Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Welcomes Street Fighter's Chun-Li

Street Fighter characters are returning to the popular mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars this month, with a gameplay trailer spotlighting Chun-Li's moves in the game.

As part of a renewed partnership between Hasbro and Capcom, the Street Fighter characters will be available to purchase once again, reimagined as being able to transform into Power Rangers through the franchise's signature Power Coin. In addition to Chun-Li, players will also have access to purchase Ryu, M. Bison, Cammy, Guile, Akuma and Ryu Ranger.

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Gaining her own Power Coin, Chun-Li is seen transforming into a Power Ranger. She unleashes an array of Phoenix-themed moves against her longtime nemesis M. Bison, with her signature high kicks and other devastating attacks.

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Launching in 2017 to tie into the the cinematic relaunch of Power Rangers, Legacy Wars has thrilled fans with its mobile fighting game action. The crossover with Capcom's iconic Street Fighter franchise launched in May 2018 for a limited time, designed jointly with Capcom Japan.

Developed by nWay Games, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available on iOS and Android devices.

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