The 10 Most Powerful Queens In the Marvel Universe

As we all know, the Marvel Universe is filled all sorts of powerful characters. Those powers derive from all kinds of places - suits of armors, experimental government serums, plain old mythological magic, genetics, radioactive spiders, cosmic tinkering; basically, if you can think up how someone got their powers, chances are that Marvel has already put that way to good use. Sometimes, our favorite heroes and villains get power the old-fashioned way. They’re born into it, or they take it!

The Marvel Universe is filled with all sorts of kingdoms and empires, both terrestrial and intergalactic; Wakanda, Atlantis, Asgard, and the Shi'ar Empire to name a few. Someone has to rule them, it might as well be a benevolent queen. At the very least, a queen ruling besides her king as an equal. Priestesses, empresses, even drag queens, the Marvel Universe has all sorts of regal royal ladies. Here are The 10 Most Powerful Queens In the Marvel Universe.

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10 Storm

Although she was born a tribal princess in Kenya, Storm had to grow up living the hard life on the streets of Harlem and Cairo as a pickpocket. She was always a natural born leader despite the rough upbringing. She once bested Cyclops in a battle to decide who would lead the X-Men, and she didn't have her powers!

She rose through the ranks of the X-Men to become one of the most respected leaders any roster ever had. For a brief time, she was even married to T’Challa, making her the Queen Of Wakanda.

9 Medusa

As Queen of the Inhumans, Medusa is not only married to one of the most powerful men in the MCU (Black Bolt), she presides over one of the most powerful groups of super-powered characters, second only to the X-Men.

Her husband can destroy existence with his voice and she can use her hair as a weapon. Together, they have developed their own language so that she can not only understand Black Bolt but so she can deliver his royal edicts. The ABC miniseries did not do her justice, hopefully, one day the MCU will give the Inhumans and Medusa a proper cinematic version.

8 Shuri

As the Princess Of Wakanda, Shuri stole the show in 2018’s Black Panther movie, not only as a brash and braggadocios teen but as someone as technologically gifted as Tony Stark.

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In the comics as Queen, she commanded the vastly technologically superior Wakandan army. But she didn’t do a whole lot different than T’Challa. That didn’t make her any less powerful or an effective ruler. She was just trying to right by her brother.

7 Jane Foster

During "Original Sin," Fury whispers something to Thor and he no longer has the ability to wield his hammer. Jane Foster was diagnosed with cancer, simultaneously, picked up Mjolnir and the throne of Asgard.

Naturally, Jane is not only worthy of the power of Thor, but it saves her life for a time. As the Goddess Of Thunder, she also ruled Asgard. She was even able to defeat Dr. Doom and serve as a worthy teammate of the Avengers.

6 Valkyrie

Valkyrie not only was able to steal the show in Thor: Ragnarok, she was able to hold her own in battle against Thor. As Thor struggled to regain his confidence during Avengers: Endgame, he was living the life of a stereotypical “geek” living at home with his parents and drinking and playing video games.

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But Valkyrie was holding New Asgard together. It came as no surprise that when Thor decided to travel with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, there was no other choice for Queen than Valkyrie.

5 Lilandra

There are many different intergalactic species and empires in the Marvel Universe, but none are so intertwined with the X-Men than the Shi’ar Empire and their Queen Lilandra. In fact, it’s almost a crime that she hasn’t been brought to the big screen yet, considering her connection to the Phoenix.

Not to mention putting Reed Richards on trial for saving Galactus. Or being Xavier’s wife! Not only is she one of the strongest Queens on this list, but she's also one of the few empresses of an empire NOT trying to conquer Earth.

4 Veranke

Veranke is the Queen Of The Skrull Empire. Not only does she believe that Earth is to become the new Skrull homeworld, she is primarily responsible for the entire Secret Invasion storyline, and had an unseen hand in plenty of events prior to the Skrull Invasion. She debuted in the debut issue of New Avengers, disguised as Spider-Woman.

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Three years later, her ruse would finally be revealed that she was a Skrull. It would take the combined effort of many of Marvel’s heroes to defeat her.

3 Adriana Soria

Every so often, someone starts writing some really strange Spider-Man stories. Enter Adriana Soria, the Spider-Queen. A former US soldier who went insane due to radiation poisoning, and resurfaced years later as some sort of Spider-God.

She had the ability to control humans and especially people like Peter Parker, who have the ‘spider-gene.’ Working with the Jackal, thanks to Soria, Manhattan becomes "Spider-Island" for a time.

2 Iranda

Somewhere in arctic, as Deadpool once said, “superheroes go to get eaten by dinosaurs in Savage Land.” One of the many tribes that live here are the Lizard-Men and they’re ruled by Queen Iranda.

She has a brief history in the MCU, primarily dealing with Ka-Zar, but some writers love to dig deep for inspiration. A Queen who controls primordial lizards and dinosaurs would be a force to be reckoned with.

1 Shade

In one of the progressive moves comics have ever done, this year the MCU introduced Shade into the mix of Iceman comics. Darnell Wade, aka Shade is a different kind of Queen - a Drag Queen.

Her powers are pretty cool, she can enter a pocket dark dimension with a flick of her fans. We haven’t seen much of Shade just yet, but as the Mutants are back cinematically with Disney; there’s no telling to how much more the writers are going to use her.

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