Power Rangers morph into the perfect wedding attendants

If we've learned anything from two decades of Power Rangers, it's that Rita Repulsa can ruin just about any occasion, from a first date to a parade to a picnic. So why take a risk with something as important as a wedding?

Ensuring that Goldar, Baboo and Squatt wouldn't show up to spoil their special day, bride and groom Nawwal and Ameerul enlisted the Power Rangers to stand guard at their ceremony, held Saturday in Rawang, Malaysia. Ameerul in his navy suit and Nawwal in her white gown passed between the eight superpowered sentinels as they walked down the aisle; they also accompanied the couple to their reception, keeping a lookout for any signs of Rita and her minions.

According to The Rakyat Post, the Power Rangers were part of the cosplay group Team Tokusatsu Malaysia, who turned out to help out the groom, who's also a member.

The owner of Simpol: The Garden of Love, where the wedding was held, said this was definitely a first for the venue. “The children loved it," he told the Post. "They were so excited and they were not alone. Some of the adults were also attracted to the whole concept, posing for photographs with the superheroes."

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