Power Rangers Reboot Concept Art Reimagines the Red Ranger

power rangers

Artist Ian Joyner has reimagined the look of the Red Power Ranger, and the results are both edgy and worthy of a second look for fans of the character.

Joyner shared the image on Instagram, which gives the 2017 movie-inspired Red Ranger a metallic rock n' roll look, with a blue glowing chest. "Early design pass on #powerrangers redesign from the 2017 film," he wrote. "We were asked to explore rough materials and abstracted/alien shapes while keeping it still a recognizable Power Ranger. I have more of these early sketchier passes so will post if people are interested. #superhero #mightymorphinpowerrangers #gogopowerrangers #redranger."

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Joyner later posted a second image, which re-imagines the 'mighty morphin' hero in an angular, fleshed out, dramatic look.

The Red Power Ranger, Jason, has represented leadership skills, eagerness for battle and justice, and an enigmatic approach to bouncing back from bad situations. That being said, these images seem worthy of the character's power and prestige.

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In the 2017 Power Rangers film, actor Dacre Montgomery jumped into the iconic suit to play the character, though a reboot is rumored to be in the works with a different cast.

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