'Power Rangers' Fan Film is Back on Vimeo and YouTube

Producer Adi Shankar and Saban Entertainment have reached an agreement that has returned Shankar's controversial Power Rangers fan film back to Vimeo and YouTube. After the video sites pulled the clip, director Joseph Kahn rallied fans to petition Saban to "stop harassing" him and Shankar vowed to fight the decision. The parties have now come to a mutual understanding, and Power/Rangers is back online.

"There are no hard feelings," Kahn told Deadline. "We signed contracts. We can play it anywhere we want on all platforms. I think they realized that people just want to see it." He later expressed appreciation for fans on Twitter, saying, "THANK YOU to everyone who fought for free speech. You made a difference. Your voice was heard. Kind of nuts, right?"

Part of the deal is that a new age restriction appears on the slightly SFW YouTube version of the 14-minute "Bootleg Universe" film, while the NFSW Vimeo version comes with a new warning in the description: "Deboot of the Power Rangers. My take on the FAN FILM. Not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, strictly for exhibition. This is a bootleg experiment not affiliated or endorsed by Saban Entertainment or Lionsgate nor is it selling any product. I claim no rights to any of the characters (don’t send me any money, not kickstarted, this film is free). This is the NSFW version. An alternate safe version is on youtube." A disclaimer also runs before both the video on both sites.

Watch the YouTube version below.

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