The Powerpuff Girls: The 10 Most Powerful Villains, Ranked

Cartoon Network has produced some fantastic shows in its time (along with some that were less-than-fantastic), but one we can all proudly say we enjoy is The Powerpuff Girls. The show is one of the classics produced by the channel and never gets old.

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The Powerpuff Girls has fans of all ages, and a number of factors go into explaining its wide-reaching appeal. Today, we’re here to consider the villains seen on the show. The girls have gone up against a dedicated rogue's gallery, and the primary antagonists been given priority here. They're ranked in order of their power level and their feats against the girls.

10 The Amoeba Boys

These boys are so inept you might disqualify them from being antagonists. However, that’s not completely fair, since there was one instance where they were effective villains: they inadvertently infected the entire population of Townsville with a virus, which cemented their reputation as bad guys in the eyes of the people.

In the grand scheme of things, though, the Amoeba Boys are a bit of a joke. On the few instances they’ve “fought” the girls, they have not come out of it very well. Still, it's not easy to attack Townsville's resident like that, so they deserve some kudos.

9 The Gangreen Gang

These boys don’t have any powers, and are only distinct due to possessing skin that makes it appear as if they’re infected with gangrene. They’re still not as inept as the Amoeba Boys, though, which saves them from the bottom ranking.

On occasion, the Gangreen Gang has shown impressive feats by outsmarting the girls. The gang's leader was able to charm Buttercup of all people, manipulating her to turn against her sisters and fracturing the Powerpuff Girls. Their biggest member has also shown remarkable feats of strength where needed, so these boys are good enough as a gang-for-hire.

8 Sedusa

In a fight, Sedusa is completely outclassed by the Powerpuff Girls. Still, Sedusa’s main power isn’t the fact that she has gorgon-like snakes in her hair, but that she can charm any man in the world. This has worked incredibly well against the girls, as Sedusa has been able to manipulate Professor Utonium and even the Mayor of Townsville.

When she’s got her claws in a man she can control, the Powerpuff Girls have been helpless against her and her trickery. In a straight-up battle, though, Sedusa doesn’t stand a chance against the girls.

7 Fuzzy Lumpkins

For the most part, Fuzzy Lumpkins is portrayed as a hillbilly who’s more of an annoyance for the girls (and vice versa) than anything else. He’s also been beaten quite handily when put up in a serious match. However, don't underestimate him. Fuzzy’s rage is beyond measure.

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When truly enraged, even the girls have been defeated by him, as he knows no cause or reason when he gets into this state. He’s also quite scary to behold when in his super-rage mode. You would not like him when he's angry.

6 Princess

She could be considered the Draco Malfoy to the girls’ Golden Trio from Harry Potter. Princess has always been a rival of sorts. Although she’s always defeated whenever she shows up (basically every villain on the show is, though), you have to consider that it’s always Princess alone against the three girls.

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She’s got pretty much anything she wants as part of her arsenal of weaponry, as she's a bit of a Richie Rich figure within the Powerpuff Girls universe. Princess has been shown with enormous robotic weaponry, ballistic weapons, and a hatred of the girls that has led to her having a ruthless attitude. Still, she does get defeated each and every time, so we can’t consider her as the prime threat to the heroes.

5 The Unnamed, Unbeatable Monster

Out of every villain in this list, this is one foe we don’t even know the name of (and which appeared in only one episode). However, this monster would’ve been at the top of the food chain had it made multiple appearances.

This monster was truly unbeatable. The girls never figured out how to beat it for the duration of the episode, and they were beaten handily on every attempt. It took Bubbles to literally request this monster to stop attacking Townsville for it to abandon its destructive ways and leave the city. Had it not obliged, then we have no clue how anyone could’ve stopped it. It was still a one-off, though, so placing it first would've been unfair to the rest of the characters.

4 Mojo Jojo

The arch-enemy of the Powerpuff Girls is the most iconic villain in the series, and even tops many all-time favorite The Powerpuff Girls characters lists as well. Mojo Jojo has a genius-level intellect that has allowed him to craft any kind of weapon possible.

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He’s also a master manipulator, as he has proven with the girls and Professor Utonium. His plans for domination are on mastermind level, and were it not for his ego, he might even have beaten the girls. Mojo’s drawback has been his vulnerability to the girls’ strength, and we’ve seen him defeated on countless occasions.

3 The Rowdyruff Boys

The male equivalents to the girls, the Rowdyruff Boys have never been beaten on physical terms by the heroes, with the Powerpuff Girls having to take advantage of the boys’ stupidity. When it comes to pure fighting, the girls have nothing on these boys, as they have the same powers but with that killer instinct that makes them go all-out.

Their personalities are amped up versions of each Powerpuff girl, so you can expect a deadlier take on every ability the girls has shown. They would’ve been unbeatable had they not been so extremely stupid. It’s this trait that has seen them lose to the girls.

2 Him

As something that looks like the spawn of Satan (and is confirmed to be a demon), Him scared the heck out of every kid who watched the Powerpuff Girls series. His first appearance, where he possessed Bubbles’ toy Octi, goes down as perhaps the scariest children’s cartoon episode ever.

Him has shown the abilities of telekinesis, reality warping, mind control, super strength, and shapeshifting. He has powers the girls can’t even dream of, and he mostly shrugs off their brute strength when used against him. It’s only because he revels in fear that he doesn’t just get the job done and beat the girls; there doesn’t seem to be anything capable of stopping him.

1 The Beat-Alls

What’s worse than just Him? That would be an all-star villain group that includes Him and three of the girls’ greatest foes. The Beat-Alls was a group that included Fuzzy Lumpkins, Him, Princess, and Mojo Jojo as the leader.

They were completely unbeatable, and the girls briefly retired from crime-fighting as they had no idea how to stop them. A fracture within the Beat-Alls caused the team to disband, and it was only after this that the girls finally had a way to beat them. If we rule out any member of the team leaving, though, the Powerpuff Girls’ tenure as the heroes of Townsville is guaranteed to be over.

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