Power Rangers: Former Red Ranger Pleads Guilty in 2015 Slaying

The “Power Rangers” series has been in the news a lot lately, first for the upcoming revival movie directed by Dean Israelite and more recently for Twitch's continuous airing of all 23 seasons of the children’s television action show. Not all the “Power Rangers” news has been so hunky-dory, though. In fact, some news has been downright grim.

Today, Ricardo Medina pleaded guilty to the murder of his roommate Josh Sutter. Deadline reports that Medina, the actor who played Red Ranger Cole Evans in the 2002 series “Power Rangers Wild Force,” pleaded guilty to the 2015 slaying in which he stabbed Sutter with a sword. Medina’s sentencing is scheduled for March 6. The actor could receive as much as six years in prison.

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Medina’s admission of guilt came with a reduced charge of “one felony count of voluntary manslaughter and admitted an allegation of using a sword in the killing,” according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. The previous charges brought against Medina could have landed him in prison for anywhere between 26 years to the rest of his life had the case gone to trial.

The murder occurred on January 31, 2015 when Medina and Sutter got into a fight about one of Medina’s ex-girlfriends. The fight escalated and Medina ended up stabbing Sutter. Sutter dies shortly after the attack, and Medina was arrested the same day.

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At the time, Medina maintained that Sutter’s death was the result of self-defense. Medina claimed the altercation had turned violent in the kitchen and that Sutter had struck him numerous times. Medina said that he and his girlfriend retreated to his bedroom, where they closed and locked the door. According to Medina, Sutter broke into the room and Medina then stabbed him in the stomach with a sword. Medina then called 911. He was arrested shortly after on suspicion of murder.

Medina was eventually released after the case was rejected by the district attorney's office, but was arrested again in January of last year. The actor’s bail was set for $1 million. Medina pleaded guilty to the reduced charges today.

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Medina played the red ranger on “Power Rangers Wild Force,” which aired first on the Fox Kids television block and then, following the sale of Fox Family Worldwide, on ABC’s Saturday morning children’s television block ABC Kids. In the series, Medina’s character Cole Evans tries to find his destiny in the town of Turtle Cove, only to find a place called Animarium. Shortly after, Evans takes his place alongside four other strangers as the leader of the Power Rangers.

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