The 10 Most Powerful Evil New Gods, Ranked

Jack Kirby introduced the race of New Gods in 1971, and many members of the race have become very iconic characters in DC Comics, such as Darkseid or Mister Miracle. The origin of the New Gods, as showcased several times throughout the years, was that there was once a single planet that housed the Old Gods, filled with war and ruled solely by the father of Darkseid, Yuga Khan.

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Many gods revolted against the Old Gods, destroying the planet and causing it to split into two separate planets. One represents the archetypal paradise, New Genesis, while the other is the embodiment of a dystopian world, Apokolips. These two worlds house New Gods of varying alignments, and this list will be going over the most powerful evil New Gods.

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10 Meteorra

As ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid brought order to a world of pure chaos, and in doing so, he became a tyrant with one of the most powerful militaries in all existence. There are many ranks in Darkseid's army, and Meteorra is considered an elite warrior, and one of the most powerful ones at that.

Darkseid sent her to fight against powerful New Gods, and she even managed to easily defeat Takion in a single attack. Takion is a manifestation of the Source itself. She has had encounters with Orion, too, though she didn't do too well against him.

9 Thrall

There is a renowned magician on Apokolips named Arcanis, and he ended up luring Doctor Fate to him so he could take his Helmet of Fate. He made the Helmet of Fate bind to one of his servants named Thrall. It turned out that Thrall was actually more powerful than Arcanis the whole time and was only deceiving him so that a situation like this would occur.

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The Lord of Order and Chaos himself tries to overtake Thrall, and Thrall just overpowered the will of Nabu and seized his power as his own. He became really powerful, utilizing the Helmet of Fate as a power source before he's defeated by the previous Doctor Fate, who ends up taking the helmet back.

8 DeSaad

Going back to the whole hierarchy of Darkseid's army, while Meteorra is one of Darkseid's elite warriors, she's actually still just an underling of DeSaad. It's actually a common thing for people on Apokolips to worship DeSaad, as he's the living embodiment of torture itself. He's one of the most cunning members of Darkseid's army, being the sole reason why Darkseid rules Apokolips today.

DeSaad killed Heggra, the mother of Darkseid, which played a big role in his battle against Yuga Khan. DeSaad has also shown to sometimes take on the form of Darkseid and fight his battles for him, even having defeated Doctor Fate on one occasion.

7 Kalibak

Kalibak places weirdly into the army of Darkseid. His actual position is vague, though he is usually revered as being one of the most physically powerful members of Darkseid's army. He's also Darkseid's firstborn son.

Kalibak has fought against Orion several times, and while he usually is eventually defeated, he has managed to occasionally match him in hand-to-hand combat. DeSaad has also commented on his combat prowess, and in the fights done for show near the Fire Pits of Apokolips, he's only been defeated by Superman. He's stated by Superman to flat-out be power incarnate, and seeing as he's a New God, it surely isn't hyperbolic.

6 Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness is the founder and leader of the Female Furies in every version of the group, a powerful team of women soldiers in Darkseid's army with very strict entry prerequisites, even by the standards of Apokolips. She's an old woman who loves to torture people, quite literally whipping them into shape to prepare them for battle.

She is the highest ranking member of Darkseid's army mentioned on this list, and she is actually Kalibak's equal in physical strength. She has technology that is presumably powerful enough to defeat Orion, as it's implied that her Mega-Rod would've killed him if he didn't dodge the blast.

5 Titan

Titan was Darkseid's highest ranked field commander during the original war between Apokolips and New Genesis. He had led his army into an ambush attack, and he came back the only survivor, which frustrated Darkseid greatly. Darkseid then proceeded to lock Titan in the dungeon with no chance of redemption for half of a century.

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When Titan finally came back, his first task was to fight Orion, and Orion fought him like he was a literal legend among New Gods. He wields a club that's imbued with enough Omega Effect that Orion felt like his Astro Force wouldn't be of much use to him, and he was easily overwhelmed by Titan.

4 Mantis

Unlike most of the people on this list, Mantis is actually not a part of Darkseid's army. Mantis is a leader of a bunch of bug-like people who inhabit the Sphere of the Gods. He boasts having physical power equal to Darkseid's and finds the idea of someone being more powerful than him absurd.

Mantis has easily defeated many New Gods, where even his weaker underlings are dangerous to the army of New Genesis. He easily overwhelmed all of the Forever People, and only when they merged into Infinity Man, a New God who killed nearly every New God in Death of the New Gods, were they able to defeat him.

3 Darkseid

Darkseid is the embodiment of tyranny, wielding termination itself in the form of the Omega Effect from his eyelids and capable of erasing even other New Gods from existence throughout all of Hypertime. He is feared all throughout the multiverse, and most of the people on this list are just people that worship Darkseid.

Darkseid has defeated the Justice League before, and he's even killed Orion in hand-to-hand combat. He created the Anti-Life Equation, which is a mathematical formula that disproves the concept of free will and controls the destinies of all things. Darkseid has even threatened to destroy the Source itself on several occasions. It's shocking that, with all of this, he still isn't the most powerful.

2 Grail

Grail is the daughter of Darkseid. Not only has she wielded the Anti-Life Equation like her father, but she actually became the Goddess of Anti-Life. She has fought on par with the Justice League even before that, and she can also just summon Darkseid in the middle of battle to fight for her if she wants to.

Grail killed Metron and subdued Darkseid when he was using the Anti-Life Equation before, actually just defeating Darkseid outright. Against his will, she took his place as the ruler of Apokolips and has even shown to be more powerful than the Anti-Monitor.

1 Pythia

Pythia III is a New God that owns a paradoxical, paradisaical garden underneath the Fire Pits of Apokolips. Darkseid can barely withstand being in the Fire Pits without dying, though he occasionally goes to Pythia's garden because it's the only place he can go to calm down whenever he's stressed out.

One time when Darkseid was in her garden, he fired his Omega Beams at her, and they did absolutely nothing. After casually dispelling them, she taunted him for thinking that he would be nothing but powerless before her. On another occasion, Darkseid and DeSaad built a war machine there that they intended to use as a trump card, and she told them that if she wanted to, she could erase it with but a thought. Darkseid is nothing to her, and even he can pose some resistance to Grail.

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