Youth In Revolt: 20 Young Versions of Superheroes More Powerful Than The Original

If you’re a powerful superhero then it’s reasonable to assume that somewhere along the way you’re either going to acquire a sidekick, or someone else is going to pick up your mantle once you’re dead or retired -- maybe even both things will happen. Either way, it’s always helpful to have an extra helping hand for those days (and there are many) when you have to punch supervillains in the face.

If you end up finding a proper disciple and training them, then you’re likely going to teach them everything you know. Eventually though, the time will come, as it often does, when the student surpasses the teacher. You never know when the day is going to come, the only thing an hero can do is try and raise them right so that you don’t have to worry about fighting them later down the road. On the other hand, sometimes young heroes don’t have mentors and instead fashion themselves off their favorite heroes, occasionally surpassing the original. When they finally meet the original, the older heroes can only shake their head in wonder at the vigor of the younger generation. Today we’re taking a look at 20 young heroes who are actually stronger than the champions they base themselves off.


The unofficial leader of the Younger Avengers, Kate Bishop first appeared in 2005 in Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung’s Young Avengers. The heir to the Bishop fortune, Kate was originally something of a wealthy Manhattan debutante. She changed her ways completely upon discovering that her father was involved with criminal affairs. A short time later, Kate was rescued by Hawkeye from a criminal and was inspired by his heroism and the way he fought with a bow and arrow. Later, Kate taught herself various martial arts after being assaulted, determined to never again be a victim. Among other forms of self-defense, Kate mastered archery impossibly quickly. Upon becoming a Young Avenger, her first fight involved taking on the time-travelling villain Kang. From there, Captain America officially bestowed the name Hawkeye on her (at the time Clint Barton was dead). She became a member of the Young Avengers where she met her best friend America Chavez, before going out on her own.

Over the years, Kate’s skill with a bow and arrow has surpassed Hawkeye’s.

Wielding Clint’s original armaments, she’s used them to tremendous effect. More than once Clint has admitted that Kate is the superior archer. An added bonus is that unlike the Avenger, Kate has her life in order and is generally respected by all who know her, something her mentor can’t claim by any stretch of the imagination.

19 X-23

Even after the Weapon X organization lost Wolverine, this didn’t stop from trying to create the perfect killing machine. Since they still possessed Wolverine’s DNA, they harvested his genetic code and spent literal years recreating the hero’s infamous healing factor. Their experiments led to individuals like Ajax and Deadpool who, while they received healing factors, were too independent and could think for themselves. The Facility, a Weapon X offshoot, wanted a Wolverine without any of that pesky free-will, one they could control and send to kill whomever they wished. To that end, they experimented with cloning.

After 22 failed attempts, scientist Sarah Kinney suggested they try to make a female clone. The result was X-23 and she was astonishingly deadly. Literally made for the sole purpose of killing Wolverine, X-23 was designed to be his superior in ever way. Though born out a test tube, she was made ready to kill in relatively short order. She came with a healing factor and two sets of retractable bone claws. However, her makers didn’t find this sufficient and she was forced to endure a series of brutal operations to make her more lethal. Her “doctors” refused to use anesthesia while they laced Laura’s claws with adamantium. Anyway, some might say, that because X-23 has two claws instead of three, she has more cutting power; spreading force over the least amount of area. Regardless, she’s beaten Wolverine multiple times, proving the deadlier of the species.


A founding member of the Teen Titans, Roy Harper was the sidekick to the hero Green Arrow. Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, was the first of DC’s archers. Incredibly skilled, his marksmanship is second to none in his respective universe. The only individual who might threaten his claim to fame is his sidekick. First going by the alias of Speedy, Roy Harper served admirably alongside Oliver. While Roy remained with Green Arrow for a while, he eventually grew into his own hero, assuming the identities of both Arsenal and Red Arrow at different points.

Proficient with nearly whatever objects he gets his hands on, Roy is a literal walking arsenal, hence the name.

With regards to archery, Roy and Oliver are close in skill. That said, Oliver has all but admitted that Roy will surpass him in no time flat and he’s oddly okay with the idea. When it comes to combat outside of bows and arrows, Roy has his mentor beat. Arsenal is a master of the Moo-Gi-Gong martial arts, which is a weapon-based martial art focusing on using external objects as weapons. A prerequisite of mastering this martial arts is that you have to master 108 different weapons. Still, after "Infinite Crisis", Green Arrow went to retrain himself under the man who taught Deathstroke, which increased his martial arts ability manifold. Additionally, when it comes to raw strength, Oliver is likely Roy’s superior, as the former has even beaten Solomon Grundy with nothing but his hands and two halves of a broken bow.


To many, Batman is the pinnacle of superheroes. Despite having no powers, the Dark Knight is arguably Earth’s greatest strategist, with a contingency plan for every situation (including taking out the Justice League), and his fighting skills are so great, they let him battle some of DC’s greatest villains and come out on top. Though Batman is Batman, let's not forget Dick Grayson, his first sidekick. Dick Grayson was the first Robin and paved the way for every sidekick to come. After becoming Bruce’s ward, the two did practically everything together. In becoming the Boy Wonder, Dick started his training years before Bruce ever did. This allowed him to get a head start in fighting experience. It’s true, that that wouldn’t be enough to put him beyond Batman, but Nightwing employs fighting techniques in a way unique to him alone.

That is to say there’s a certain rhythm to the way Batman fights, but Nightwing’s style is improvised and hard to predict. When battling the antihero Midnighter, who specializes in predicting all possible outcomes of a fight, he couldn’t anticipate Nightwing’s attacks, Dick kept switching up his style with every movement. Another advantage for Dick is his agility. One of the finest gymnasts in the world, he’s far more acrobatic and agile than Batman. Given time to plan, Batman would certainly win against Dick, but in a straight-up brawl, Dick’s agility and improvisation might win the day -- we’ve already seen him beat Batman before.


For years, Bruce Banner demonstrated that as the Hulk, he was strongest one there is… at least for a time. Then Amadeus Cho showed up. The young genius went on to prove that while the Hulk’s strength is indeed formidable, the Green Goliath is insurmountably more dangerous when coupled with some serious intelligence. Considered one of the ten smartest people on Earth, he succeeded Bruce Banner as The Hulk in The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 when he saved the Hulk’s life after the hero had absorbed an overabundance of radiation. Cho himself took in the excess radiation, along with Hulk’s natural gamma energy. Cho then became the next in the Hulk legacy. Unlike Banner, Cho didn’t perceive the Hulk as a curse, but believed in the benefits it could bring to the world.

As for power, Amadeus is stronger than many versions of the Hulk.

Back in the early days of the Incredible Hulk, Bruce designed a room to hold his alter ego. It worked, keeping the Hulk locked up for an entire night. When Amadeus went into the same room, he broke out with a single punch. Furthermore, Cho can transform at will as opposed to having his transformation triggered by rage like Bruce. Still, if Cho uses too much power, he can loses control and his Hulk persona will take over.


The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Damian Wayne is a spoiled little brat with a chip on his shoulder and a nearly unmatched fighting ability. Before he received training from Batman to become the latest Robin, Damian was put through brutal combat instruction at the hands of his mother and grandfather, Ras Al Ghul. Despite only being a small boy, Damian’s training put him on equal footing with fully-grown superheroes and villains. To his credit, Damian has already taken on all of Batman’s protégés, including Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing in single combat -- he’s beaten them all in some fashion or the other. By that we mean that if Damian couldn’t physically defeat an opponent, he can do so mentally, knowing just how to push someone beyond what they’re emotionally capable of withstanding.

Yet the most frightening thing about the boy is that unlike the rest of the Bat-family, he won’t hold back in a fight. Though he’ll typically try and solve a problem before it escalates, he’ll cripple an enemy if need be. As a child Damian may not be able to stand up to Batman, but that changed once he became an adult. In a Rebirth Batman Beyond storyline, Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, the new Batman Beyond, encounter an older Damien who has taken over the mantle of Ra’s al Ghul. Terry fights Damian, and Bruce, who’s watching from the side, admits Damian is better than he ever was, even back in his prime as Batman.


Mike Moran, aka Miracleman (or Marvelman), was chosen by the Airforce to be part of the experimental project Zarathustra. The project essentially created a superhuman replica of Mike that retained his consciousness and hung out in infra-space until he said code word ‘Kimota’, which caused the two to switch bodies/places… kind of like DC’s Captain Marvel and Marvel’s Captain Marvel rolled into one, but Mike’s story was trippier. Pretty much a Superman and Captain Marvel rip-off, Marvelman came with super strength, speed, force field projection, flight, invulnerability, energy manipulation, and telepathy.

When Marvelman finally acquired a sidekick, he too ended up being rather powerful.

With plenty of abilities, he went by the name of Kid Marvelman. Before there was Kid Marvelman, there was Johnny Bates. Part of the same project that created Marvelman, Johnny’s origin was different in that instead of switching between two personas, Kid Marvelman completely took over Bates’ body. This resulted in the young hero to slowly go insane. As a result, he never held back, which resulted in the death of quite a few unfortunate souls. When he was finally overcome by his madness, he challenged Marvelman and other superheroes, getting their attention by going on a killing spree in London. When the heroes showed up, he defeated them all. Though he’s eventually beaten later on, Kid Marvelman demonstrated greater power than Marvelman ever did.


When it comes to debating who’s stronger between a superhero and their sidekick, there isn’t a pairing more incendiary pairing amongst fans than that of Barry Allen and Wally West. Nicknamed “The Fastest Man Alive” Barry Allen, aka Flash, is one of DC Comics’ mightiest heroes. Receiving super-speed powers after getting struck by lightning and chemicals, the Flash is known for outracing gods and heroes like Superman. Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen and he too acquired super-speed in a laboratory accident like his uncle. A founding member of the Teen Titans, Wally fought alongside his uncle under the guise of Kid Flash. After Barry died saving the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally took up the mantle.

Up until that point, Barry was a speedster unlike any other. However, over the course of his own adventures as the Flash, Wally learned about the Speed Force, the interdimensional power that gives all speedsters their powers, and was able to access that power. Barry had never done this. In turn, this granted Wally greater speed than his uncle and abilities Barry didn’t possess, like being able to travel through time without the usage of the Cosmic Treadmill, and tapping into his own speed and lend it others, or even steal speed from an opponent. Heck, Wally once absorbed the speed from an entire planet full of speedsters, letting him calculate time at a rate o one sextillionth a second. When Barry returned, he too was able to access the Speed Force, and now it’s up in the air about who is truly the fastest man alive.


Originally your average teenager, this version of Clark Kent came from a universe much like our own, wherein there were no superheroes and all the exploits of the DC Universe were merely in comic books. However, after Superman found his way to Clark Prime’s Earth, young Clark suddenly discovers he has powers and that he’s the only person on his planet with them. After helping out Superman in a small series of adventures, the next time we’d see Superboy-Prime was "Crisis on Infinite Earths," where he’d team up with the heroes of the Multiverse to combat the Anti-Monitor. Yet by the time "Infinite Crisis" rolled around, Superboy-Prime had taken a turn for the worse. Disgusted by the state of the mainline DC Universe, he wanted to create a perfect world. In his mind, this involved killing anyone and everyone until the world became as perfect as he envisioned. In spite of becoming a whiny brat, Superboy-Prime quickly showed both readers and the DC Universe, that he was one of the strongest beings to ever rear their ugly head.

With power that absolutely dwarfs Superman’s, Superboy-Prime began his reign of terror after he punched a hole in reality.

From there, he single-handedly took on the entirety of the Green lantern Corps, started the Rann-Thanagarian War by tossing planets into one another, murdered the Superman of Earth 2, and would’ve killed Ion (the most powerful of all Green Lanterns), if every hero on Earth didn’t unite to stop him. All this was in the name of creating a new, perfect multiverse.


Bucky Barnes was Captain America’s sidekick all throughout World War II. His story came to a tragic end when it looked like he’d sacrificed himself to stop a rocket from exploding. Incidentally, he survived, was found by the Russians, rebuilt with a bionic arm, brainwashed, and turned into their personal hit-man. It took a bit of hard work, but Captain America was able to redeem Bucky and make him a hero again. Following "Civil War", the unthinkable happened -- Captain America died. Courtesy of the Red Skull, his death left a void. Iron Man tried recruiting multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to try out for the part and even Hawkeye, but it was eventually Bucky Barnes, Cap’s old war partner who filled the role. Apparently, prior to his death, Cap had asked Iron Man that in the eventuality of his demise, the Armored Avengers would look after Bucky and to find a way to continue the Captain America tradition.

Bucky’s feelings about suiting up and wielding the iconic shield were… mixed. On the one hand, the former sidekick believed another shouldn’t carry on the legacy. Though after he came to realize that without Captain America, the world was a poorer place, Bucky accepted the offer. The weight of Captain America was immense and Bucky felt out of sorts; being Captain America did not complete him in the way he thought it would. Even so, the Cap’s former partner did the part proud. With his cybernetic enhancements, his willingness to use firearms, and his mastery of the shield in no time flat, Bucky was an exceptionally deadly Captain America.


Mark Grayson is writer Robert Kirkman’s response to mainstream superhero comic books. The teenaged son to the Superman-esque hero Omni-Man, Mark and his father stem from the extraterrestrial race known as Viltrumites, a species of nearly indestructible, super-powered warriors. When Mark was in his teens, he started to develop powers of his own. Mark was shocked at first, but took it better then most people. In quick succession, he decided to be a superhero. Following in the footsteps of his father (who would later actually turn out to be a villain after a fashion) he assumed the superhero name Invincible and quickly became a mighty instrument of justice.

While at first Mark was nowhere near his dad’s level of power, Mark’s strength only grew more and more over the course of the series.

Constantly facing seemingly impossible odds and fights, Mark’s constant cycle of fights and near-death experiences pushed his body to greater heights, and he became among the strongest of all Viltrumites ever. He eventually surpassed his father, battled and killed the most powerful and evil Viltrumite (while in the heart of the Sun), Mark’s performed all manner of astonishing feats. All in all, he’s one of the fiercest warriors in all of comic books.


Whether you’re looking at Pre-New 52 Cassandra Cain as Batgirl or DC Rebirth Cassandra Cain as Orphan, the one consistency is that she’s probably the greatest fighter on Earth. Superior to Batman and the rest of the Bat-family, completely outclassing anything they’re capable of, Cassandra is a living dynamo of a fighter. Cassandra was the daughter of the assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva -- they never once showed her affection. From childhood, she was deprived of speech and human contact in a bid to condition her to become the greatest assassin alive. When she was only five years old, her father began taking her along with him to observe his hits, so she could learn to kill and start accepting death and murder as a regular part of life. This continued until she was eight, when Cain made the choice to send her out in the real world for her first assassination.

At the time, though she’d received years of training and was already one of the deadliest people alive, Cassandra was still just a child. She didn’t fully understand the weight of her actions until she saw the pain in her victim’s eyes right before he died. The experience scarred her and she ran away, remaining homeless for the next nine years. After saving Jim Gordon, she’s come to meet Batman and the Dark Knight would accept her into the Bat-Family as Batgirl. Practically frightened by her fighting prowess, Batman knows he couldn’t beat her in a fight if Cassandra ever turned evil.


Overly insufferable, Quentin Quire is a student at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. First introduced to readers in New X-Men #134, Quentin Quire is a remarkably lethal telepath and telekinetic. Naming himself Kid Omega, so that he can rub his elitism into everyone’s noses, his telepathy is so powerful that even the combined might of the Stepford Cuckoos, Emma Frost’s trio of psychics, barely posed a challenge. An Omega Level mutant, despite his young age, there’s little Quentin can’t accomplish with his mind. However, all of that is nothing to when it was revealed that he was future host for the Phoenix Force.

A power usually reserved for the likes of Jean Grey and her family, it was a stunning revelation.

The first glimpse at Quentin Quire as a Phoenix Host was in New X-Men #154, when he briefly appeared in the future in the White Hot Room, which is a mystical place inhabited by the souls of previous Phoenix Force hosts. The second was during the “Battle of the Atom” storyline, which featured a Phoenix Force-empowered Quentin having time-travelled to the present. This version of the character was more confident than the present version and featured a happier outlook on life. Present-day Quentin ran into the Phoenix in The Mighty Thor #19, where he convinced the cosmic bird to join him (for a little while).


Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond ignited a massive fan-following that hasn’t gone out. Introduced shortly after the massively successful Batman: The Animated Series, producers Bruce Timm and Paul Dini thought up with the idea for a teenage Batman. Introducing Terry McGinnis. A high school student, once criminals kill his father, the young man ended up encountering Bruce Wayne. It would later be divulged that Bruce had been watching Terry throughout the young man’s entire life. This was because Bruce was Terry’s biological father. Terry learned about his true origins after confronting Amanda Waller and she explained her “Batman Beyond” project. Realizing a Batman would always be necessary, Terry’s father, Warren, had his DNA re-written into an exact copy of Bruce’s. In effect, Terry was created due to genetic experimentation; he was always meant to be Batman and even Batman’s superior.

Now an older man and unable to don the mantle of the bat, Bruce took Terry under his wing and instructed him on all the ins and outs of being a superhero. Though Terry was initially nowhere near Bruce’s equal when he was Batman, the Batman Beyond suit made up for any shortcomings. Among other things, it gave Terry super human strength, an incredible arsenal, and a fancy onboard computer system. Yet over the years, Terry would surpass Bruce, proving just as good a fighter, if not better, even without the aid of fancy technology.


After Cyborg Superman and Mongul destroyed Hal Jordan’s hometown, the Green Lantern became crazed. In a mad quest to resurrect the city and all its inhabitants, he killed the Green Lantern Corps for their rings, killed Sinestro, and then vanished into the figurative ether. Following this series of tragedy, Ganthet, the last Guardian of the Universe, forged one final Green Lantern ring. He gave that ring to Earthman Kyle Rayner, and entrusted the hopes of the Green Lantern Corps legacy with the young artist.

Despite the reservations of many, Kyle stood as an exemplary Green Lantern, rivaling Hal Jordan’s iconic greatness.

When Hal Jordan came back, he tried to be good guy and found some redemption when he sacrificed himself in re-igniting Earth’s sun. However, this left plenty of residual power floating around the universe. That same Green Lantern energy ended up merging with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, immediately turning him into a living god. More specifically, all the power he inherited resulted in Kyle becoming the omnipotent being known as Ion. Unfortunately, all the omnipotence caused Kyle to lose touch with his humanity. Because of this, he instead gave up the powers and used them to recreate the Green Lantern Corps power battery and create a new group of Guardians.


Though he might have been a controversial character when he first appeared, Miles Morales has quickly become one of Marvel Comics’ most beloved character. Heralding from the Ultimate Comics universe, Miles, similar to Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that had been infected with the Oz formula. When Peter was running around as Spider-Man, Miles felt no reason to become a superhero and instead hid his powers from the general public. However, during Peter’s final battle against the Sinister Six, Miles chose to help, but he arrived too late and watched Peter die at the hands of the Green Goblin. Feeling guilty, realizing he could have prevented Peter’s death, he became the second Ultimate Spider-Man and went on to honor the legacy Peter Parker left behind.

In no time at all, Miles seemed a better and more powerful hero than Peter ever was. Possessing all the agility and strength powers of the original Spider-Man, Miles also had the ability to camouflage and generate bio-energy blasts. Out of all his offensive attacks, Miles’ bio-stings were the strongest weapon in his repertoire. With them, he’s beaten the Green Goblin in moments (something Peter could almost never do), defeated Blackheart (the son of the Devil) with one or two strikes, and if there was any debate about who was more powerful between Peter and Miles, look no further than the mini-series Spider-Men. Here you had the mainstream Peter Parker meet and fight Miles, with Miles winning thanks to his energy attacks.


From the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Nate Grey is an alternate version of Cable, the son of Cyclops and the clone of Jean Grey. If it sounds confusing, it is, but just roll with it. In this other world, the villain Mr. Sinister, who pretty much hated the mutant tyrant Apocalypse, artificially created Nate Grey from genetic material from Cyclops and Jean Grey. Hoping to end the constant threat of Apocalypse, Sinister, with the help of some groovy technology, aged Nate’s body rapidly to the point of being a teenager. However, Nate never got a chance to battle Apocalypse, as he was shunted to Marvel’s main timeline after running into the M’Kraan Crystal and went by the moniker X-Man.

Unrivaled by other Omega-Level mutants like his “brother” Cable, his father (Cyclops), or his mother (Jean Grey), Nate is one of the strongest mutants to ever exist.

His powers are off the charts, he’s what Cable might be if Cable didn’t have to worry about keeping the techno-organic virus ravaging his body in check with his telekinetic powers. X-Man can (and does) use his power to his full potential. He’s easily on par with Jean when she was at the height of her Dark Phoenix power, he can rewrite reality to his will, or do whatever he fancies.


After Jeremy Franklin, an associate of Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, declined an offer to participate in the Gathering of Five ritual, his daughter, Mattie, took his place. The supernatural ceremony granted five gifts and Mattie received spider-like powers, which is what Osborn wanted. Instead, he was gifted with greater insanity. When Peter Parker had temporarily given up being Spider-Man, Mattie made the executive decision to keep the flame alive. She dressed up in a padded costume of Spider-Man. Yet after a battle went awry and she was injured, Spider-Man came out of retirement to help her. From there, she assumed the name Spider-Woman, but wasn’t the first to go by the alias.

Mattie might not be able to shoot cosmic rays or control the weather, but she could be the most powerful member of the Spider-Man family. Aside from possessing all of Spider-Man’s powers, Mattie was bestowed the gift of “Power.” The power boost put her on Spidey’s level and then some as it also allowed her to fly at subsonic speeds. Following a battle with Charlotte Witter, Mattie lost her powers but then acquired Witter’s abilities, which included super strength super speed, and agility, along with the power of every previous Spider-Woman before her such as Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter, and Madame Web. This let her generate powerful bio-electric blasts, create webbing of psionic energy, grow psychic spider-legs, and even granted her telepathic and precognitive abilities.


Before there was Samuel Alexander, aka Nova, there was Richard Rider. First appearing in Nova #1, Rich was a teenager in high school when he was granted the power of a Nova Centurion. At one point, Rich apparently died alongside Star-Lord when the two heroes fought Thanos in Cancerverse dimension. Turns out, Rich wasn’t the only human to assume the helmet of a Nova. The father of Sam Alexander was also a Nova. After he disappeared, Sam found his dad’s Nova helmet. Sam was introduced in Point One #1 and his life has only gotten more extreme since he became a Nova. In short order the Guardians of the Galaxy trained him, making Sam an efficient and effective hero.

Later, he’d battle the Chitarauri during his first mission, before partaking in "Avengers vs. X-Men", going toe-to-toe with Dark Phoenix Cyclops.

Thanks to his efforts in battling Cyclops and in trying to warn the Avengers about the Phoenix’s impending arrival beforehand, the hero was made an official Avenger, becoming the youngest hero to ever join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Yet his exploits wouldn’t end there. While wearing his Nova Helmet, Sam harness the Nova Force proving him a laundry list of powers including faster than light flight/speed, tremendous super strength, teleportation, energy projection and absorption, cosmic awareness of powers, including the ability to create hyperspace portals and endure huge concussive blasts. Nova is capable of flying at astonishing speeds, reaching up to lightspeed while in space.


Kara Zor-El, known to the people of Earth as Supergirl, left Krypton right before it exploded. Though whereas Kal-El was sent away to survive, she was sent to survive and also be her baby cousin’s protector. Unfortunately, Kara’s rocket got lost in time and space and she arrived a few decades later than expected. Arriving on Earth, Kara immediately struggles to acclimatize. In Pre-New 52 canon, Supergirl arrives in issue #8 of Superman/Batman and runs into Superman and Batman. The two heroes try and help her find her place in the world, but along the way she’s forced to fight her cousin multiple times. During these family squabbles, there are instances when Supergirl completely outclassed Superman.

The reason (for those who are interested) is account of her ability to absorb sunlight more efficiently. Batman’s even explained that she absorbs solar radiation at a higher rate than Superman. This means she has greater potential than the Man of Steel. Batman’s claims certainly seem warranted as Kara has outraced Superman and, a s we’ve said already, even defeated him in combat at least once. While Batman trained Kara for a bit, he also spent the majority of their time together assessing her strengths and weaknesses. Batman learned that since Kara had more time on Krypton, this allowed her to acclimatize to the dense gravity of her home world, which further boosted her own power while on Earth.

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