Meet the Fourth Powerpuff Girl, Bliss

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Less than two weeks after shaking up Townsville with news of a fourth Powerpuff Girl, Cartoon Network introduced fans to Bliss on Sunday in the five-part movie event The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four.

RELATED: Powerpuff Girls Reboot Renewed For Second SeasonInitially thought to be Bubbles' imaginary friend, Blisstina (Bliss for short) is later revealed to be the Powerpuff Girls' older sister -- the result of Professor Utonium's earlier attempts to create the "perfect little girl" by accidentally combining sugar, spice and everything nice with Chemical W (rather than X).

Have you seen the fourth Powerpuff Girl yet? ? Meet Bliss on the app: https://t.co/3qGPcvDv2o pic.twitter.com/ZCQNXy87Ms

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) September 17, 2017

Years before Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were created, Professor Utonium raised Bliss, only to discover that whenever she became angry, excited or frightened, she'd lose control of her powers, with explosive (and destructive) results. During one tantrum, the blue-haired Bliss blew up the house and then, dismayed by her own actions, fled Townsville. In The Power of Four, she returns from self-imposed exile to live with her family.

As if the existence of a fourth Powerpuff Girl isn't enough of a surprise, The Power of Four also reveals that Bliss was best friends with Mojo Jojo in those halcyon days when he was Professor's assistant.

The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four is available for viewing on the Cartoon Network app.

Welcome to the family Bliss! ❤️??? #PowerpuffGirls #Bliss pic.twitter.com/ZhDmI99LRG

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) September 17, 2017

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