Ragnarok Stars: The 15 Most Powerful Asgardians That MCU Fans Don't Know About

In the wake of Infinity War, we have a shortage of Asgardians. We started losing them all the way back Dark World, where we tearfully bid farewell to Queen Frigga. The tragedy continued in Ragnarok, where King Odin, the Warriors Three, the bulk of their army and the actual planet perished to fulfill Asgard's prophecies. And if that wasn't enough, Thanos arrived in Infinity War with the Power Stone and killed off Heimdall and Loki, as well as half of the remaining Asgardian population.

Who's left? Thor, Valkyrie, Sif, and half a planet of nameless Agardians. We haven' heard from Sif or from Valkeryie since Ragnarok. Even if we had, their presence alone wouldn't be enough to fill the Asgardian-shaped hole in the MCU. We'd still be missing powerful sorcerers, powerful foes, and surprise members of the royal family. Fortunately for MCU fans, there are a host of notable Asgardian characters who could fill the void. While we haven't seen them in the MCU, there are several Asgardians from the comics who could easily become formidable heroes or villains in the MCU. Many of these champions boast of royal blood and all of them have some power that evaluates them above the average warrior.


Skadi, Serpent's Daughter

Skadi was one of Cul the Serpent's elite warriors called the Worthy. While the other seven Worthy were each a "breaker of" something (worlds, souls, seas, etc.), Skadi held the title of Serpent's Daughter. During a fight with Odin, Cul pushed each of The Worthy into a hammer, to preserve his fighters for another day. The Red Skull summoned Sakdi's hammer back in the '40s, and his daughter Sin eventually found the Hammer. When Sin lifted the hammer, Skadi used her as a host and enhanced her already significant powers.

Skadi's first act on earth was to free Cul from his prison in the earth before she carried out her mission of destruction like the rest of the worthy.

It would make sense that if she appeared in the MCU, it would be to usher in an event similar to "Fear Itself." While the original storyline would be a little difficult in the MCU with both Odin and Frigga dead, an event with Cul and his Worthy would make for an amazing movie. If we do see the god of fear emerge from Midgard then, his daughter Skadi will hopefully be part of his plan for a Dark Asgard and universal domination.

14 CUL

Cul Borson, the Serpent

If we're looking for insanely OP villains to up the stakes after Avengers 4, Cul Borson is a definite contender. Odin's older brother has the unique ability to feed off of other people's fears, which increases his already impressive strength. During the events of "Fear Itself" Cul took the earth by storm. He sent his "worthy" across the planet to commit terrible acts and incite fear across the world. As he gained power, he created a dark version of Asgard on earth and broke Captain America's shield. He even turned into a giant serpent and, as prophecy foretold, engaged Thor in a fight that cost both of them their lives.

Cul would make an excellent addition to the MCU. The Serpent spent the millennia before "Fear Itself" sealed inside the earth, which is entirely plausible considering Odin's track record in the movies. If the Allfather was willing to trap his own daughter in Hel, it is perfectly reasonable that he would trap his brother with a claim to the throne on another planet. Thor would also have to face another one of the ancient prophecies. This time, however, it could require the thunder god to sacrifice not his world but his life.



With Loki sadly out of the picture, Asgard is in need of another expert in magic and the obvious choice is Karnilla, the Queen of the Norns. Like many of the Asgardians, Karnilla's origins are somewhat nebulous. She ruled the section of Asgard called Nornheim where the goddesses of destiny, the Norns lived. She was one of the most powerful sorceresses in Asgard. Her innate power and mastery of magic were on the same level as Loki's, and it was said that only the Allfaher possessed more power than the Queen of the Norns.

Her passionate love for Thor's half-brother Balder complicated her relationship with Asgard.

At times, she fought to protect the Golden Realm. On other occasions, she attempted to kill Odin and Thor to put Balder on the throne. When it suited her purposes, she would event fight to destroy Asgard itself. While we haven't seen Karnilla in the MCU yet, she could easily make an appearance, as could the three Norns. Karnilla typically intervenes only when it suits her purposes, so it's not surprising that we haven't seen her yet. Nornheim is also a separate realm in the MCU, which means the destruction of Asgard wouldn't have affected her realm or the Norns.


Idunn is the Asgardian goddess of immortality and in the comics, she has three claims to fame. At one point, she was one of the three goddesses known as the Allmother, who ruled Asgardia after the events of "Fear Itself." In another part of her history, she was the queen of Vanaheim. Typically though, the goddess of immortality is known as the keeper of the golden apples. Idunn is the only Asgardian who can pick golden apples that give the Asgardians their immortality. Without them, the Asgardians will age and die, which has nearly happened on more than one occasion.

No one has mentioned Idunn in the MCU, although it wouldn't be too difficult to introduce her. She could either be among the Asgardians who survived Thanos' attack, or safely looking after Vanaheim as its queen. The golden apples haven't factored into the MCU's concept of Asgardians yet, but it wouldn't make sense to mention something like that in a movie until it became a problem, either. With Asgard destroyed, introducing the golden apples now would give the god of thunder yet another challenger to overcome for his people. It might even fast-track his plan to bring the Asgardians to earth.


Balder the Brave, King of Hel

Balder the Brave is another one of Thor's secret siblings. He originally debuted as one of Thor's close friends and often fought alongside the thunder god and the Warriors Three. The reason for his secret lineage is a moot point for the MCU-- Balder's death meant the beginning of Ragnarok. To prevent Ragnarok from coming to be, Blader grew up as an orphan in the royal court. As an additional precaution, Freya cast a spell on him that made him invulnerable to anything but mistletoe while on Asgard.

Ragnarok has come and gone in the MCU, and we haven't heard any mention of Balder.

If Balder does make it to the big screen then, he will most likely do so as the King of Hel, a position he recently picked up in the comics. We don't know much about Hel in the MCU, but we do know Asgardians like Odin were able to travel there. A portal to Hel also opened up during the Convergence in Dark World. Especially with so many Asgardians dead, adding Balder to the MCU would be the perfect opportunity to explore some of the multiverse's afterlives. We may even get to see some of our dearly departed heroes.


With the loss of so many Asgardian villains in the last few movies, it's only fitting that more of Thor's enemies emerge after Avengers 4. Amora the Enchantress is a long-time enemy of the god of thunder. Before Idunn was established as a separate character, the Enchantress went by many names and served as the keeper of the golden apples. More famously, she is a master of magic and an unrequited lover of Thor. The Enchantress studied sorcery under Karnilla and several other teachers and she became one of the more powerful Asgardian sorceresses, with the ability to curse entire worlds. Her enchanted kiss is her most famous power, which can trap nearly any male under her spell.

It wouldn't be too hard to put the Enchantress in the MCU. The most likely place for her would be on Nornheim, where she studied with Karnilla for a time. She could alternatively be with the other surviving Asgardians, although we would still need an explanation for why she hasn't appeared in the MCU yet, especially with the kind of power that she has. Perhaps she only just perfected her abilities or has not yet fallen in love with the god of thunder?



Thor's great-grandfather Buri ruled the kingdom that later became Asgard. When his son Bor won the throne through combat, Buri retired to the icy outskirts of Asgard and took the name Tiwaz. He remained there for so long that most of Asgard forgot about him. Even in his old age, Buri still had immense power -- he was nearly as strong as Thor, and he could grow to enormous heights. Buri was worthy of Mjolnir and could give life to ice sculptures. He is best known for helping Thor after a fierce battle between the Asgardians and Surtur.

In the aftermath of the battle, Buri rescued Thor and helped him cope with Odin's death.

Buri usually keeps to himself. If we do see him in the MCU, he would probably appear as he does in the comics -- completely out of nowhere after a huge battle. With Odin and the rest of Thor's family dead, the god of thunder could certainly benefit from meeting another member of his family, particularly one that could serve as a mentor and help him make peace with the loss he has suffered. As Asgard was destroyed, we'd probably find Buri in his birthplace, Niflheim, hidden away in some secluded ice palace.


Mimir and the Well of Wisdom

While several Asgardians were blessed with knowledge and wisdom, no one could match Mimir in these areas. Mimir was one of Buri's sons (which makes him Thor's great-uncle, if anybody's keeping track) and a hostage during a war between the Asgardians and the Vanir. According to Thor: Asgard's Avenger, the Vanir decapitated Mimir and sent his still living head back to Asgard. Mirmir typically appears in the comics as a firey, disembodied head that lives in the Well of Wisdom. As Mimir was omniscient and could see into the future, both Odin and Thor sought his counsel on numerous occasions. Mimir usually asked a price for his wisdom and on one occasion, the head demanded one of Odin's eyes in exchange for information about Ragnarok.

Mirmir only rarely appears in the comics and only when Thor or Odin are out of options. Considering how he often demands a price for his trouble, the Asgardians in the MCU wouldn't have sought him out unless absolutely necessary. With Thanos in power though, an omniscient head of flames might be just what the Avengers need to save the universe. If Thor does decide to consult Mimir, the firey head should be at the Well of Wisdom, which lies at the base of the World Tree.


Vidar Fights Thor

Another Asgardian that could pop up in the MCU is Vidar, the god of strength. In Norse mythology, he was also the god of vengeance. Thor's half-brother was the son of Odin and the Frost Giantess Grid. He was 10-feet tall, nearly as strong as Thor, and wielded an unbreakable staff. Becuase of a prophecy, Odin asked Vidar to live outside of Asgard and kept his identity a secret. Eventually, the halfling came to Asgard and asked for help with tracking down the Frost Giants who killed his wife. Thor and Hoder accompanied him on his quest and rescued him when the Frost Giants overpowered him.

As Vidar didn't live within the walls of Asgard, it would make sense that he survived the events of Ragnarok.

Our best guess is that he is somewhere in the countryside of Vanaheim, or with the Asgardians who survived Thanos' attack. Vidar's "destiny" centered on Ragnarok, but his stature and overwhelming desire for vengeance make him a formidable, although single-minded, warrior in any scenario. Perhaps Thor will recruit his half-brother as the newest member of the Revengers. After all, who wouldn't want a half-Asgardian, Half-Frost Giant with an unbreakable staff on their team?


Laussa Odindottir

Like most of Odin's children, Laussa has an interesting and complicated backstory. She was Odin and Freyja's natural born child, but due to some interesting circumstances in and in-between realm, she inherited many abilities from Surtur the Fire Demon. Even when she was a baby, she was invulnerable to fire and could transform into a Fire Demon. Laussa's hybrid nature made her a danger to the Realms, even as an infant. To prevent the child from burning everything in existence, her sister Angela kidnapped her and put her into Heven's furnace. While the furnace extracted the majority of Surtur's power from Laussa, at least a small amount of power appeared to remain in the child after Angela returned her to Asgard.

Admittedly, Laussa would need some tweaking to make it to the MCU. With both Odin and Frigga dead, she would have to have been born prior to Dark World, and if that was the case, we would still need an explanation for why we haven't heard about her up until now. The most likely explanation is that her parents kept her hidden to contain her power when they saw how dangerous she was. Regardless, adding Laussa to the MCU would give us another look at the Fire Demons, whom we haven't seen since Ragnarok.


Nul, Breaker of Worlds

Nul, Breaker of Worlds, was one of Cul's eight Worthy. Like the rest of the Worthy, Cul pushed Nul's essence into a hammer during a fight with Odin, so he could recall the warrior another day. Nul's hammer fell to earth during "Fear Itself" and it landed in Brazil, where the Hulk picked up the hammer. Nul used the Hulk as a host while he carried out his mission to cause devastation and instil fear on earth. During this time, he made the Hulk even more powerful and reckless than usual and after Nul's hammer was destroyed, he no longer needed a host and became his own entity again.

When Hulk talked about Nul to the Defenders, he compared its power and rage to his own.

As one of Cul's Worthy, Nul would most likely appear in the MCU with Cul and the rest of the Worthy. A full-on "Fear Itself" storyline probably isn't feasible in the MCU, although that doesn't mean we couldn't see Nul in another capacity. While it would make the most sense to introduce the Breaker of Worlds with Cul and the rest of the Worthy, the villain could easily stand on his own. After his hammer was destroyed, Nul wasn't bound to a host and continued to wreak havoc on the world.


Blind Hoder

In his day, Thor's cousin Hoder was a skilled and handsome warrior by all accounts. By the time he shows up in the comics, he's old and blind, although not lacking in skill, to say the least. To some extent, Hoder had precognitive abilities, which allowed him to see the future by scanning possible timelines. He was also the greatest archer in Asgard, and even when he was blind, he could still use a bow and arrow if he could hear his target. Hoder is famous for (thanks to one of Loki's schemes) killing Balder with an arrow made from mistletoe and, as the prophecy foretold, his death brought about the beginning of Ragnarok.

While we've already had Ragnarok in the MCU, there's no reason why Hoder couldn't show up on the big screen. The blind warrior could easily have been one of the Asgardians who survived Thanos' attack. If Hoder had precognitive powers, Thor might want to seek his counsel during or after Avengers 4. Clairvoyant or not, we just hope he makes an appearance so we can see a blind Asgardian archer in action. Just think how much fun it would be if he ended up fighting alongside Hawkeye.



Yet another of Odin's children, Hermod was essentially the Asgardian version on Hermes. As such, the god of speed could run faster than the speed of sound. He was also a great horseman, and once rode to Hel and asked the goddess of death how to revive Balder the Brave. During the "Fear Itself" event, Hermod was one of the few Asgardians who openly opposed Odin's plan to kill earth's inhabitants and helped Thor escape from prison (although Odin caught him shortly after).

While we could see Hermod in the MCU, it's not likely that he'll appear as a son of Odin.

As he wasn't hidden away or trapped somewhere to avoid destiny or to contain his powers, and he hasn't been mentioned up to this point, it would be a challenge to introduce him as Thor's brother. It's more likely that he'd appear as one of the Asgardians who survived. As Hermod was one of the younger gods, he would probably debut as an adolescent in the MCU, untried in battle and still making a name for himself (at any rate, it would explain why we haven't heard about him so far). As the only other speedster in the MCU died back in Age of Ultron, Hermods powers could certainly be of use.


Now that the Infinity Gauntlet has been introduced, there's a greater possibility that we'll see some alternate universe characters in the MCU. One possible character who could appear is an alternate version of the thunder god himself, Ultimate Thor. Ultimate Thor's powers fluctuated based on the source of his powers. While he started out with all of his Asgardian powers, he lost them during his banishment on earth. As a human with nothing more than a few delusional memories of his godhood, he joined a program that tried to duplicate the Super Soldier serum. Instead of a serum though, Thor emerged with a mechanized belt, harness, and hammer that simulated most of his old powers. Throughout his adventures, Thor occasionally assumed his natural powers and his "true" Mjolnir.

While Ultimate Thor typically stayed in his universe, there's no reason why we couldn't see him appear in the MCU. With the Infinity Gauntlet in play, creating a rift or portal between universes would be an easy task. At the very least, his hammer will hopefully make an appearance. Ultimate Thor's Mjolnir ended up in the prime Marvel Universe after the "Secret Wars" event. Volstagg picked it up and became the War Thor in the comics, although another character could easily pick up the hammer.


Marvel Women Angela

Thor's family is full of surprise siblings. In the MCU, Thor has an older sister who spent millennia in Hel. In the comics, he has an older sister who grew up in Heven. Aldrif was Thor's half-sister in the comics, but during a war between Asgard and Heven, the queen of Heven kidnapped Aldrif and supposedly killed her. The queen's handmaiden saved the child and raised her as a wingless Angel named Angela. Odin cut Heven off from the rest of the Nine Realms after Angela's supposed death, and Thor had no knowledge his sister until the events of "Original Sin." Heven later opened up to the rest of the Nine Realms and Odin revealed her true identity.

She was cast out of Heven but did not want to return to Asgard with her family, and instead went to explore the universe.

As a warrior nearly as skilled as Thor, Angela would be an excellent character to introduce after Avengers 4. With events as cataclysmic as Infinity War, it would almost make sense for the ten realms to be shaken and open the barrier between Heven and the rest of the universe. And with Thor's family history, it seems perfectly plausible. Thor already had one sister secretly trapped in Hel, so having another raised in Heven probably wouldn't surprise him at this point.

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