Street Fighter Crosses Over with Power Rangers in Legacy Wars Mobile Game

power rangers legacy wars

It's Morphin Time for the iconic Street Fighter characters.

The Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game has launched a crossover with Capcom's popular Street Fighter series, with a new announcement trailer released to mark the occasion. Starting Thursday, players will be able to unlock Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile and Akuma. complete with their signature special moves to pit against the Power Rangers.

The fighters' models are based on their appearances in Street Fighter V, and can be unlocked through in-game purchases for $4.99 or by earning character shards through gameplay. Cammy will be available on June 1, and recurring Street Fighter antagonist M. Bison will be available on June 15. The downloadable characters were developed by Legacy Wars developer nWay Games working directly with Street Fighter publisher Capcom Japan.

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars was launched in March 2017 to tie in with the live-action Power Rangers film starring Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. The game's story has the film version of Rita infect the Morphin Grid corrupting all incarnations of the Power Rangers. The Red Ranger of the movie universe unites the Rangers across the Grid to stop the corruption and defeat Rita once and for all.

The first wave of Street Fighter characters joining Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will be available Thursday on iOS and Android.

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