Powers #1 Review

I meant to write a bit on this last week, but I suppose I can just do it now!

Powers finally returned this past week, with a brand-new #1 (the third reboot for the title), but really, the issue could just have easily contineud the original numbering, because while there is a decent amount of exposition in this issue to catch new readers up the book still pretty much continues as if this were issue #31 rather than #1.

That's not a bad thing, of course, as I really don't care what number is on the cover of the book, just interesting to note.

In any event, the book is excellent as usual.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Avon Oeming have one of the smoothest merging of styles in all of comics (and Bendis has been blessed with some excellent regular art partners over the years, like Alex Maleev and Michael Gaydos), and they make things look almost effortless as they mix action, exposition and character development in the foundation of this current storyline.

The gist of the plot is that a member of a sort of 1950s' "superhero Rat Pack" is killed, and Detective Christian Walker (who once was an effectively immortal superhero) was essentially the Dean Martin to this hero's Frank Sinatra. This leads to an extremely effective flashback sequence showing what the attitudes of some of these guys might be if they, you know, stopped the Nazis during World War II. They feel that the world owes them something and they're not shy about claiming their marker.

The fluidity of Bendis' dialogue and Oeming' art leads to some very impressive set pieces during the flashback sequence - the pacing in the art and story is impeccable. Plus, it's always nice to see some of the characters who we haven't seen in awhile (since they've since died).

Speaking of the whole art/story merging (and I just was! See earlier!), there's a great bit where we see what Christian is thinking during sex. The frenetic nature of it all is quite striking.

The cliffhanger of the story gives us a strong mystery with an engaging visual. I'm really glad that this series is back - and apparently MONTHLY! Woohoo!


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