Power Rangers Movie Lands Tie-In PvP Fighting Game


Just in time for the upcoming feature film, the Power Rangers are getting a new iOS/Android game.

"Power Rangers: Legacy Wars" will pit players against each other with its multiplayer fighting genre focus. The game will feature fan-favorite villains from the hugely popular TV series, along with stylized versions of the characters based on the designs of the upcoming "Power Rangers" film.

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"Legacy Wars" is set to be released in conjunction with the movie, and is being developed by nWay, best known for its hack-and-slash game "ChronoBlade." If the quality of "ChronoBlade is any indication of what we can expect from "Legacy Wars," fans have good reason to be excited.

“Power Rangers” is a reboot of the children’s television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which aired from 1993 to 1995, with the “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” following in 1996. The original show revolved around the exploits of a group of teenagers gifted with superhuman fighting prowess and enormous mechanical robots called Zords in a quest to defend the Earth from alien threats.

Directed by Dean Israelite and starring Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, R.J. Cyler as the Blue Ranger, Becky Gomez as the Yellow Ranger, Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, “Power Rangers” hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

Via Gamespot.

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