10 Most Powerful Children of Supervillains, Ranked

Anyone who has followed the world of comic books for a while has seen the gradual evolution of the stories being told. Speaking of just the two big powerhouse publishers themselves, (DC and Marvel Comics respectively), the comics have evolved from mad scientists and monsters destroying cities and the heroes who stopped them, to complex and emotional tales of family, love and sacrifice. Some of these tales include the children of supervillains themselves.

Some of these children are well-established villains, while others have followed in their parent’s footsteps. Here are the ten most powerful of those powered children.

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10 Rose Wilson

In DC Comics, one of the most feared assassin’s and mercenaries is none other than Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson. An unstoppable force of nature, his children have gone on to become just as feared in the DC Universe. One of the best examples of this has to be Rose Wilson, aka Ravager.

Known as both an antihero and villain, Ravager was injected with the same exact serum that gave her father the enhanced strength, speed and agility that has made him so dangerous. She has also been trained by Nightwing, and currently uses twin energy Katana blades in her fights.

9 Sin


One of the most vicious and powerful human villains to ever grace Marvel Comics has to be Captain America’s nemesis, the Red Skull. Enemies since WWII, the Red Skull has fought Cap on numerous occasions as one of the leaders of Hydra seeking to control the world. One of his loyal followers and later a powerful leader herself is his daughter, Sin.

A skilled martial artist and warrior, Sin has had a hand in some major comic book storylines, from Captain America: Reborn to Fear Itself. When she was Mother Superior, she had telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and intangibility superpowers.

8 Alexei Kravinoff



One of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies and most fearsome foes is none other than Kraven the Hunter. A powerful adversary who considers Spider-Man the ultimate “prey”, he is known for nearly ending the life of the web-slinger on many occasions. He also had many children, one of which was an illegitimate mutant son named Alyosha Kravinoff, aka Alexei or the Second Kraven the Hunter.

Much like his father, Alexei has the enhanced strength, speed, agility, dexterity and reflexes of Kraven the Hunter, yet also harbors the ability to communicate and control animals due to his mother’s mutant ability.

7 Talia Al Ghul

While not a traditionally powered supervillain, Talia Al Ghul is nonetheless one of the most powerful children of a supervillain in the DC Universe. Longtime villain, antihero and sometimes ally of Batman, (as well as his romantic love interest on and off and the mother of their child Damian Wayne), Talia is the daughter of the undying Ra’s Al Ghul, the Demon’s Head.

While a skilled fighter and assassin, her true power lies in her expert leadership and ruthlessness in battle. Often taking control of the League of Assassins and organizations like Leviathan, she is a powerful foe.

6 Prometheus

A truly fearsome villain that was the son of a pair of villains in the DC Universe was none other than Prometheus. Interestingly enough, no details have ever been found on his backstory, other than his parents were hippie spree killers who had their lives cut short after being cornered by police.

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After vowing to destroy justice, he uses the money his parents saved up to train and hone his skills as a fighter, a mercenary and assassin, and is devious in planning long term attacks against heroes. He is infamous for being taken down permanently by the Green Arrow.

5 Vali Halfling


Of all the villains in the Marvel Universe to ever consider having children, one of the most surprising was Loki Odinson, the god of mischief. Thor’s half-brother and Asgardian foe once sired a child with a mortal woman and took the child to Asgard to raise. The child’s name was Vali Halfling.

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Also known as Agamemnon, Vali was banished to Midgard after being caught stealing items from Asgard. Cursed with being an adolescent forever, Vali went on to not only sire many children, but created a think-tank known as the Pantheon, but shared his father’s passion for lying.

4 Harry Osborn

One of the more infamous and tragic children of a supervillain has to be Harry Osborn, the son of infamous Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin and head of Oscorp. His father became infamous not only for his natural villainy, but for eventually providing one of the most tragic moments in the comics, the passing of Gwen Stacy.

After this moment, and when his father passed on in the fight with Spider-Man following this event, Harry blamed the hero for his father’s fate, and when he learned Peter was the hero, his madness took over completely.

3 Baron Zemo


One powerful foe that has been instrumental in some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest storylines in recent years has to be Helmut Zemo, aka Baron Zemo. The son of Heinrich Zemo, Captain America’s nemesis, he took on his father’s mantle when he passed on, becoming a constant thorn in the Marvel hero’s side.

With a brilliant scientific mind, a great tactician mindset and sometimes superhuman powers using the Moonstones, (flight, molecular phasing, super strength, etc), Baron Zemo shares his father’s dream of a “master race” and leads the evil organization Hydra in large part, and was instrumental during Secret Empire.

2 Carnage

A shocking child of a former villain in the Marvel Universe has to be Carnage. Yes, that’s right, technically the symbiotic monster Carnage is the “child” or offspring of the original symbiote on Earth, Venom. Taking on the human life ender Cletus Kassidy as its symbiotic partner, the madness of both creatures helped formulate the monster Carnage.

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Sporting a red symbiote suit rather than Venom’s black and white one, Carnage is known as a fearsome monster due to having strength greater than Spider-Man and Carnage combined. He can also heal damaged tissue, cling to walls, and shapeshift weapons.

1 Thane

The most powerful child of any villain in comic books has to be the Inhuman son of the Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel Comics, Thane. After Thanos clashed with a rogue Inhuman clan, one Inhuman woman returned carrying his child. During the Infinity event when Thanos sought to end all of his illegitimate children, Thane’s powers were awoken.

Thanos found himself caught unaware by his son’s power, as Thane was able to encase people in amber, described as a living death. He also later went on to gain the power of the unlimited Phoenix Force, under the thrall of Death.

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