The 25 Most Powerful Moms In Marvel, Officially Ranked

This week saw the release of Avengers: Endgame Prelude #2, which continues a recap of all the important events from the epic Avengers: Infinity War. Seeing Tony in space again instantly brings us back to his sad moment in the first Endgame trailer, sending a final hopeful message to his love on Earth, Pepper Potts. Potts is rumored to appear in Endgame as her armored alter-ego Rescue, though that isn't the only rumor that has surfaced regarding her and Tony. One of the most popular revolves around the theory that Pepper is pregnant at the time that Tony Stark leaves Earth for Titan and that Endgame's rumored time shift might even introduce fans to the son/daughter of Stark and Potts.

Of course, it's all speculation, but if the MCU's Pepper Potts is indeed pregnant she joins a powerful group of mothers in the Marvel Universe. It is a group that includes goddesses, mutants, time-travelers, Queens, and humans who are all strong characters that are able to manage motherhood while also operating as a costumed superperson. Some manage that responsibility better than others, of course, but all are powerful in their own ways. Though the question begs to be answered, which Marvel mom is the mightiest? Today we will examine 25 of Marvel's mothers to determine who will be officially crowned as the most powerful.


While May Parker may not have any biological children, she has been a fantastic mother to her nephew Peter Parker and helped raise one of the greatest heroes New York City has ever seen. Normally Aunt May has no powers beyond her nurturing charm and legendary wheat cake recipe, though during the Spider-Verse event fans were introduced to Spider-Ma'am, an alternate reality Aunt May who had been bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter. Spider-powers or not, Aunt May is one mighty Marvel mom.


The '90s produced a number of interesting characters that will forever remain tied to the decade, which could be summed up in one character - Jubilee. Of course, she has grown up quite a bit since then and has become the foster mother of a young boy named Shogo, who eventually grows up to become the armored hero known as Sentinel-X. Jubilee's fireworks and brief time as a vampire aren't likely to feature on most ranked power lists, but her latest foray into motherhood earns her a spot on this one.


The mainstream Marvel universe's Mary Jane Watson has not had good luck when it comes to motherhood, what with the long-abandoned stolen child storyline or the later erasure of Peter and MJ's marriage in One More Day. However, there are a few alternate reality MJ's who have become fantastic mothers. In the MC2 universe, MJ raises daughter May Parker to become Spider-Girl. MJ is even a powered mom known as Spinneret in the Renew Your Vows reality, where she uses tech to replicate a portion of Spidey's powers alongside her daughter Annie/Spiderling.


Greer Nelson began her crimefighting career as the costumed heroine known as the Cat but was soon transformed by the mythical Cat People into the super-powered human-feline hybrid called Tigra. Nelson's transformed form was more feline than human and even possessed various mystical powers and abilities while also enhancing her senses. Her son William was fathered by a Skrull infiltrator posing as Hank Pym and shares her fur-covered appearance and abilities, causing him to mature faster than a human.


The former New Mutant lycanthrope was involved in a complicated love triangle between teammates Rictor and Shatterstar when her pregnancy was first revealed, though the father was actually Asgardian wolf prince Hrimhari. The pregnancy was both mutant and mystical in nature and caused Rahne's body to undergo changes that increased her powers and made her skin bulletproof, though those powers faded after the birth of her son Tier. Unfortunately, Rahne lost Tier during a war between Hell Lords over her powerful child.


The most recent addition to the pantheon of mother's in the Marvel Universe is Meggan, a founding member of the British-based team of heroes known as Excalibur. Meggan and long-time partner Brian Braddock/Captain Britain recently featured alongside the rest of the original team in the pages of X-Men Gold Annual #1, where it was revealed they were new parents. Meggan is a shapeshifter with a laundry list of powers like energy absorption, power mimicry, elemental control and even the ability to talk to animals.


Julia Carpenter has operated under a number of superhero aliases, beginning her career as the second Spider-Woman. She also was the second character to adopt the name Arachne, until she was endowed with the prophetic powers (and blindness) of Madame Web, becoming the second person known in that title. She has similar powers to Spider-Man, though now is also clairvoyant and telepathic. Julia's daughter Rachel grew up alongside teams like the West Coast Avengers, Force Works, and Omega Flight.


Marvel's most powerful mothers doesn't always mean that they are also the best mothers, as we've seen repeatedly from Raven Darkholme/Mystique. The shape-changing mutant is the biological mother of mutant Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler and human Graydon Creed, and also possibly the eventual mother of the mutants known as Raze, and Charles Xavier II. Mystique's shape-changing abilities and extended life-span are not her only weapons, as she has trained her whole life as a spy, amassed huge amounts of wealth, and become a master manipulator.


Thundra is a Femizonian time-traveling warrior from the 23rd century, who has enhanced strength and durability that allows her to easily go toe-to-toe with characters like Hulk and the Thing. While the version of Thundra that is a mother in the Marvel universe is from another alternate future, she did father her daughter Lyra with the mainstream 616 Hulk. Lyra would go on to become the All-New Savage She-Hulk and join the Avengers Academy, though she would later return to her own time.


Wasp's tale of motherhood is, unfortunately, another tragic one. Janet Van Dyne was the last surviving human following the Ragnarok Now storylinewhich stranded her alongside the mutant members of her team on Planet-X following the destruction of Earth. Trapped there for many years, it was revealed that Jan had a daughter named Katie with her teammate Alex Summers/Havok. Unfortunately, the child was lost due to the erasure of the Planet-X timeline, though her memory remained. Despite the loss, Wasp remains a powerful founding member of the Avengers.


Medusa is undoubtedly a powerful woman, both as the ruler of her people as well as through her psychokinetically-enhanced hair, a power granted to her through exposure to the Terrigen Mists. As the Queen of the Inhumans, she has weathered her people through near-genocides, yet her role as a mother has proven to be her hardest battle. Her son Ahura was cursed with his uncle Maximus' unique form of madness, which when coupled with his extensive array of powers caused the boy to be locked away for most of his childhood.


Jessica Drew was the first character to adopt the name Spider-Woman, and only joined Marvel's mothers following the Secret Wars event. Drew's pregnancy was a surprise to fans as the series jumped ahead a few months into her second trimester, eventually leading to the birth of Gerry Drew. Jessica's powers are similar to Spider-Man's, though she is able to shoot powerful blasts of bio-electric energy from her hands, fly, and is able to exude pheromones that can influence anyone in her vicinity. Her son Gerry has also inherited his mother's powers.


While Emma Frost isn't technically a mother in the mainstream Marvel universe, she is the biological donor for the mutant telepathic hive-mind known as the Stepford Cuckoos. The cloned sisters had versions of Emma Frost's own powers, which included a high level of telepathy as well as the ability to transform into a diamond-hard form that is invulnerable to damage. Frost's abilities were also passed on in a unique way to an alternate future's Ruby Summers, who is able to channel her father's optic blasts through her Ruby Quartz form.


While most fans of Netflix's Jessica Jones series might have a hard time imagining the alcoholic private detective as a mom, the comic version has been a mommy for quite a few years now. Her superhero career alongside husband Luke Cage/Power Man was forced to take a backseat to motherhood, but Jones remains worthy of the moniker Power Woman, though it's one she rarely uses. Her and Cage's powers were passed down to their daughter Danielle, who grows up to be Captain America in one possible future.


Like her sister Medusa, Crystal was exposed to the Terrigen Mists that causes a mutagenic change in Inhumans that gave her mastery over the elements. This made her a powerful member of the Avengers, where she first met the speedster Quicksilver. The two were soon married, and Crystal soon gave birth to her daughter Luna, a powerless human. Crystal's elemental abilities are only one aspect of her power, as she is also a capable leader and member of the Inhuman royal family.


The character of Mother first appeared in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers run and isn't actually anyone's mom. Instead, she is an interdimensional parasite that uses the guise of the Young Avengers' mothers in her attempt to assimilate and take over the world. This powerful shapeshifting ability allowed her to embody a number of deceased parents to psychologically torment the team. Mother was only stopped by overfeeding the parasite with magical energy from Wiccan, who we'll take about again very soon.


Rogue, whose adopted mother Mystique showed up on this list previously, does not have any children in the mainstream Marvel universe. However, in the Age of Apocalypse reality, Rogue and Magneto have a child together named after the deceased Charles Xavier. Together, Magneto and Rogue lead the X-Men against the threat of Apocalypse, which puts Rogue's son in danger. Over the course of the mini-series, we see just how bad of an idea it is to threaten Rogue's child, regardless of which universe the character is from.


We've seen quite a few alternate reality Storm's who have become mothers over the years and a number of possible futures where children of one of the most powerful X-Men exist. Azari first appeared in the animated Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow movie and is the son of Storm and Black Panther, whose powers he inherited. The most recent and in-canon child of Storm is psionic animal whisperer Kymera, who traveled from the future during the Battle of the Atom event, eventually deciding to remain in the present day.


Caiera is a member of an ancient group known as the Shadow People from the planet Sakaar and spent years training to master her ancient and powerful Old Power. She was first introduced in the Planet Hulk storyline that saw Hulk exiled to an alien planet where he became a gladiator, rebel, and eventual ruler. Caiera had two of Hulk's children after he left the planet, with Skaar eventually heading to Earth to join his father. Hiro-Kala did not share his brother and father's Hulk physiology, so he relied on the Old Power he inherited from his mother.


Carol Danvers was the original Ms. Marvel, and her tale of motherhood actually comes from a dark chapter in the character's history. Known to most as the "Rape of Ms. Marvel." Avengers #200 featured a storyline that told a problematic tale of forced impregnation by the man who was also the product of that forced impregnation. While those events were later retconned, it left a stain on the Avengers and shed light on the treatment of female comic characters at the time. Carol, now known as Captain Marvel, remains one of the most powerful Marvel characters.


Freyja Freyrdotter, also commonly known as Frigga, is the incredibly powerful Asgardian All-Mother. She is technically the step-mother to Thor, though he was raised by her alongside the adopted Loki. Freyja has three other sons named Baldur, Tyr, and Hermod, and two daughters named Angela and Laussa. Frigga also served as a mother figure to Jane Foster when she wielded Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor, which showcased both her power as the All-Mother and the nurturing nature that helped make Thor the hero of Asgard.


Fans might already be aware that Loki is a father, most notably to the Midgard Serpent and Hela, Goddess of Death. However, Loki is also technically a mother as well, and as an Asgardian, a powerful one at that. Loki had made a bet with the Frost Giant known as Hrimthur over the rebuilding of a wall around Asgard. Always the trickster, Loki transformed into a mare (female horse) and lured Hrimthur's stallion away from work, winning the bet. Loki then gave birth to Sleipner, who became Odin's powerful eight-legged steed.


The formerly deceased Jean Grey wasn't always one of the most powerful members of the X-Men, but after her time with the Phoenix unlocked her powers she remained an Omega-Level mutant. Jean technically hasn't had any biological children in the modern day, though she helped raise young Nathan Summers/Cable in the future for a time and he considers her his mother. Jean also shares a close relationship with her alternate future daughter Rachel Summers, who eventually changed her name to Grey in honor of her mother.


Wanda Maximoff's time as a mother was unfortunately plagued with heartbreak, tragedy, insanity, and betrayal. When Scarlet Witch and Vision had children using magical means it was a time of joy, though Thomas and William were soon erased from existence. This eventually led to Scarlet Witch's complete breakdown and eventual disassembling of the Avengers, which proved to be a testament to the reality-altering power at her disposal. Eventually, her sons Tommy and Billy were reincarnated and became the Young Avengers known as Wiccan and Speed.


Marvel's first family of superheroes has recently returned to the Marvel Universe after a few years away, meaning the best mom in the Marvel Universe is back. Sue Richards is also an incredibly powerful character, though her motherly nature often makes her enemies underestimate her power. Becoming invisible is only part of her abilities, as she is also able to create and manipulate invisible force-fields. Her children are equally fantastic, as Franklin is beyond an Omega-Level mutant while Valeria possesses beyond genius-level intellect.

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