Power Rangers: 15 Of The Best Pink Rangers, Ranked

In the Power Rangers franchise, the Pink Ranger is characterized by kindness, compassion, and beauty. Oftentimes, the Pink Rangers break this mold and become something more: many of them are geniuses, tacticians, leaders, doctors, scientists, and more. In that sense, the Pink Ranger is one of the most dynamic Rangers in the entire franchise. The Pink Ranger is also the most popular Ranger, by far. Lionsgate kept track of which Rangers got the most shout-outs on social media, and the Pink Rangers overwhelmingly -- with 75% of the vote -- won that competition. Ever since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993 on the Fox Kids weekday afternoon block, it has been a powerhouse of superhero television, becoming a ‘90s pop culture phenomenon.

The Pink Ranger is typically the most feminine of the team, and has always been female, and can often be the weakest link. That’s why when we see a Pink Ranger that can kick butt and take names, we cheer. Many of the Pink Rangers have been captured, trapped, and have a tough time getting out of situations without help from other Rangers. But that doesn’t make them weak, per se, just good at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Pink Rangers also tend to be the most open-minded and kind-hearted of the Rangers. They are the “mom figures,” taking care of everyone else, and for that, we love them. There are of course a few exceptions to all these rules, which we’ll get into below.

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Power Rangers HyperForce is a tabletop RPG show that was live broadcasted for a season, then uploaded to YouTube a week later. This was the first Ranger team to be based on Greek mythology, and the first full-fledged American Power Rangers season without a Super Sentai counterpart. The plot begins like this: five individuals from 3016 are selected to travel back in time and arrest a mysterious enemy who has corrupted all of Time Force.

Chloe Ashford is the Pink Ranger in this series, and the daughter of Mr. Ashford, the true villain of The Alliance. She’s a bubbly, fun-loving character, and has the power over wind, able to create powerful gusts and tornadoes, and she can move at superhuman speed.


Sarah Thompson Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Sarah Thompson, played by Chrysti Ane, doesn’t have a lot of time under her belt as the newest Pink Ranger, since Ninja Steel has only been around for less than two seasons, since 2017. But what we do know is Sarah appears to be incredibly smart, which is not typically the modus operandi of Pink Rangers (no offense).

In addition to all of this, her true calling is to become an engineer. She even cruises around on her own hand-built hoverboard, which is pretty awesome, and means she should add quite a lot to the Power Rangers’ repertoire. She is a bit reckless, too, but we have nothing against adrenaline junkies.


Mia Watanabe Power Rangers Samurai

Mia Watanabe, played by Erika Fong, is a very upbeat, kind-hearted Pink Ranger, like many before her. She tries to stay optimistic and is a cup-half-full type of girl. In Samurai, she’s pretty much the heart and big sister of the Rangers.

She’s not the strongest on the team, which is evidenced when she gets the “Beetle Disk,” an item that would supply her with additional abilities in a fight, but she gives it to another teammate who she thinks would do more with it. She is the first female and Pink Ranger with access to a Battlizer suit that enhances her abilities and armor in a fight, which is typically reserved for Red Rangers.


Mia Watanabe Power Rangers Samurai

Sydney Drew, played by Alycia Purrott, is a spunky Pink Ranger who originally comes off as a spoiled, selfish girl (kind of similar to Kimberly Hart’s first impression). She first thinks only of herself before her team, and she’s a bit clueless, as viewers can see when she gets confused about “nine” and “two” o’clock the first time she’s in a fight.

But she quickly learns from her mistakes, becomes more comfortable as a Pink Ranger, and is also one of the best fighters on the team. She has a sweet ability, too, where she can manipulate her molecular structure to change into anything she touches. She caries an iron nugget on her person so she can use her “fist of iron” during tough fights.


In Operation Overdrive, the Power Rangers were taken to the ruins of an ancient civilization, which is perfect for Rose Ortiz, played by Rhoda Montemayor, who is a genius. Rose spent her formative years learning everything she could, starting in university classes at the age of eight. She built robots, knows Morse code, studied ancient legends, and is knowledgeable about nuclear robotics.

She’s also a good fighter, taking on baddies by herself multiple times throughout the show. She even manages to defeat them many times, rather than stalling them until help arrives. She has another power in her genes that makes her one of the most powerful Pink Rangers of all time: invisibility.


Vida Rocca Power Rangers Mystic Force

Vida Rocca, played by Angie Diaz, is as far different of a Pink Ranger as you can get. At the beginning of the series, she hates pink! She’s hot-headed, quick to jump to conclusions, and is often reckless. Typically, Pink Rangers exercise caution before running head first into a fight. Despite all that, she’s a breath of fresh air for the series.

She’s incredibly kind and loyal, like all Pink Rangers, sticking up for Chip when he’s bullied, and she comes to her sister’s defense when others bully her. She’s an average fighter, but she can shapeshift butterfly-like wings on her back, which is pretty cool.


Shelby Watkins Power Rangers Power Dino Charge

Shelby Watkins, played by Camille Hyde, breathed new life into the franchise by being the first African American Pink Ranger, and by her attitude alone. She could have lived an easy life taking over her father’s ice cream business, but instead became a waitress at a museum café, with the hopes of working her way up the museum ladder.

She’s a bit rough around the edges, which adds to her appeal and is different than other Pink Rangers. She’s not afraid of getting dirty, rather than worrying about what clothes she wears or going shopping. She is a bit stubborn, though, and doesn’t always consider other points of view, which can be a liability, but in the end she always puts the team ahead of her own interests.


Emma Goodall Power Rangers Megaforce

From a purely skillful level, Emma Goodall, played by Christina Mastereson, is one of the strongest Pink Rangers of all. As a Megaforce Ranger, she has access to the abilities of all the past Power Rangers at any given time, which is incredibly powerful. She can access any Pink Ranger powers and any skills from any other Rangers, including those more powerful than Pink Ranger abilities.

Just like most other Pink Rangers, she is a good singer -- actually, probably the best singer. She even gets to use her singing when fighting enemies. She’s also optimistic like other Pink Rangers, encouraging others to never give up on their dreams, even while she’s trapped in an actual dream world.


Dana Mitchell Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Dana Mitchell, played by Alison MacInnis, was the first Pink Ranger to not have a hard C at the start of her name (her predecessors were Kimberly, Kat, Cassie, Kendrix, Karone). She was a welcome shift of the Pink Ranger to individuality, rather than a team-only character. Dana is a paramedic when she joins the Lightspeed Rescue squad, destined to become a doctor (which she achieves after her tenure as the Pink Ranger).

She’s a mom-type figure, like many other Pink Rangers before her, and much more level-headed and logical than many of the others. She appears to assist other Rangers in two other storylines, too, in Power Rangers Time Force and Super Megaforce.


Karone Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Karone, played by Melody Perkins, might have the best (or second best, as we’ll talk about soon) character arc of any Pink Ranger -- or any Ranger at all. She started off as a villain by the name of Astronema, a servant of Dark Specter, a bad guy even Rita and Zedd feared. She was taken as a kid and raised by evil forces, and spent her life thinking the Power Rangers were responsible for her brother’s demise.

Then she finds out her brother was a Power Ranger. She shows up a season later in Lost Galaxy and became the Pink Ranger. She was stronger as Astronema, with her staff, and she has a tough time adjusting to being a Ranger, but it makes for a great character.


Cassie Chan Power Rangers Turbo

Cassie Chan, played by Patricia Ja Lee, had big boots to fill as Katherine Hillard’s successor. And she succeeded, becoming the only Ranger other than Kat to be part of more than one Ranger team. Cassie came to Kat’s rescue, with no special powers, and helped her fight off monsters so Kat could get to safety until the other Power Rangers showed up.

Cassie is polar opposite to other Pink Rangers: she’s not overly girly, doesn’t care what others think about her, and is extremely cautious. She doesn’t rush into danger headlong, is a team player, and was willing to go to space without her Turbo Ranger powers to track down Zordon, who was missing. After Zordon sacrificed himself to save the galaxy from evil, Cassie aided the Lost Galaxy Rangers against the Psycho Rangers.


Katherine Hillard Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Katherine Hillard, played by Catherine Sutherland, was the second Pink Ranger ever. She debuted in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as an enemy of the Rangers. She overcame the brainwashing of Rita Repulsa and became an ally, eventually being passed the Pink Ranger torch.

She’s the only Pink Ranger to serve on three different Power Rangers teams, and the only Ranger to break out of brainwashing without any help. As a Power Ranger, Kat is taken quite often and often seeks help, so she’s not the strongest Ranger, but is a fan favorite and has a good character arc. Her tenure alone should give her a spot high on this list.


Kendrix Morgan Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Kendrix Morgan, played by Valerie Vernon, has one of the best but saddest character arcs, followed by the most rewarding. She lives on a space colony trying to find a habitable planet for humanity, when she runs through a wormhole to a distant planet and pulls a special sword from a stone, along with her friends. Kenrix is brave and very smart -- a science officer on the Terra Venture.

She’s logical, plans ahead, and knows when to break the rules (though she’s also a team player). Basically, she’s the perfect Pink Ranger. Unfortunately, her time is cut short when she becomes the only Ranger to perish, when she sacrifices herself to save her predecessor, because Valerie had been diagnosed with leukemia in real life. Luckily, her treatment was not only successful, but she made a return at the end of the season!


It’s hard to choose these top three, but we’ve decided not to make Kimberly Hart the number one. She is absolutely the most loved Pink Ranger (and female Ranger) of all time, and the first superhero crush of every boy growing up in the ‘90s. She was a bit of a spoiled valley girl, but set the standard for every Pink Ranger to follow.

She often gets captured, though she takes on a few monsters by herself. She has a few family heirlooms that can turn into monsters (that she defeats), and she’s also capable of leading the team when Jason is indisposed. In the end, Kimberly is smarter and tougher than the show would originally make you believe.


Jen Scotts Power Rangers Time Force

If you’ve kept track of the Power Rangers timeline, this should come as no surprise. Jen Scotts, played by Erin Cahill, is the strongest, best Pink Ranger in franchise history. She’s also the only Pink Ranger in the franchise to lead a team of Rangers. She’s an amazing fighter and strategist.

She had a tough go when her boyfriend, the Red Ranger of the group, was ended in the line of duty. Her emotional response to his demise was revenge, making her motivated to do the right thing for the people of the future. She can be singularly focused, but she is ultimately a great leader and deserves the top spot on this list.

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