Teen Titans: The 10 Strongest Members (And The 9 Weakest)

The Teen Titans is one of DC’s longest running, most prestigious teams. In many ways, it’s a stepping stone to the Justice League. Many Teen Titans, like Nightwing, Robin and Kid Flash, have gone on to the “ big leagues” and become beloved heroes. The Justice League are often teachers to the inexperienced heroes because these youngsters often represent the future of the DC Universe. You’d hope that only the best and brightest young heroes would receive the honor of being a Teen Titan. In that case, you’d be wrong.

Not every Teen Titan deserves the spotlight. Plenty of members have crashed and burned, largely due to their weakness in the battlefield. Some of the team’s classic lineups have withstood the test of time due to each member’s individual strength. When DC expands the team, it sometimes backfires because some characters just aren’t worthy. The Teen Titans often have to face the worst villains DC has to offer, from Deathstroke to Gorilla Grodd and everyone in-between. Some team members are more than capable of meeting that challenge. Others fall far short. Through the years, there has been a wide range of the power displayed by members of the Teen Titans. On one hand, you have Cyborg, a human-android hybrid with practically limitless technological power. On the other hand, you have Joker’s Daughter, whose only so-called strength is her lunacy. For every Kid Flash, there are members as useless as useless as the Wonder Twins. With that being said, here are some of the strongest, and weakest, members of the Teen Titans.


When it comes to powerful members of the Teen Titans, it’s fair to argue that Cyborg takes the cake. Victor Stone is a human-android hybrid with adapted alien technology that makes him one of DC’s heaviest hitters. Stone’s cybernetic enhancements are practically limitless, as writers are always adding new wrinkles to his abilities.

Cyborg’s suit makes Stone incredibly strong, fast, durable and nearly invulnerable. Stone can also shapeshift the suit into various weapon. Most importantly, the technology gives Stone genius-level intellect and he can tap into any information system he needs. As a cherry on top, Cyborg can also fly. Thanks to his incredible technology, Stone is one of the most powerful members in Teen Titans history.


Though he is one of the most recognizable and successful Teen Titans, Roy Harper is actually one of the weakest members of the team. His “best” powers are his expert marksmanship and mastery of archery. On a team with aliens that shoot lasers and a man that runs faster than sound, Roy is a weak link. Harper has most of Green Arrow’s characteristics that fans love, but he falls short of his mentor.

Roy’s vulnerability extends beyond his limited skill set. For many years, Harper has struggled with a drug addiction. As a result, in the battlefield, he can be a liability.


As an Amazon that was created as a mirror image of Wonder Woman, Donna Troy is one of the most potent Teen Titans. Like Diana, Wonder Girl has superhuman strength and endurance. She also uses her lasso and bracelets as effective weapons and tools, as needed.

While she’s not quite the legendary hero that Diana is, Wonder Girl possesses practically every power of Wonder Woman. Troy is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, she can fly, and her reflexes, agility and speed are off the charts, too. Regardless of her convoluted, murky background, Troy is one of the strongest Teen Titans.


With parents like Deathstroke and Adeline Kane, Joseph Wilson was raised to be a skillful fighter. However, when compared to some of his Teen Titans teammates, Jericho doesn’t pack that much of a punch. His strongest skill is his ability to possess people. However, that power requires Wilson to make eye contact with his enemy, which dilutes its effectiveness.

Plus, Wilson is a pacifist (having Deathstroke as a father will do that to you). Jericho’s avoidance of violence doesn’t necessarily make him weak, but combined with his lackluster powers, it makes him even less of a threat. Jericho’s powers are fascinating, and they can be useful in a variety of ways. However, they don’t noticeably contribute in brawls with supervillains.


Raven has become synonymous with the Teen Titans, and for good reason. The empathic heroine has a plethora of powers that make her one of the team’s strongest members. As a telekinetic half demon, she has the ability to cast spells and see the future. Raven can also travel the astral plane and teleport. These powers only scratch the surface of her potential, though.

In some continuities, she can physically control darkness and use it however she pleases. Raven is one of DC’s best empaths, which gives her the ability to manipulate her opponents’ emotions. She can defeat almost any villain simply by bending their mind to her will.


When it comes to weak Teen Titans, it doesn’t get much worse than the Wonder Twins. Classically, when they touch each other and say “Wonder Twin powers, activate,” the siblings can transform into any form of water or any animal. However, without that physical contact, the twins are powerless. So, they’re individually useless. Together, their power is onerous, as they have to be together at all times. In battle, that’s a bit of a burden.

When the Twins returned to the comics in the '00s, they were rewritten as two very smart (but powerless) kids. DC took two punchless characters and managed to water them down even more. Villains aren’t exactly quaking in their boots in fear of these twins.


In theory, having Superboy, or Kon-El, on the team parallels Wonder Girl’s role -- both heroes are essentially copies of their respective predecessors. However, Connor Kent notably differs from Donna Troy. Kent is a clone of Superman (and Lex Luthor) that was created to replace the Man of Steel after his death. Thankfully, Superboy got Kal-El’s virtuous heart rather than Luthor’s villainous brain.

Superboy is far from a direct copy of Clark Kent, though they share most of the same abilities. Connor Kent has Superman’s strength, heat vision, flight and endurance. However, Kon-El is also a telekinetic, which gives him powers that not even Superman can claim.


What’s not to love about Más y Menos, a pair of twin speedsters? These fan-favorite characters debuted on the popular Teen Titans cartoon, and made their comic book debuts shortly thereafter. The duo clearly impressed all the right people. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll see that Más y Menos are about as useful as the Wonder Twins.

Both twins have superspeed, but they can only access that power when they are physically touching each other. This requirement can be bypassed if one of them is holding a good conductor of electricity. Still, their power is extremely limited by its prerequisites. Like the Wonder Twins, Más y Menos are relatively weak, together and especially individually.


Don’t let her kind, loving personality fool you: Starfire, or Koriand’r, is a warrior. After her time as an unwilling subject for experiments, the former Tamaranian princess gained various superhuman abilities. These powers include flight, strength and endurance. Koriand’r can also fire energy blasts, which are her most dangerous weapons.

Starfire’s strength also lies in her ability to survive extreme environments -- she can endure the vacuum of space, as well as intense heat, cold and radiation. To top it all off, Starfire is an expert martial artist. DC’s heroes are lucky Starfire uses her powers for justice, otherwise she’d be an unstoppable villain.


In the traditional sense, Gnarrk is not weak -- far from it, actually. This Neanderthal from the past has brute strength and durability, among other heightened physical abilities, but that’s just it: he’s a brute. As strong as Gnarrk may be, he is inherently limited by his lack of intelligence.

Gnarrk can be somewhat useful as an unthinking wrecking ball, but the character’s lack of adaptability makes him a weak teammate. On a team of heroes that have some of the strongest powers in the DCU, Gnarrk ranks pretty low on the totem pole.


Through the years, every Robin has been a member, if not leader, of the Teen Titans. But Dick Grayson outranks his successors. One could argue that none of them lived up to his legacy on the team and that Grayson is the most powerful Robin. Grayson’s experience, track record, expertise and individual success sets him apart.

As Batman’s protege, he was trained by the best. Grayson is a master of martial arts and his acrobatic background makes him an even tougher fighter. Grayson’s real strength can be found in his heart. He has always been the soul of the team, and he inspires those aorund him.


Pantha’s weakness, like some of her teammates, mainly lies in her personality. Similar to Marvel’s X-23, Pantha has razor sharp claws, which can be worthwhile weapons in battle (Pantha has been called X-24, which could be a nod to Marvel’s Weapon X program). However, Pantha’s power set ends shortly after you factor in her claws. She has enhanced agility and strength, and that’s about it.

Pantha is a bad teammate, too, which hurts the team’s overall strength. She has a tendency to isolate herself, and sometimes she is openly hostile to her fellow Teen Titans. Between her one-dimensional power set and her harsh personality, Pantha is not exactly someone you want fighting for you.


It’s no coincidence that some of the most powerful Teen Titans are the sidekicks of Justice League members -- the pedigree speaks for itself. This effect holds especially true for Wally West, a man that successfully took The Flash’s place for a number of years. West even surpassed his mentor, as he eventually became faster than Barry Allen.

West can do everything Barry can, and then some. Kid Flash has the ability to travel through time, and dimensions, without using the Cosmic Treadmill. West can also literally outrun death. Wally West is the fastest speedster in the DCU, which makes him an incredibly powerful Teen Titan.


The Joker is one of the most dangerous villains in comic book history. You would think that his “daughter” would be similarly powerful. Instead, Duela Dent is as weak a Teen Titan as they come. A character that has changed names, costumes and claimed heritage countless times over the years has no real powers to speak of. Her only usefulness stems from some acrobatic talent and reliance on various (usually clown-themed) gadgets.

Dent may be crazy, but her threats are empty. Whoever she claims her father is, she always fails to live up to their legacy due to her sheer lack of powers.


Miss Martian, or M’gann M’orzz, is not a long-tenured member of the team, but her array of powers makes her one of the most powerful Teen Titans in history. Her power set mirrors that of Martian Manhunter, which puts her in some esteemed company.

As a Martian, M’orzz has many telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Miss Martian can also shape-shift and change her density. M’orzz has the ability to fly and to make herself invisible. She’s strong enough that her power rivals that of Superman. For her abilities with her body and mind, Miss Martian is one of the most powerful Teen Titans.


Young Frankenstein is a lot like Gnarrk, for better or worse. Both brutes have superhuman strength, stamina and endurance. Frankenstein has proven to be a capable fighter, so his strength extends somewhat beyond his built-in power. But like his Neanderthal counterpart, Young Frankenstein is a limited team member in battle.

As a revived corpse, Frankenstein’s intelligence leaves a lot to be desired. Additionally, his stitched-together body is subject to being ripped apart by opponents (Black Adam tore off his arms in the "World War III" event). Beyond a situation that calls for a hulking brute, Young Frankenstein is fairly useless.


Beast Boy is usually known as the team’s jokester, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Garfield Logan. Most notably, he can shapeshift into any animal. This metamorphosis gives him the ability to adopt not only any animal’s appearance, but also their physical traits. Logan is powerful in his own right, too.

Even his human form, Logan is a skilled fighter with above-average strength and speed due to his genetically modified DNA. Whether he’s a beast or a man, Logan has always been a strong team member.


Like Roy Harper, Bumblebee takes many of the traits of a beloved hero but fails to maximize their usefulness. In Karen Beecher’s case, her mirror image is Marvel’s Ant-Man, a hero often viewed as one of the weakest Avengers. It’s fitting, then, that Bumblebee is one of the weakest Teen Titans. Beecher uses a technological suit to shrink down to the size of an insect.

In most continuities, the suit is solar-powered, so it’s heavily limited in its practicality (armor powered by the sun isn’t useful at night, or underground). Beecher deserves a lot of credit and praise. She’s often considered DC’s first black superheroine. That being said, Bumblebee isn’t a heavy hitter, as she takes Ant-Man’s powers and makes them even more ineffectual.


As an Atlantean, Aqualad has abilities that mirror Aquaman’s -- for example, Garth has superhuman strength, speed and endurance. His Atlantean genes also give Garth enhanced senses and the ability to manipulate water. Aqualad, or Tempest, is more than the average Atlantean, though.

As an avid student of magic, Garth gained many new abilities. To name a few, he can use telepathy, fire energy blasts, travel time and summon demons. Like Wally West, Garth has occasionally proven worthy of his mentor’s legacy by ruling Atlantis. Garth’s Atlantean abilities, and his mastery of magic, makes him one of the most powerful Teen Titans.

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