The 10 Most Powerful Characters Marvel Introduced In Star Wars Comics

Once Lucasfilm had been sold to Disney, the extended universe was completely wiped from canon, allowing the house of mouse to tell whatever stories they wanted to create. These tales of course included a whole host of locations, weapons, vehicles and characters that were all lost from the franchise. Alongside the new films that were in development, Disney allowed Marvel to start creating their own Star Wars comics, to help flesh out this fresher take on the Lucasfilm creation.

From this line of brand new content from a galaxy far far away, Marvel introduced a lot of characters into the canon of this Disney Star Wars universe. There have been many spectacular stories that have focused on this new cast and some of them happen to be a very powerful part of this fictional world. This power may be political, emotional, physical, or perhaps within the context of the universe they operate in. So we're going to take a look at the 10 most powerful characters that have debuted in the Marvel comics titles, based on Star Wars.

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Starros was a source of great shock and tension in Star Wars comics, as she was introduced as the wife to Han Solo. Introduced in Star Wars 4: Skywalker Strikes, Sana was later to revealed to actually all be a part of a larger scam that would have made her and Han rich. Unfortunately for Starros, Han actually escaped with all the money himself, which leads to her manipulating him when they are reunited.

Despite this initial issue, Sana proved to be a useful ally to the Rebel Alliance, assisting them on many missions and even working with heroes such as Lando Calrissian. Her resourcefulness, manipulation and willingness to kill when she needs to, make her a ruthless but powerful heroine. While not as physically powerful as some of the others on this list, the contributions she made to the efforts of the future Republic, including helping to subdue Eneb Ray, showcases her unique role in the story of the galaxy.


Karbin is both physically and tactically powerful, with his eyes on the role of apprentice to the Emporer! One of the creations of Dr Cylo, Karbin is of Mon Calamarin descent and was first introduced in Part 5 of the Darth Vader title. Well skilled in combat and tactically proficient on the battlefield, his background is as Commander during the Clone Wars, until he was brutally damaged when his ship was taken down.

Karbin has since been cybernetically rebuilt by Cylo, with inspiration provided by the Separatist General Grievous, who is also part creature, part machine. This robotic version of Karbin is built with fighting Vader in mind and as such, he's incredibly powerful with a lightsaber. He, along with many other cybernetic creatures, are the next line of trainees, designed to take over once the Sith Lord was defeated. Despite his power, after going to toe with Vader, he was defeated and executed.


Master Kirak was a member of the Jedi order who decided to take a step back from their proceedings as he felt like he had lost his way, turning to violence often rather than the peaceful path the order should follow. Because of his withdrawal, he escaped the effects of Order 66, therefore surviving the mass murder of hundreds of Jedi. During the time after he honed his abilities and became more powerful, understanding the force to a greater extent.

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During the Darth Vader run of comics, the Sith Lord tracks down the Jedi and faces him in battle. Infil'a actually wins in their first confrontation, severely damaging the robotic body of the Emperor's apprentice. This shows just how strong in combat Kirak actually his. His moral values proved his downfall however, as Vader used innocent civilians against him to eventually defeat and kill Kirak, putting an end to another Jedi legend.


Ray is a complex character who has a lot of power in the galaxy due to his unpredictability and unparalleled skills. Introduced in the first Star Wars Annual, Eneb initially started life as a member of the Alliance, assisting Leia Organa as an operative in a number of secretive assignments. One of these missions resulted in a failure which severely damaged Ray both physically and mentally. With a scarred appearance he withdrew from the Alliance's methods.

He set up his own plan which would target Sunspot Prison in a terrorist attack which should persuade Leia to walk a more ruthless path. Ultimately his mission failed though and although he escaped imprisonment himself, his ideas were clearly defeated. He still has all the capabilities of being incredibly dangerous though and is a character to watch out for!


Chelli Lona Aphra is another character who has carved out her unique path in the galaxy and has actually gone on to have her own comic title. First shown to us in Darth Vader Part 3, Aphra has been a long term ally to the Empire, even assisting Vader on his own quest. The archaeologist eventually had to escape Vader, faking her own death before becoming a further thorn in the Alliance's side.

Aphra is incredibly intelligent and very tactical in her decisions. She's well versed in the politics of the galaxy and operates through all the greyer realms that both the Alliance and Empire create. She's only really loyal to herself, especially after the situation with Vader and is often at the forefront of large moments in the universe. Ultimately though, she is one of Star Wars' most powerful survivalists.


Much like Chewbacca, Krrsantan is a Wookie from Kashyyyk and was introduced in the first Darth Vader comic. He's an incredibly skilled bounty hunter and has said to be one of the best in the galaxy. He's even been complimented by Boba Fett, with the Mandalorian armored fighter suggesting that Krrsantan could be one of the best bounty hunters Jabba the Hutt has at his disposal.

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He's fought many famous heroes over the years, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and has lived to tell the tale. He's been trained with a harsh treatment that only slave Wookies could understand. This has made him merciless in battle though, with the trademark crossbow becoming a valuable tool in his deadly arsenal. He's a creature of very little complexity understanding the world in terms of monetary value, vengeance and alliances. This is not the Wookie you want to make angry though.


Star Wars 10: Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon, gave us our first look at the Gamesmaster, who would later be revealed to be Sergeant Kreel. The stormtrooper in disguise is one of the Empire's most loyal servants and has been graced with all the glory and titles that match his commitment to the role. He's a talented undercover agent and a skilled fighter, being one of the few stormtroopers who is proficient with a lightsaber.

He's politically powerful within the Empire and heads his own elite team known as Task Force 99. He's faced Jedi such as Luke Skywalker in combat and is very mindful of every situation he is in. He's far more intelligent than the average Empire stooge and as such holds a lot more worth in their ranks. Overall, the Sergeant is one of the few stormtroopers who has genuinely made a difference in the battle against the Alliance.


Terex has a long history in the Empire which showcases his loyalty to the Emperor has well as the longevity of his power. First introduced in Poe Dameron 2: Black Squadron, Terex was shown to be a former stormtrooper who later became a crime lord following the Battle of Jakku. During this period of time he headed up the Ranc Gang who held some criminal power.

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He would later to go on to join the First Order, showing his loyalty to the dark side once again. Although he failed during his first role with them, he would later be given a second chance by Captain Phasma, eventually becoming part robot himself, with some cybernetic implants. He would continue to be a major part of the First Order and has always been good with missions that require a more secretive side of his skill set. He's an ambitious member of the Star Wars universe that should never be counted out.


Grakkus the Hutt is of course a member of the legendary Hutt crime family. He's very different compared to the other members of this syndicate though, as he was a lot more active than his relatives. The Hutts were known for being lazy and fat, but Grakkus made sure that he was physically fit and even had enhanced movement due to some robotic legs he acquired.

Like any Hutt he was a feared crime lord and had an obsession with Sith artifacts, collecting as many as he could. He was first shown in Star Wars 9 and was actually imprisoned for some time before rising to prominence once again. Much like Terex, there is a longevity to this Hutt that is difficult to replicate, but his criminal empire is one which is well connected and as such, he's well protected.


It's fitting that we've already briefly mentioned Dr. Cylo has his fingerprints are all over the galaxy. This mad scientist finds his most successful work in the creation of cybernetic beings, enhancing species with robotic upgrades. He's actually enhanced himself using this technology, believing he could actually change body in the result of his death. He worked for the Emperor in providing a replacement for Darth Vader, which did not end well.

Cylo is very ambitious and amazingly intelligent, but despite all his clone bodies that he could use to survive, he was eventually killed by the Sith Lord of the dark side. This was due to a miscalculated choice where Cylo betrayed the Empire by telling the Alliance of their plans in order to combat Vader. This was a decision that undid the smart doctor and put an end to a man who very well could have changed the galaxy with his technological advances.

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