Powers #19 Review

There comes a certain time in every long-lasting series (TV or comic) that there seems to be a sort of staleness to the story. A sort of predictablity and over-familiarity to the work. For much of its ICON run, I think that I felt some of that with Powers. Don't get me wrong, there was a number of things I enjoyed, as well. But for the most part, it seemed to be moving AWAY from the book that I loved so much for the first 25-30 issues at Image Comics.

This issue (and it appears intentionally so) seems to get back to the basics a bit, and I enjoyed the approach.

The fact that sex in comics has now been used to the point where it is no longer "novel" works for this comic, because it allows us to really appreciate how interesting the sex in this comic is,without being distracted by the very act of sex in the comic. We can see it for what it is, a very interesting look at what having sex with, say, a Green Lantern is like, when you (the Green Lantern) are on guard to protect a whole STAR SECTOR, can you even AFFORD to take the time to have sex?

In addition, things like secrets and having/not having/having but not telling powers...it's very intriguing stuff by writer Brian Michael Bendis.

That's just the first few pages. The rest of the comic is split into two equally engaging stories. One is a look at some superheroes in the Powers universe (one cool point to the first person who can tell me whether superheroes are against the law or not...weren't they in the Powers universe at one point?) and the other is a look at Deena Pilgrim doing police work (which I don't think we've seen enough of from Deena during the Icon series).

The superheroes have interesting personalities crafted by Bendis (along with great Michael Avon Oeming designed costumes), and there is a really intriguing sexual subplot between two of the members of the team. Clever stuff - showing how magic can be used creepily, it seems.

Deena's plot is good, as well, with our first glimpse at how she might get out of trouble with Internal Affairs.

Oeming's art is stellar in the issue, as always.

All in all, this is what I loved about the old Powers (plus, though, the new twist that Deena and Christian both have NEW powers each that they are both hiding from each other) with new stories and ideas being mixed in. It is a fine comic book.

Recommended without reservation!

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