The 10 Most Powerful Evil New Gods From Apokolips, Ranked

Decades ago, Jack Kirby created the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips for DC Comics. Fascinated by the cosmos, Classical Mythology, and Space Operas, Kirby invented the New Gods to tell groundbreaking stories. Though Mr. Kirby is no longer with us, his numerous creations continue to delight and inspire new generations of readers - for the most part.

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The villains of Apokolips are more terrifying than motivating. These villains take joy in torturing and dominating others. They also possess the strength to bring Old Testament, tempered-steel style wrath down on their opponents' heads! These are ten members of Darkseid's armies that inspire the most terror and misery. These are the ten most powerful and evil New Gods from Apokolips!

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10 Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness is the leader of Darkseid's Female Furies. GG kidnaps young girls at an early age, then brainwashes and tortures them at her "orphanage." Granny also trains and conditions Darkseid's Parademons - Uxas' ravenous army warrior drones! A pivotal part of Darkseid's organization, Granny Goodness' sadism is the only thing that matches her tactical genius.

For all the value that she brings to Darkseid's team, Granny isn't much of a frontline fighter. Despite possessing enhanced strength and durability, GG fighting skills pale in comparison to the likes of Wildcat or Bronze Tiger. When going gets tough, Granny relies on her schemes and wits to win wars.

9 Kalibak


You'd think that a fellow with a head as large as Kalibak's might be incredibly smart! But apparently, that massive cranium is primarily occupied by empty space. Kalibak's enormous head berays his microscopic brain. Though he's one of Darkseid's biological sons, Kalibak lacks his father's cunning or control of the Omega Effect. In essence, Kalibak is a big strong guy who excels at punching things/ people exceedingly hard.

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However, Kalibak hits hard enough to shatter concrete with ease! You wouldn't want to be on the business end of Kalibak's hits if your name isn't Kal-El or Clark Kent. Though Kalibak's fighting style (and general approach to life) isn't too refined, he's still one of Apokolips' New Gods. You needn't fear Kalibak, but you ought to respect his power.

8 Lashina

Lashina is the leader of the Female Furies, and one of the team's deadliest members. In several Elseworld's stories, she's also Superman's girlfriend while he serves under Darkseid! Lashina is a textbook definition of a Femme Fatale - she's beautiful, exotic, and exceedingly dangerous. Lashina gives Big Barda trouble regularly, as well as Justice League members like Wonder Woman.

She may not possess Kalibak's raw strength, but Lashina is much skilled than most other residents of Apokolips. Lashina's signature weapons are her Steel Charged Whips - these babies can hurt Aquaman and Superman! Without them, Lashina admittedly becomes far less lethal. But when she's at the top of her game, Lashina leads the Female Furies with ruthless efficiency

7 Mantis

DC's Mantis

This evil New God might share a name with the GOTG's ditsy empath, but the similarities end there. Mantis lacks his Marvel counterpart's optimism, child-like innocence, and compassion. Rather, he's a vicious member of Darkseid's elite team and one of the most dangerous New Gods in existence! Green Lantern can attest to Mantis' lethality from firsthand experience.

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Mantis' whole schtick is absorbing various forms of energy. Ambient energy? Check. Radiation? Check. The energy emitted by Green Lantern Power Rings? Check! Mantis' lack of intelligence and ambition keep him from being more dangerous. However, those same traits make him an ideal lapdog for Darkseid.

6 Amazing Grace

Much like Granny Goodness and Darkseid himself, Amazing Grace tends to make others do her bidding. What sets Grace apart from the other New Gods, however, is the caliber of her thralls. Back in during DC's New Earth continuity, Grace managed to brainwash Superman! Orion had to intervene and break Grace's hold over Kal-El.

Amazing Grace also loves toying with Apokolips' general populace; she sniffs out burgeoning resistance groups and infiltrates their ranks. Once inside, Grace dismantles the efforts of Darkseid's would-be foes through trickery and deception! With Amazing Grace, you never know when she's playing you like a pawn on a chessboard.

5 Desaad

DCAU Desaad

Desaad is another conniving and villainous New God that serves Darkseid. Operating primarily on Apokolips, Desaad tortures his master's enemies with gusto and glee. What makes this D-bag so dangerous is his ability to feed off of others' pain; if you're fighting Desaad and he injures you mid-battle, he'll become stronger while you become weaker!

Most New Gods naturally possess immense strength, thanks to their connection with the Source Wall. But Desaad can enhance his power and match out heavy hitters like Cyborg! Desaad wits are off the charts as well - he's attempted to take over Apokolips on multiple occasions by organizing several coups.

4 Knockout

Knockout in Hell Secret Six The Darkest House

Most of the New Gods have high-minded ambitions, such as taking over the universe or advancing in rank. Not Knockout - this New God is in it for a good time, not a long time! Knockout lives for the thrill of fighting powerful opponents; that's why she came to Earth and stalked Superboy for a while. Without question, Knockout is one of the strongest female fighters in DC Comics!

She also has trouble following orders and resisting her urge to kill people wantonly. One of the main reasons she left the Female Furies was to sate her bloodlust. That's right, even working with Darkseid's elite kill squad wasn't enough for Knockout! She finally met her end when Infinity Man tore her heart out of her chest.

3 Steppenwolf


Most of the other names here might not ring a bell for casual comic book fans, but this one might. Steppenwolf gained widespread notoriety as the main villain of the Justice League film. But Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's interpretation of the character does this iconic villain a disservice.

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In the DC Comics Universe, Steppenwolf is one of the most murderous and battle-hardened New Gods alive! As Darkseid's general (and uncle,) Steppenwolf has lofty expectations to live up. The deranged general does so by leading Darkseid's Parademons from the frontlines - slaughtering heroes and civilians indiscriminately! Should Steppenwolf return to the big screen, we hope that he more closely resembles his comic counterpart.

2 Grayven

Kalibak and Orion aren't Darkseid's only sons, at least as far as New Earth continuity is concerned. Grayven is an evil New God that heavily resembles his father. He's got stonelike grey skin and a perpetually grumpy disposition. Grayven also can command the Omega Effect, albeit to a lesser extent as his father!

Grayven also doesn't have his father's more nuanced powers, such as telekinesis and matter manipulation. Darkseid also has much more experience under his belt than either of his sons. Still, we shudder to think of what would happen if Grayven appeared in the Rebirth era - the thought of Darkseid teaming up with his most powerful son is pure nightmare fuel!

1 Darkseid


Darkseid isn't just the most powerful New God to hail from Apokolips, he's one of the strongest beings in the DCU! Obsessed with solving the Anti-Life Equation and dominating all living things, Uxas will stop at nothing to see his dreams made real. If you don't know much about Darkseid, you probably think he's just another big, buff, bald evil guy like Thanos.

But that couldn't be further from the truth! Thanos is a deformed member of the Eternals species. Darkseid, on the other hand, is a malevolent force of nature! If the God of Evil perishes, his essence will persist and take on a new form in time. One has to wonder if there's any hope of stopping Darkseid once and for all?

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