that help Aquaman in his role as the King of the Sea.

Here is a look at 10 powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses.

10. Strengthens The Chosen One



DC fans who watched Justice League saw that Aquaman already had a weapon that was similar to a trident, albeit with five prongs. However, that was not the Trident Of Neptune, it was just an offensive weapon. The Trident Of Neptune, on the other hand, has a lot of powers that make Aquaman basically the ruler of the seas.

In the trailer, Vulko tells Aquaman that the Trident Of Neptune is nothing like his original weapon, making this a big deal. The main power from the Trident Of Neptune is giving Aquaman the power of the gods and making him the true protector of the deep.

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9. Water Manipulation

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

One of the key powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses is the ability for him to use it to manipulate and control water. Aquaman can use it to basically command the sea — creating tidal waves or whirlpools, or even creating giant columns of water that he can use to carry himself on.

At the time of Justice League, Mera could control water but not Aquaman. That will likely change as the Trident of Neptune that Aquaman is seeking out in his own movie offers that power as well. The trailers for the movie shows Orm controlling tidal waves, so expect Aquaman to possess a similar power before the movie ends.

8. Healing Attributes

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

In the DC Comics Rebirth storyline, a new power Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses is healing attributes. This is likely caused by the trident possessing mystical powers from what Aquaman Vol. 8 #32 refers to as "lost magics." This increased Aquaman's strength and powers, as well.

In the comics, the Trident of Neptune was used to help cure Mera, who was having breathing problems while in Atlantis. It also gave Aquaman some magical potential, as well. It seems to be able to even cure itself, as it gelled back together after Deathstroke cut it in half in Justice League Vol. 3 #43.

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7. Magical Conductor

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

When Aquaman gained control of the Trident of Neptune, he unlocked some interesting powers. While he is nowhere near a magical master like Zatanna, the trident did give Aquaman a number of magical attributes and mystical powers.

This is due to the fact Trinity Vol. 2 #19 showed that Atlantis' dominant means of its power was through old magic, which ended up as its strongest tool. When Aquaman gained the Trident of Neptune through the blessing of the god, and later received the water hand from the Lady of the Lake, it unlocked his own unconscious mystical powers.

6. Teleportation

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

Aquaman can swim at a rate of speed that can take him across multiple miles in a matter of minutes. With the Earth's surface being 71-percent water, that means he doesn't have to do much to get from one place to another. However, one of the powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses helps him get anywhere in a matter of seconds.

As Aquaman #40 showed, this weapon also has the hidden powers of a teleportation device. Not only will it teleport him across the Earth, but Aquaman #44 showed that it could even transport Aquaman to other planets, light years away. Although that was on accident...

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5. Can Control Weather

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

While many comic book fans rightfully compare Aquaman to Marvel Comics' Sub Mariner, he is a lot like a more prominent character from Marvel: Thor. While Thor is a god, Aquaman has the powers of a god through the Trident of Neptune. And through both of those powers, the two superheroes could control the weather.

The difference is that Thor can do it with his will as a god, while Aquaman needed the Trident of Neptune to do so. With this power, Aquaman could summon thunder and lightning and create storms. He could also control the tectonic plates under the sea to cause earthquakes.

4. Unleashes Blasts Of Lightning

Aquaman in Aquaman #47

This might not be the best power to use underwater—due to a number of safety reasons—but the weather controlling powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses also allows him to summon lightning. It's then that he can then use it as a lightning rod to blast enemies with.

When Aquaman used this power most in the comics, he was fighting a lot of villains on land and — not in the sea. A perfect example of this came in Aquaman #47 where he used the trident as a guiding rod to stop an attacking monster. Now, using it when he is at home in the sea could cause too much collateral damage to make it a smart weapon of choice.

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3. Can Shatter Mystical Obstructions

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

In the Justice League story arc "The Villain's Journey," the team was battling a man named Graves, who believed that he had the ability to bring back dead loved ones to those they left behind. However, in the end, it turned out that this was all a trick.

Demons called Pretas were using Graves to complete their plan of feeding off the pain of the people on Earth, but the man couldn't see the deception due to his own pain. In a pointed attack, Green Lantern and Cyborg were able to weaken these demons, and then Aquaman used his Trident of Neptune to land the final blow and shatter the illusions created by these demons (which is a previously unknown power for his weapon).

2. Can Pierce Almost Anything

In Justice League, Aquaman used his generic weapon to really cut through the villains in that film. However, it pales in comparison to the powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses. That weapon won't just cut through basic demons or regular physical constructs: It will slash through anything.

Darkseid, who is considered one of the most powerful beings in the DC Comics Universe found this out the hard way. In Justice League Vol. 2 #6, the Trident of Neptune actually pierced through the chest of Darkseid in battle. It is also able to cut Superman because it's made of magic, which is one of Superman's vulnerabilities.

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1. Can Control Atlantean Devices

10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Possesses

In the trailer for Aquaman, Arthur and Mera are looking at an Atlantean device and can't seem to figure out how to make it work. That is when they see the diagram for the Trident of Neptune. This is important because one of the powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune possesses is the ability to control Atlantean crafts and other devices.

With Atlantis' power steeped in magic, and the trident influenced by the magic of a God, that makes sense. One example came in Aquaman Vol. 7 #37 where the Maelstrom, a mystical transport system, would not work without the Trident of Neptune as basically the key to turn it on.

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