Asguardians: The 10 Most Powerful Asgardian Power Suits

Asgard is the home of the Aesir and the great hall Valhalla. In the Marvel Comics Universe, some of the strongest warriors hail from this holy plain. When the time comes for an Asgardian to do battle, they wield some of the best weapons and armor in the Nine Realms!

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Typically, the Dwarves of Nidavellir craft these sacred arms. However, there have been a few noteworthy exceptions to this trend over the years. Tony Stark alone is responsible for making some of the best Asgardian armors in the Marvel Universe! We're going to examine 10 of the most powerful battle suits associated with Asgard.

10 Thor's 'Scale Mail'

Thor Reborn

The 'Scale Mail' armor is the God of Thunder's traditional costume. Without a doubt, this is one of Thor's most iconic looks. Fans coined the term 'Scale Mail' as an allusion to this suit's unique design. Most versions of this armor feature a black and silver color scheme, as well as metallic fish scale tiles.

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In the MCU, Chris Hemsworth's version of Thor wears multiple variations of this armor. MCU Thor can even opt to wear this suit without its metallic sleeves. Despite its awesome design, the Scale Mail is the weakest suit in this article. This armor consists of Asgardian Steel, a material that's weaker than Mjolnir!

9 Cannonball's Armor

X-Men - Cannonball

Samuel Guthrie is a young mutant who goes by the name Cannonball. He's a member of the X-Men and uses his explosive gifts to help others. Overall, Cannonball has the potential to become a great hero someday. Sam's mutant power allows him to propel himself like a rocket. However, his greatest skill may be charisma.

At one point in time, Cannonball traveled to Asgard. From there, he made his way to Nidavellir and met King Eitri. The two got along famously and became good friends. Eitri made a special suit of armor and a sword to help Sam get back home. Cannonball ended up using these gifts against Loki, the God of Mischief!

8 Cul Borson's Battle Armor

Cul, Odin's Brother

During Marvel's Fear Itself event, Cul Borson invaded Earth and Asgard. As his name implies, Cul is the son of Bor Burison and the brother of Odin. Unlike other members of the Aesir, Cul fed off of peoples' fear. Once he grew strong enough, Cul launched his campaign and took many lives.

Cul wore the suit of Asgardian armor pictured above during his siege. This battle suit is extraordinarily durable; Cul was able to tank blows from the likes of Thor and Odin while wearing it! Fear undoubtedly increased the effectiveness of this suit. Once Cul lost his grip over the minds of the masses, this suit became drastically weaker.

7 'Anti-Hela' Battle Armor

Long ago, the Norse Goddess of Death Hela placed a curse on Thor. Hela's spell made the God of Thunder weak and feeble; his bones were more brittle than glass, and his healing factor no longer worked. To combat the effects of the hex, Thor wore on the battle suit pictured above.

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This set of armor isn't officially known as the 'Anti-Hela" battle suit. However, this fan nickname helps distinguish it from Thor's other armaments. While wearing this suit, Thor became immune to the effects of Death. In plain English, Thor the Thunderer became fully immortal! Sadly, Thor lost this armor while fighting on the planet Pangoria.

6 The Stormcaster Armor

Cannonball isn't the only X-Men who's worn on Asgardian armor. Back in the day, Ororo Munroe lost her mutant powers! Unable to control the weather, Ororo couldn't fight the forces of evil as Storm. Instead, she used her mind and combat training to do her best.

Ororo soldiered on, but she secretly pined for her old abilities. Loki sensed this and struck a bargain with Munroe; he'd restore her powers only if she did his bidding. Desperate, Ororo relented and agreed. In turn, Loki created a mystical hammer of his own - Stormcaster! Ororo wore the armor you see above while she used Stormcaster. When she defected from Loki, she lost the hammer and the Asgardian suit.

5 Thorbuster

The word 'impossible' isn't in Tony Stark's vocabulary. However, the word 'invisible' certainly is. If Tony needs to take down a dangerous threat, he'll make a tailor-made suit of armor to do so. The first time Tony had to toe it with the Hulk, he made the Hulkbuster armor. When the evil dragon Fin Fang Foom threatened the masses, Stark built the Fin Fang Foom Buster mech!

The Thorbuster is Tony's answer for the God of Thunder. Should Thor ever lose his way and threaten innocent lives, Tony suit up in this armor and take him on. Marvel fans will notice that the Thorbuster resembles the Asgardian Destroyer suit. All we'll say for now is, that isn't an accident.

4 Rune King Armor

For all of his strength and cunning, Thor's power falls short of Odin's. We're glad that's the case; Thor's awesome, but he's still got a lot to learn before he's ready to be king. For now, it's best that Odin continues to guide Asgard and mold his son into a worthy successor. After all, we don't want another 'Rune King' situation to develop.

Rune King Thor is the result of the Thunder God taking his father's place after Ragnarok. To become a worthy king, Thor followed in his father's footsteps. The thing is, most of those steps are painful! Do you know how Odin removed one of his eyes for knowledge? Thor removed both of his eyes! Rune King Thor and the armor he wears represent pain, power, and tragedy.

3 Iron Destroyer

When Cul invaded Asgard during Fear Itself, the Aesir were the first to challenge him. But when the Serpent attacked Earth, he had to deal with Earth's Mightiest Heroes! The Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange all joined the battle. Captain America and Iron Man lead the charge, giving Cul and his forces a run for their money.

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In response, the Serpent called in his generals - drastically swaying the fight. All hope seemed lost until Iron Man, with Odin's blessing, forged a vast array of armors and weapons out of Uru. The Iron Destroyer was Tony's piece de resistance, and he used it to stomp out the Norse God of Fear! To date, this is one of Tony's best armors.

2 The Iron All-Father

In the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark often gets a bad rep. Most other heroes and civilians think of Stark as a selfish egoist with commitment issues. We get it; Tony tends to live fast and play hard. But the man also takes his work seriously and genuinely cares for others. Using his vast intellect and immense resources, Tony will always help those in need.

Odin the All-Father can attest to this claim. When the Asgardian King had trouble controlling the Odin Force, Tony created a special suit for him. The 'Iron All-Father' suit helps Odin regulate the boundless energy welling within him. It also looks gorgeous, with a regal gold and purple aesthetic that's fit for a king!

1 The Destroyer


Without a doubt, the Destroyer armor is the powerful Asgardian battle suit in the Marvel Universe. Honestly, saying that it's from Asgard is misleading. Odin, Zeus, and Brahma made this ancient suit eons ago! The three Skyfathers created the Destroyer to defeat Celestials. They then pooled their powers together and imbued the suit with their godly energies! Once the Skyfather's succeeded in their task, Odin sealed it away in the Temple of Darkness.

We could make an entire article discussing the Destroyer's insane power levels. In short, think of this battle suit as a divine WMD. The Skyfathers only unleash it when annihilation seems certain. Even in the right hands, the Destroyer is still a Doomsday weapon!

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