The 10 Most Powerful Members Of The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, Ranked

The X-Men includes some of the biggest heroes in Marvel comics. Despite the human race fearing them and their capabilities, the X-Men have saved the world countless times. They represent the good that mutants bring to the world. But there is another group that represents the evil mutants are capable of.

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The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is made up of villainous mutants who want to conquer the human race out of hatred for being treated so poorly or because they see themselves as superior. The Brotherhood and the X-Men have gone toe-to-toe on numerous occasions, proving that the Brotherhood can be just as powerful as their more righteous enemies. Here are the most powerful members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

10 Quicksilver

Quicksilver has belonged to a number of notable teams in the Marvel Universe. While he has fought with the heroes as an Avenger and a member of the X-Men, he was first introduced as a villain. He joined the Brotherhood because of his father Magneto who was the leader of the group.

Quicksilver's abilities allow him to travel at super-speed. He is one of the fastest characters in the Marvel Universe which gives him an upper-hand in fights and makes him very hard to kill -- except in the MCU apparently.

9 Sabretooth


Sabretooth is a character who has long and complicated links to Wolverine. The two mutants are half-brothers and, because of their unusual abilities, they have shared a very long life together. While Wolverine found some sense of peace with the X-Men, Sabretooth turned down a darker path and joined the Brotherhood.

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Sabretooth has very similar powers as Wolverine. He is able to heal from just about any injury, no matter how severe. And while he doesn't have those adamantium claws, he is a massive creature who is a fearsome and brutal fighter.

8 Havok

Havok X-Men Legacy

Havok is another member of the Brotherhood who is probably best known as a member of the good guys. In more of the strange familial relationships among the X-Men, Havok is the older brother of Scott Summers aka Cyclopes. Scott became one of the most powerful members of the X-Men while Havok spent some time with the bad guys.

Havok has similar powers as his power in that he can generate powerful and deadly beams of energy which he fires at his enemies. The beams come from his chest rather than his eyes but that can be just as devastating.

7 Mastermind

Mastermind is one of the oldest X-Men villains and an original member of the Brotherhood. He was introduced along with the other members of the nefarious team all the way back in X-Men #4 1964. While he hasn't been as prominent as some of those original members since that first issue, he has proven have formidable powers.

Mastermind is a master illusionist. He can create illusions so real and detailed that they are likely to fool even his most clever of foes. Mastermind has even been known to be able to create illusions of entire armies. While he might not be as physically intimidating in a fight, his powers can disarm any enemy.

6 Juggernaut

Juggernaut is actually not technically a mutant as his powers come from magic instead of mutation. However, he still managed to secure a spot on the Brotherhood because they would have to be crazy to turn him down.

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Juggernaut has more sheer strength than just about any other character in the Marvel Universe. He is a giant of pure muscle who can cause incredible damage with a single punch. He is a nearly unstoppable force of power and a deadly opponent in a fight.

5 Scarlet Witch

Like her brother Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch started as a villain before turning over a new leaf and joining some more heroic teams. She also joined the Brotherhood after being recruited by her father and proved to be an essential member before leaving the team.

Scarlet Witch is a mutant whose abilities are almost too great to comprehend. Her mystic and telekinetic powers can be extremely impressive and almost godlike. She has the potential to be more powerful than almost any other character but she has trouble controlling those abilities.

4 Magneto

Magneto is probably the most prominent member of the Brotherhood. He is often seen as the leader of the team and inspires great loyalty in many of its members. Much of this has to do with the fact that he is one of the most powerful mutants alive.

Magneto's powers allow him to control anything and everything metal. He has worked hard and taught himself to grow those powers so that he can move nearly any metal structure in the world. He is a very dangerous mutant, to say the least.

3 Professor X

Professor X

That's right, even the founder of the X-Men has spent some time with the mutants from the dark side. As you can probably guess, Professor X did not join the Brotherhood by choice but was instead forced to serve the group for a short time so they could use his incredible abilities.

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Professor X is one of the most powerful mutants that has ever existed. He can enter the minds of just about anyone, read their thoughts and make them do what he wants. He can also track anyone anywhere with the help of Cerebro. It's a good thing he's a good guy most of the time.

2 X-Man

Nate Grey in X-Man

For a character to be given the name X-Man, they really have to be an extremely powerful mutant. X-Man is actually Nathan Grey, he is the biological son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers and the result of genetic mischief by Mister Sinister.

X-Man is an Omega-level mutant which means he was achieved nearly immortal status. Few mutants have reached this level and it makes them extremely powerful His telepathic powers surpass any other being, including Professor X.

1 Alpha the Ultimate Mutant

Alpha the Ultimate Mutant

As impressive as Magneto is with his immense powers, his creation of the most powerful mutant ever is even more awesome. Alpha was created by Magneto to fight the Defenders but his powers continued to grow to the point that even his creator could not control him.

At first Alpha has a random array of powers that allows him to fight off some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. He continues to evolve to the point that he can control reality itself and is only stopped from destroying everything because he gets bored.

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