15 Asgardians Ranked From Most Feeble To All-Powerful

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Asgardians are a fascinating race of people. The weakest of their kind have significantly more strength, stamina, and agility than the most disciplined and conditioned humans will ever have. They live for thousands of years and can understand any language. As a race in general, they are excellent warriors, and have an impressive reputation across the Ten Realms. The most powerful of them also boast of creating mankind and assisting with the formation of the universe. Without a doubt, they're pretty incredible, but not all Asgardians are created equal.

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As we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, Asgardian powers and abilities vary significantly from one immortal to the next. The same is true when you take a look at the comics. Ranking these differences poses a challenge, as the type of powers an Asgardian can possess varies as much as the potency. Do you count magic more strength? Do you count one form of magic more than another? What if someone has an awesome power but a ridiculous weakness? On and on it goes. Nevertheless, we've found 15 Asgardians from the annals of time, and ranked them from weakest to most powerful, with an emphasis on how effective they would be in a fight.

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Freyja is pretty awesome overall, but she isn't quite who comes to mind when you think of Asgardian heavy hitters. The All-Mother's strength is on par with the typical Asgardian woman, and she has done more for the Golden Realm as a leader than a fighter. She has the power to cry golden, mystical tears, which isn't much help on the battlefield.

She does have some impressive magic though, such as the spell that she put on her son Balder to stall the coming of Ragnarok. The enchantment made Balder invulnerable to everything but one weakness as long as he remained on Asgard. With similar invulnerability in play, Freyja would be hard to defeat, but she still wouldn't have the strength or skill to be truly formidable.


Volstagg (Marvel Comics)

Volstagg is either really impressive or not that exciting. Typically, his superpowers consist of the ability to make excuses for not joining a fight, and the capacity to eat and drink more than anyone thinks possible. His gluttonous habits have impaired much of his exceptional strength and speed. His victories often come about by accent, although he is considered one of Asgard’s most formidable warriors.

On the other hand, Volstagg recently managed to lift the Mjolnir from the Ultimate dimension, which transformed him into the fearsome War Thor. This gave him power equal to Thor, although with some severe mental side effects. War Thor is pretty new and we don't know how long he'll be around, so we’ll go with the traditional Volstagg for the time being, which puts him as the least of the Warriors Three.



The next of the Warriors Three, Fandral the Dashing is an impressive fighter, but there isn't anything abnormally special about him, unless you count being one of the most attractive men in Asgard a superpower. He doesn't have a deep knowledge of magic, a powerful giant in his known ancestry, or a weapon made of Uru. He just worked really hard to became a good fighter, and is considered the best swordsman in Asgard.

Unlike his companion Volstagg, Fandral is not one to run from a fight, and his physical power is not diminished by his diet and lifestyle. He only has the strength of a typical Asgardian, but is quite skilled in combat. Fandral is a valiant ally, but he certainly isn't Asgard's greatest champion.


Hogun Bar Fight

The last of the trio, Hogun the Grim is the most powerful of the Warriors Three. He's a little stronger than your average Asgardian, although not by very much. He's an excellent horseman and can fight with or without a weapon, although he is at his best when wielding a mace. And that's about it.

He's a great warrior in his own right, but on the scale of Asgardians, he falls near strongest of the normal ones who don't have any extra powers front their genealogy, mastery of magic, or possession of powerful weapons. You don't come across fighters like Hogun and the rest of the Warriors Three everyday, but they certainly aren't on the same level as Thor or some of the other heavy hitters, either.

11 SIF

WW Ripoffs Sif

With top notch training and a few superpowers thrown in, the Lady Sif is undeniably an impressive warrior. She's stronger then the typical Asgardian female, and her fighting ability is second to only one woman in all of Asgard. Sif has the natural ability to travel faster than thought, which has saved her, Thor, and Balder from death over the millennia.

She can also travel to different dimensions with the help of her enchanted sword, although that isn't particularly helpful in the thick of battle. Lady Sif might not be the most powerful warrior to fight for Asgard, but you certainly wouldn't want her against you, either. And her superpowers don't come with any weird weaknesses, which is more than we can say about others.


If you're looking for literally the fiercest female warrior in the Golden Realm, you're looking for Brunnhilde, the Valkyrie. Her combat skill is even greater than Sif's, and her strength is significantly more than that of a normal Asgardian. Brunnhilde wields the mystical sword Dragonfang, which, in addition to being almost indestructible, can destroy mystical barriers.

She can travel to and from the realm of the dead at will, and also rides Aragor, a mutant horse with wings. She can see when someone is in danger of dying, although this is only helpful on the battlefield in a team scenario. The Valkyrie is by no means the strongest Asgardian, but she doesn't have any major weaknesses, and is far more powerful than most others of her race.


Skurge the Executioner is not your average Asgardian warrior. His half-Asgardian, half Storm-Giant biology gives him enhanced strength and stamina, and he also has something called “falcon hunting vision,” which allows him to track his enemies across a planet with ease. Add that to top notch combat skills and a giant ax that shoots out energy blasts, and you have a pretty impressive contender -- as long as the battle stays on Asgard.

Skurge is one of the many beings whose powers are dependent on a particular place, and when he is away for too long, like when he was in exile on Earth, his powers weaken the longer he is absent from Asgard. Even in a weakened state though, it takes an impressive amount of might and skill to stop the Executioner.



Balder should be a tough Asgardian to best. As a son of Odin, he possess strength superior to normal Asgardians. As the God of Light, Balder can shoot intense beams of light, which are especially effective against Frost Giants. He also has the power to talk to certain types of animals and summon a fog that can transport someone to the rainbow bridge, although those wouldn’t necessarily be of much help on the battlefield.

Thanks to his mother’s spell, Balder enjoys invulnerability while he remains on Asgard, with the exception of one weakness. That’s a bit of a problem though, since it’s not something hard to come by like kryptonite or an indestructible metal. Balder’s invincibility can be overcome with mistletoe, and just how powerful can you be if a plant can kill you?



Tyr is an impressive fighter, which is what we would expect from someone called the God of War. As a son of Odin, he is stronger than the average Asgardian, although not nearly as strong as his half-brother, Thor. Tyr lost a hand and a portion of an arm from an encounter with the Fenris Wolf, which diminishes much of his effectiveness.

Despite this, he is an excellent strategist and a fierce fighter, with or without a weapon. Tyr can also can summon a powerful force that he calls "The Soul of the God of War," although the extent of this power and how much control he has over it is unknown. Ultimately, the God of War is a force to be reckoned with, although not quite as much as he could have been.



Heimdall is an excellent mix of strength and superpowers. Much stronger than the average Asgardian and an absolute master at combat, he would be a match for most warriors of Asgard. He has heightened senses that allow him to see literally anything in the universe, so it is impossible to sneak up on him without the use of magic.

He also doesn't need to sleep (don't we all wish we had this superpower?), and carries an enchanted sword made from uru. Heimdall doesn't have many weaknesses, but his enhanced senses can be overloaded. Beyond that, an enemy would either have to use magic to avoid his detection, or be strong enough to beat him before he could get help -- which is hard since he could see them coming from miles away.


Enchantress Thor

What Amora the Enchantress lacks in physical strength and combat skill, she more than compensates for with magic. One of the greatest sorceresses in Asgard, Amora's powers are strong and diverse. She can read minds and project her thoughts; turn men to trees and into stone; teleport across the Ten Realms; reverse time; strengthen herself using other being's life-force; create energy shields, energy blasts, and illusions.

However, her signature power is the ability to seduce and control men, sometimes through the power of an enchanted kiss, and sometimes through nothing but her astonishing beauty and charm. Amora derives her powers from Asgard and her power diminishes if she stays away too long, but even in a weakened state, her powers are still a force to be reckoned with.



We can’t have a list of powerful Asgardians without the Golden Realm’s greatest warrior. While commonly referred to as the God of Thunder, the Odinson is also the God of Strength, and his physical power surpasses nearly every Asgardian, including the All-Father. He’s also one of the few gods whose strength does not depend upon being in a certain realm, which gives him an advantage against many foes if the fight takes place on Midgard.

When he wielded Mjolnir, he had control over the weather, and could create vortexes that allowed him to travel to other times and dimensions. Even after he became unworthy of lifting the hammer, he is still able to fly, blast lightning from his fingers, and create hurricanes with his breath. And of course, he’s also a seasoned Asgardian fighter with a very impressive ax and an arm made from uru.



Cul Borson is Odin's older brother, and not only does his power strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, but it actually makes him stronger. As the God of Fear, he can feed on the fear of others to rejuvenate and strengthen himself. He's also strong enough to effortlessly shatter Captain America's shield with his hand. And if that raw power isn't enough, he can transform himself into a giant serpent.

As far as magic, Cul has a some intense powers at his disposal, such as the ability to create an evil version of Asgard, and generate energy bursts that can level buildings. Cul can be weakened if his opponent or the people around him stop being afraid, but with the amount of destruction he can cause, it would be quite the challenge.



When his list of accomplishments includes trapping a mystic storm in enchanted metal and creating the human race, it’s quite clear that Odin has power enjoyed by few in Asgard’s history. His base strength is superior to nearly every Asgardian ever, and he can increase it even more by his Odinforce.

His magic abilities are staggering and we don’t have space to list them all, but they include: The power to resurrect, to endow immortal powers on other beings, to erase people’s memories, and to fight on several planes of existence at once. And let’s not forget the more basic stuff, like vast arcane knowledge, epic fighting skills, energy blasts, and a couple millennia worth of tactical knowledge. Long story short, you don’t want to mess with Odin. Ever.



Surpassing Odin on the power scale is an impressive feat, but his father Bor manages the challenge quite well. Even on Midgard, where his powers are weakened, Bor’s was able to match Thor’s strength in a fight, and even when he appeared to be losing, he made it perfectly clear that he had the means to invoke magic that would increase his strength to staggering proportions.

He was also one of the beings who created the universe, so the magic he wields is in a class all its own. With that much power, it would be next to impossible to defeat Bor in a fair fight. When someone does manage to best him, it’s usually because he decided not use the powers he has at his disposal, or because he was tricked.

Which Asgardian do you think is the strongest? Let us know in the comments!

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